Gordon James

Gordon James
How To Choose the Right Home Builder

You’ve just purchased a plot of land in an idyllic location. After extensively researching and scouting neighborhoods, there’s that one spot that simply speaks to you — it could be your new main residence or that summer getaway lake house.

Now comes the important part: finding the right custom home builder. When you’re building your home literally from the ground up, your contractor can make or break the process, so it’s important to choose wisely and vet the right builder for the job.

So, if you’ve identified a home builder, here’s what to consider.

What to Look for in the Right Home Builder

A skilled custom home builder with a stellar track record of creating beautiful homes and satisfied homeowners must meet (and exceed) certain standards:

Experience and Reputation

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a home builder is their expertise. A reputable home builder will have a longstanding reputation in the community. An experienced home builder will have the knowledge and skills to handle any challenges that may arise during the building process and will have the ability to provide you with quality workmanship.

Good Communication and Customer Service

Both are critical in building your home. Your home builder should be responsive to your questions and concerns, and be willing to work with you throughout the entire building process. One who prioritizes communication and customer service will ensure that your building experience is as stress-free as possible.

Beautiful Aesthetics

The style and design of your home are important considerations when choosing a builder. You want to find someone who can help you create the home of your dreams. A good home builder will have a portfolio of completed projects that you can view to get an idea of their design capabilities. You should also make sure that they are familiar with 

the latest home design trends and technologies.

Solid Workmanship

The quality of materials and workmanship used in building your home is critical. A good home builder will use quality materials and employ skilled workers who are committed to providing you with a quality home. They’ll also be able to provide you with details on warranties, including what they cover and for how long, and how to resolve any potential claims.

Get to Know Your Home Builder

When considering a home builder, ask them several questions to determine if they are the right fit for your project. Here are several questions that you should consider asking:

  • How do you handle communication and customer service throughout the building process?
  • How familiar are you with current design trends and technologies?
  • Can you provide information on the quality of materials and workmanship you use in your builds?
  • What is your building schedule and have you experienced any delays in the past?
  • Can you provide a portfolio of completed projects for me to review?
  • How do you handle any changes, modifications or unexpected issues that may arise during the building process?
  • Can you provide a detailed timeline of the building process?
  • Do you have experience working with any specific architectural styles or construction methods?
  • Can you provide information on any energy-efficient or eco-friendly features you offer?
  • Can you provide information on any certifications or awards you have received in the building industry?

Build Your Dream Custom Home 

Gordon James can answer all your questions about the home building process with clarity and transparency. With certifications from the National Association of Home Builders, Housing First Minnesota and others, we pride ourselves as a builder who cares about giving our customers the most artisanal, quality and professional custom homes of their dream homes.

If you have questions about the custom home building process, we’re here to help, from breaking ground to move-in day. Contact us today to get started.