Gordon James

Gordon James

Minnesota Home Builders

Personalized service and mutual understanding are two of the most important qualities in a custom home builder. As trusted Minnesota home builders, Gordon James brings an extra level of service and dedication to making your home feel like yours.

What to Expect from Minnesota Custom Home Builders

When you want to build a custom home from the beginning, you need to make sure you’re working with the right partner. You are looking for a team that is dedicated, qualified, takes the proper precautions and steps up to build a dream home that is safe, up-to-code and fulfills your vision. 

Each team member involved in your home build should be all-in on the project and work to deliver a home you’ll love. From the early designs to planning to finally constructing a custom home in Minnesota, there are a few qualities in a team you should look out for:

They Listen
To You

Premade floor plans and styles only go so far and make for cookie-cutter homes. A great Minnesota home builder will get to know your preferences, aesthetic, timeline and character to fulfill your vision.

They Provide
Expert Guidance

Not all custom home builders are equally qualified. Proven experience is absolutely essential for a well-built home that meets your expectations and delivers on the ideas that you lay out.

They Offer
Customized Options

This home is yours. You deserve to manifest customized solutions that are tailored to your family. Whether you have certain wood preferences, stylistic choices, or eclectic creative vision, you deserve to bring those elements to life.

They Have
Attention to Detail

We bring an eye for intricate, important details. Every tile, piece of trim and shingle will be in the right place, and your home will be built with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Your Custom Home is Right Around the Corner

Comfort, style and elegance are what sets your home apart from the rest. Whatever you want to build, your house should serve your goals and let your ideas flourish. Do you envision family game nights around the table? Will you host grand parties and celebrations on the weekends? Are you someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen? 

Let your dreams run wild in your house. This space is yours to explore and live in and be yourself. Our goal is to make that possible. As a  team of Minnesota home builders committed to excellence, we take in every aspect of you and your family and integrate your design from the ground up. 

What do you want to build? 

Consider a new rec room with a pool table and lounge chairs. Maybe a brand new kitchen with modern, sleek countertops and matching backsplash. Give your bedroom an upgrade or build an entire custom home from scratch and bring your childhood dreams to life. You’ve floated these ideas in your head for years and now it’s time to cash in. 

Explore new possibilities with the Minnesota home builders at Gordon James. Peruse our portfolio of custom home builds and elegant renovations and find inspiration today.

Live in It, Love It. Forever.

Your home is meant to last. Pass it on for generations to come and build a family history. Start with Minnesota home builders who use lasting materials, best building practices and provide diligence from the top down. 

With national experience and award-winning home builds, we are set up to give you the personal attention you deserve. You can build a home that means something when you work with Gordon James. We take pride in what we do and want to maintain a reputation of excellence in the local Twin Cities community as well as the national reputation we have built. 

A custom home with Gordon James is given a seal of approval that carries a proud name to it. It is a seal you deserve. 

Build your home the way you want it, every detail included. Contact our team of custom home builders in Minnesota and be on your way to loving where you live.