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Gordon James
Kitchen and Dining Designs for a Stylish Space

If you host New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, or any of the holidays in between, you know exactly how important a well-designed kitchen and dining space can be: a kitchen that is too crowded or a kitchen that doesn’t flow? Too much open space or not enough?

When you’re ready for a kitchen and dining redesign, all of those entertaining issues can be addressed. Consider these kitchen and dining ideas to design a stylish and functional space:

 living room

Open Kitchen and Dining Room

One of the attractions of an open dining room layout is being able to visually and aesthetically connect several interior living spaces, such as the kitchen, living room, and dining area. In an open-concept dining room, you have an unobstructed view of other living areas. For those who prefer casual and frequent entertaining, this is a great layout design. An open dining room allows you to mingle and converse with dinner guests while you’re in the kitchen for a convenient entertaining option.

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Traditional Kitchen and Dining Room

On the other hand, a formal dining room separate from the kitchen provides a more intimate dining space that’s removed from visual and audible distractions, such as television, children playing, or dirty dishes. While the traffic flow in a formal dining room differs from that in an open layout, it often reduces the busyness and noise surrounding the kitchen. Formal dining rooms offer charm and nostalgia as many people grew up sharing holiday meals in the formal dining room.

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Butler’s Kitchen

Today, a butler’s kitchen may not come with a tuxedo-clad steward or an extensive collection of antique kitchenware, but there are plenty of reasons why this design is becoming popular again. Butler’s kitchens were used to store, polish, and count silver, dishes, and china, while a butler would keep the pantry under lock and key to protect the family heirlooms.

The butler’s pantry is located just off the kitchen, serving as the perfect area for dining and entertaining prep. If you require a unique kitchen upgrade, a butler’s pantry may be the perfect solution.

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