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3 Design Ideas for a Modern Home

When planning your custom home design or remodel, it can be difficult to balance lasting design elements with what is trending right now. Gordon James knows how to create timeless, modern designs that look as good tomorrow as they will in 20 years. Read on to review three elements to keep in mind to help give your custom home a modern element, while still establishing style that will stand the test of time.

modern home modern home

Incorporate Outdoor Living Spaces

Expand the interior living space of the home by adding cozy outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces are now more functional than ever before with TVs, fireplaces, kitchens, pools, and saunas. Patios, decks, or screened in rooms add living space to the home without extending the square footage. Blended living spaces are particularly becoming a must-have in modern, luxury homes. A blended living space is created by separating two areas with a large window from floor to ceiling that, once removed, creates a seamless space. No door is needed to move from one living space to the other.


room including natural light room with natural light

Include Natural Light

Natural light invites a warm and energetic energy into every room. No matter what specific style of luxury home you’re renovating or custom building, natural light can give your home an open air feel. Adding natural light to your most frequently used living spaces creates an aesthetically pleasing warm glow that can boost the mood. When designing the home office, consider adding natural light into this room as well to boost productivity. Natural lighting can be easily created by incorporating large and numerous windows.


kitchen bedroom and bathroom

Focus on Functionality

When you imagine building a luxury modern home, you may picture a home that has tall windows, sleek design, and beautiful views. Another important element to a modern home that will stand the test of time is functionality. Design your custom home with this one question in mind: will I spend time in this room? Modern homes are filled with spaces that are comfortable, inviting and functional. Gone are the days where homes were filled with rooms that only served the purpose of being “pretty” or “for show”. At Gordon James, it is our goal to build a home that serves your needs and keeps your family comfortable for many years to come. Design your home with that in mind by focusing on what truly matters in each and every room.


Add Modern Elements to Your Next Luxury Home with Gordon James

Gordon James is here to add modern elements to allow home renovation or custom home design to meet all of your needs. Our luxury homes are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect results – your dream home!

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