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3 Eco-Friendly Luxury Home Renovation Ideas

Environmental impact is among the top concerns of many luxury homebuyers. At Gordon James, we’ve recently spent more time considering our home designs, and how it can reflect our values. We want to be able to provide homes that allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, live more simply, while also being luxurious spaces.

You don’t have to sacrifice the luxury and style of your home in order to make it more efficient and eco-friendly. Now, discover three ways to own a luxurious dwelling with a smaller-than-average carbon footprint.

kitchen tiles 

1. Give Your Kitchen an Eco-Makeover

Your kitchen can showcase the latest in finishes, design ideas, and amenities while still being energy efficient with the latest technology. Energy Star certified kitchen appliances and compact fluorescent bulbs will reduce your kitchen’s carbon footprint. Updating your appliances is an easy upgrade and gives your kitchen a newer look.

If the kitchen is a place where you gather your friends and family, replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which generate less heat. As an added bonus, these bulbs will last up to ten times longer than standard bulbs without losing any brightness.

From the things that make a kitchen beautiful to the things that make it green, the attention to detail is what creates a gorgeous and functional kitchen design. Be inspired to make your dream kitchen eco-friendly with this beautiful green kitchen design.

living room living room

2. Let The Light In

Homes with large windows showcasing beautiful views in abundance make your day-to-day living an alfresco experience. With streams of natural light, the kitchen is bright in the morning and the great room glows as the sun sets in the evening.

Windows not only give your home a natural radiance but also reduce your home’s energy expenditure. So, open the shades or consider installing more windows in your dream home. It will not only enhance and give a room a more vivid look, but it can result in being twenty-five percent more efficient.

As a rule of thumb, north-facing windows are perfect for letting in non-glare light while south-facing windows can help with moderating seasonal temperatures. If you have east or west-facing windows, this will result in more daylight in the morning and evening.

The more natural light you add into your home the more inviting, natural, and eco-friendly your home will become.

bathroom kitchen sink

3. Efficient Bathroom Faucets

From getting ready in the morning to a long soak after work, the bathroom design should be more than an afterthought. While your bathroom may be one of the smaller rooms in your home, it’s also where some of the biggest eco-challenges arise. Water use in the bathroom accounts for more than half of household water used by families indoors.

A way to reduce water usage is to install WaterSense faucets, most faucets produce 2.2 gallons per minute while WaterSense faucets use 1.5 gallons per minute. The average person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day indoors. That’s 36,500 gallons per year. By installing WaterSense faucets, you could save nearly 11,000 gallons per year.

These faucets are available in a variety of models to ensure your bathroom doesn’t lose any of its luxury appeal.


Start Designing Your Eco-Friendly Dream Home with Gordon James  

Crafting an efficient home should never mean sacrificing style or design. With Gordon James, you can have the best of both worlds by integrating these energy-efficient renovations into your luxury home.

Our dream homes are architecturally exciting and structurally robust, with elegant interiors and refined exteriors. They are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce perfect results – your dream home!

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