Orono Artisan Features We Love

There’s lots to love in the Orono Artisan home. Here are some of the features that take this dream home to the next level:

Coastal Feel: A casual, ocean-like feel that is modern, chic, and elegant

Reclaimed Barn Wood: Repurposing has recently become a popular pastime. Reclaiming wood and building materials gives an antique and weathered feel that also maintains a sturdy balance and pleasing aesthetic. Using this type of wood can provide a homely feel as well as an instantly aged or historic appearance while maintaining an overall modern design and purpose.

Bluestone: Adding to the natural and traditional look of the home, bluestone is essential for providing character.

Glass Mosaic: Often used as creative eye-catching interior design, as is the case here, there are also multiple, non-aesthetic uses for glass mosaic. For example, mosaic can be a sturdy. clean surface. Glass mosaic also complements other designs, both visually and in a structured environment. It can provide a comfortable and cozy look that makes visitors feel warm and the house inviting. The pattern is generally very smooth and non-obtrusive. Also, there’s a wonderful juxtaposition between the pieces of the glass mosaic and reclaimed barn wood.

Cambria Quartz Surfaces: This quartz-surfacing product has a marble-like quality, but has some different uses. For example, it has a very strong durability so that the material can last longer, as it is one of the hardest and most common minerals on earth.  It is a pure material with a natural look that not only provides that durability, but also provides a hip look while being maintenance free and nonporous.

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