Step Into Your Smart Home With ResTech Systems

By partnering with ResTech Systems, we were able to make our clients’ vision for their dream home a reality. Through integrated and seamless technology solutions, ResTech helped make the 2019 Artisan Home innovative, high-tech, and secure. The “smart technology” offerings provided by ResTech truly elevated the quality of living for our clients, and made their home modern and cutting edge.


Tell us about the history of your company.

ResTech Systems was founded in 2012 by Daniel Woody and his highly qualified team of system designers, sales consultants, and installation and service personnel. They have 20+ years of experience in the smart home technology industry.  


How were you involved in the creation of the Gordon James home?

ResTech Systems is the exclusive home technology systems provider for the 2019 Gordon James Artisan Home project. I met the home buyers a couple of years ago when they were still selecting a home builder. We started the process of prioritizing what technology was important to them and their family, and we were ultimately selected as the technology provider!


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

We worked closely with the Gordon James project manager (Jeremy) and the other on-site trades to ensure there was excellent communication, timely installation, and synergy among the teams so that the final product exceeded the clients’ expectations!


What made this project unique?

We moved away from the traditional TV programming services provided by the cable/satellite companies and “cut the cord”, so to speak. We are now using streaming services and a local HD TV antenna to provide programming at a fraction of cable company fees!  


What was the homeowner’s vision for the project and how did you achieve it?

The homeowners wanted a smart home with advanced technology systems that fit their budget. We identified areas inside and outside the home that would be used regularly, and created cost-effective solutions that were user-friendly and met the technology needs for each area. 


Describe your process: 

The ResTech Systems process starts with a technology consultation at our showroom in Plymouth at the Mingle Design Center. Once we establish what is important to you and your family, we move into the system design phase, which is a working document based on the technology consultation meeting. From there, we fine-tune the system design until we have addressed all the technology needs and the investment level. Once all is approved, we move into the production phase of the project. Soon after, we train you and your family on your new technology.       


What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Nothing stands out on this particular project. There are always little challenges along the way when you are building a luxury home–that’s where the experienced teams at Gordon James and ResTech Systems come together, determine the best approach, and take action to correct any issues without missing a beat! 

What is ‘smart’ technology? What are a few popular examples? 

Smart Technology is designed to make our personal and family lifestyles more enjoyable, convenient, secure, and eco-friendly. For example, you can have a built-in audio/video system inside and outside your home to enjoy your favorite music or sporting events. In addition, you can control the temperature of your home with smart thermostats and motorized window treatments. Lastly, you can monitor your home from work or arm your security system remotely as you travel. 


Describe ResTech and its areas of specialization. Who might be interested in your services?

ResTech Systems is a complete smart home technology contractor. We specialize in all areas of entertainment, environmental control, and security solutions. ResTech fits best with clients who are seeking a complete home technology package with service support, rather than customers who want a variety of low-cost DIY products.


Which rooms or areas of the home did ResTech contribute their services to during this build? What did that work entail?

ResTech provided technology systems in many areas of this home. This included basic connectivity for TVs, complete home music systems, indoor and outdoor WiFi for smart devices, security systems, camera systems, and much more. 


Apart from entertainment, how else can smart technology be utilized in a modern home?

Smart technology comes in a variety of forms. For example, smart light switches and dimmers allow you to control the lighting inside and outside your home from your smart devices. Smart lighting also gives your home a lived-in look when you are on vacation by controlling your outdoor lighting at set times for the perfect curb appeal! 

Smart window shading solutions allow you to put the home in “eco mode” when you are leaving for the weekend, which lowers the window shades. This blocks harmful rays from the sun, reduces energy costs, and prevents unwelcome visitors from peeking into your home. 


What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why? 

We can’t just choose one–our favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home includes the entirety of the technology solutions installed. Our work will truly enhance the clients’ lifestyle and family enjoyment for many years to come!

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