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Gordon James
4 Steps to Building A Custom Home

Building your custom home can be overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting – all at the same time. Here are the 4 steps to building your custom home in Orono or Wayzata: 

Step 1: Set Your Budget and Find Inspiration 

The first steps towards building your custom home are budgeting and gathering inspiration so you’re prepared for your project. Before anything else, set your budget so you can decide how and where to build your custom home. This step helps you narrow down lots that are in your desired price range as well as designers and builders. 

Once you’ve set a budget you can move onto the fun part – finding inspiration for your home. Remember to consider your family, lifestyle, and personalities as you consider floor plans and color palettes. 

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Step 2: Find the Right Lot

The lot on which your dream home is built is nearly as important as your home itself, and it’s the first step to making your dream home a reality. While planning for your dream home is an exciting process, it’s important to be deliberate as you make decisions prior to building. Here are some things to consider as you search for the perfect lot in Orono, Minnesota: location, budget, size, and style. For more tips and guidance on finding the right lot read our blog here

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Step 3: Purchase Your Lot

When you purchase a lot it’s important to remember that both the builder and developer will work with you to ensure you’re fully satisfied. After you’ve chosen a lot you will fill out a lot hold agreement which applies for thirty days and often requires a $5,000 refundable deposit, so you have ample time to meet with your builder and developer. 

After this time period, the builder and developer will put together a purchase agreement with a closing date and sale price. Once you have closed on your dream lot, it’s time for the best part – building your custom home in Orono or Wayzata! 

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Step 4: Partner with a Custom Builder 

You need to trust this professional with a very large part of your life, so asking them questions will not only lay out the limitations/possibilities before you but will also begin the process of building trust between you and your design team. From every professional you consult, you should ask for their licensing, experience, and rates, and if they’re properly prepared, they should have this information readily available, no negotiation needed. For more tips on choosing the right builders for your custom home in Orono or Wayzata read our blog here

From our award-winning team of professionals to exciting and truly extraordinary custom home designs, Gordon James is here to make your dream home a beautiful reality! By connecting with each of our clients, and understanding the vision they see for their home, we can create a dream home for the homeowner. 

Build Your Custom Home with Gordon James 

We’ve been building homes in Orono and Wayzata for years. After you discover the perfect city for your family, partner with the professionals at Gordon James to start designing and planning your dream home. Our dream homes are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs while fitting into the neighborhood of their choice. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect results – your dream home!

For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.