The Many Options in Designing Your Dream Patio

Patio season is upon us! Now is the time for entertaining, grilling, and embracing the outdoor elements of your home. If you are considering your own custom open-air patio or deck design for your home, we at Gordon James suggest you consider the following details to make your new favorite room in your home, outside of your home itself:

Summer Patio


Let The Outside In

A patio that connects seamlessly to the flow of your home can set your home in paradise. Whether converting a garage area or an old atrium into a more open-air design, the result is a transformational transition from your home to your yard. Additionally, keeping a covering for your patio allows you to take advantage of the space no matter the weather.

Outdoor Patio

Incorporate What You Have

Utilizing the makeup of your space not only can elevate some of your yard’s uniquenesses, it will also be what makes your open-air design singular to you and your home. Functional retaining walls become the backdrop of your new dining area. Sloped or hilly yards need not be leveled, but rather can serve as two-tier patio settings. A pool need not replace your patio, but serve as a centerpiece to your future cabana theme. Working with what you have already, rather from trying to start from scratch, is what will make your custom design pop.  

Play With Fire

No, not literally. But when designing an-open air patio or deck area, centralizing around your ‘hearth’ is a natural predilection. Whether a large bonfire, a stylish pit, or an interior/exterior chimney that connects the home to its outdoor deck, your source of fire will help dictate the focal points in every design. Choosing your hearth will clue you in to what stones, wood, or other materials will set your patio’s foundation, allowing you to expand from a focal source inspiration to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Home with Summer outdoor Patio

Mix and Match Styles

Bringing in accent pieces of various aesthetics to work together in your overall aesthetic is one of the joys of patio and deck design. Wish to pair a long communal table with exotic ferns and a showpiece you picked up on vacation last year? A patio allows you the flexibility to express yourself by combining aesthetics that embrace the feeling you wish to convey while entertaining or relaxing. Before rushing out to buy a new and uniform set, see how your favorite pieces work in conversation with each other. You very well may be on to something.

Outdoor home view with lawn

Let Us Help

You dream. We deliver.  Our experienced team is ready to assist in making your open-air deck and patio concept a reality. Contact us with any questions you may have: don’t be shy, the water’s fine!