Gordon James & Studio M Interior designers partnership

John Quinlivan of Gordon James and Annie Graunke of Studio M Interiors partnered on a new home design this year. The project is expected to wrap up in 2019. Both parties have been working hard to make this dream home a reality. Combining Studio M’s interior design skills and Gordon James’ building and project management, we are excited about the project. Over the next half-year, this process will be documented through videos and blogs. Be sure to follow along to see the process from demo to furnishings.

After the initial client meetings and selections planning, the first episode was shot. Without further ado, please enjoy:

Better Together

Gordon James’ jokes that Studio M handles everything from “countertops to cabinets”. But, the build team is still very much a part of the selection process and client meetings. The teams are working with Ben Nelson of Ben Nelson Residential Design, which has been a great experience so far. He has a really unique style that we find fits the needs of the client.

The home will be located on beautiful Lake Minnetonka. Both teams have designed family-friendly homes with a lake-style feel. After all, this is the land of 10,000 lakes! It’s always fun designing a space for a family because as the team goes through the selections process, they have to think about the function of every piece. For instance, they know the upstairs will include bunk beds for family and friends and that there will be a big farm sink by Kohler in the heart of the kitchen. This is the thrill and the challenge of interior design. Key features like these mean a lot to the future homeowners, so our team can’t wait to give them the perfect family spaces.

When the Gordon James team sees a home on a lake, we can’t help but get excited about the opportunities for indoor-outdoor living. We will install bi-fold doors from the kitchen to the lake for a stunning view. Quinlivan says the stone tile in that space is really fantastic, so our teams are excited to share that.

For our next episode, our team will plan for changes to fit the client’s style and budget. Once the final plan is in place, its demolition time! Stay tuned to see more on our website.