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Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

What’s more welcoming than festive holiday decorations throughout your home? Set a merry tone with inspiring holiday decorating ideas from the custom home builders at Gordon James to make your decor as unique as your home. From the entryway to the great room, here’s everything to consider as the holiday party season approaches. Get every room in your home holiday-ready with these festive ideas from Gordon James:

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Your home’s entryway is your first chance to impress guests and introduce your holiday spirit. So gather together some of your favorite holiday decorations and recreate your entrance space. From trees and wreaths to cozy throws and holiday pillows, string lights, and glittering ornaments, impress your guests with your unique taste. One way to make a magical entryway is to decorate your banister in elaborate holiday decor with lights, bows, and garlands. The banister is also an excellent alternative to hanging stockings on the fireplace. There’s nothing more welcoming than a stunning entryway, so make this space a priority this holiday season.


Dining Area

From enjoying Christmas Eve dinner with your family to decorating cookies, the dining area is a high-traffic space during the holiday season. This year, consider giving your dining room the decor it deserves for the holidays. Try decorating your chairs with elegant ribbons and fir branches. Enhance the natural light in the room with wreaths and garlands surrounding the window. Assemble an eye-catching floral centerpiece for the dining room table. Embellish the look by surrounding it with all-white candles. Opt for a simple, faux tree in a corner of your kitchen to warm the space. Bring the warmth of the season into your kitchen and watch it transform from standard to exemplary.


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Great Room

Your great room is the heart of your home all year long, but it feels especially important as the holidays roll around. Not only is it the backdrop for intimate family gatherings, but also the go-to location for your Christmas tree. And, if you have a fireplace, it’s also Santa’s primary entrance.  For these reasons, it’s especially important to fill this space with an extra dose of holiday cheer.

Of course, the large Christmas tree that we open gifts under is often found in this room. So it’s important to have one that not only suits your style but also stands tall season after season if you decide to invest in an artificial tree.

You could venture to the bolder side of the spectrum with an ombre tree or remain with a classic red-and-gold palette. Christmas holiday decorations are all about evoking that cheer and warmth the season brings throughout your own home. From traditional to modern, natural to glamour, your tree should reflect your taste and personality to fully embrace the season.

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Prepare Your Home for the Holidays with Gordon James 

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