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10 Backsplash Stylings for Kitchens and Bathrooms

A subtle yet effective way to add some personality to your home is by renovating your kitchen and bathroom backsplash. These accent pieces in your space can make your home stand out and give it a unique look and feel. Whether you want a classic, safe backsplash style or bold, cutting-edge additions, here are 10 stunning backsplash styles for kitchens and bathrooms

1. Marble Tiles

kitchen backsplash

Marble tile backsplash is a classic, traditional option for kitchens and bathrooms. Keep your bathroom and kitchen uniform and matching with this style. Or try incorporating unique patterns or colors into your marble tile backsplash. Either way, this style of backsplash looks great anywhere in the house. 

2. Single Slab Marble

A kitchen with a single, large marble slab backsplash. 

A more contemporary take on marble backsplash for kitchens and bathrooms is a single marble slab. This style offers more of a minimalist look and gives a smooth, clean appearance to your space. The patterns and stylings within the marble slab will make your walls look dynamic while still maintaining a single smooth appearance throughout. 

3. Wood Paneling

Wood paneling backsplash gives your space a more cozy feel. In the kitchen, try pairing wood paneling backsplash with matching cupboards or dark brown elements to create a rustic feel. Incorporate wood paneling in your bathroom and give the space a comfortable, relaxing vibe. 

4. Bold Hues

A dark blue backsplash in a kitchen with white cupboards.

In modern homes, bold hues and colors can make a space seem large and powerful. By juxtaposing a backsplash with a bold hue with light cupboards and countertops, your kitchen and bathroom will look strong, yet comfortable and luxurious. Show your home’s personality with this combination and impress your guests. 

5. Cool Hues

Alternatively, cool hues will create a peaceful essence. Match the aesthetic of your home with calming pastels paired with lighter cupboards. This ambience will add a bit of flavor to your home and to every dish you serve. In the bathroom, guests will feel comfortable and calm. With tranquil, cool hues, your space will offer a quiet welcome to anyone who enters. 

6. Textured Tiles

kitchen sink

Bring in a bit of a twist to a classic style with textured tile backsplash. This style can make your kitchen and bathroom visually appealing and give the space some personality. If you are searching for a backsplash style that is safe while still being unique, textured or uneven tiles are the way to go. You can incorporate this style with any pattern, color or material, creating a customized backsplash for your home. 

7. Geometric Styles

geometric kitchen backsplash

For a fresh backsplash style for kitchen and bathrooms, try a geometric pattern. Tiles in unique shapes such as triangles, hexagons or trapezoids make your walls stand out. This backsplash style looks great in just about any color and material. A classic white marble is yet again a safe bet for a modern home that is looking for a bit of boldness or personality. Incorporate this backsplash into your bathroom for an interesting feature in a space people may underestimate. 

8. Multi-Colored Backsplash

multi-colored kitchen backsplash

This lively and contemporary style of backsplash is sure to make your home look amazing. By matching the aesthetics throughout your kitchen, bathroom and rest of your home, multicolored tiles make for an excellently unique backsplash. Your guests will love looking at them, and they will tie in nicely with towels, dishes or other features of your home. 

9. Large Tiles

If you are looking for bold and minimal without adding a single marble slab to your home, try large tiles. This elegant backsplash style is a welcome middle ground between single slab marble and small marble tiles. You can get creative with these large tiles and incorporate the various sizes into different sections of your kitchen and bathroom, or you can keep them clean and minimal. Whatever your style, large tiles can be implemented in colors and sizes that fit your preferences.

10. Stone

stone kitchen

For a bold, contemporary feel, try adding stone backsplash. Many dark stone styles can be paired with matching dark cupboards for a rustic feel to your home. In the bathroom, stone backsplash can create a unique and cozy presence. This trendy backsplash style will make your home stand out and create a unique talking point among your guests. 

Make Your Home Stand Out

If you are considering renovating your home, imagine how a unique or trendy backsplash style can elevate the look and feel of your space. Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are a simple yet effective addition to making your home stand out and giving your space a touch of uniqueness and style. 

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