Gordon James

Gordon James
Home Automation with Bravas

Gordon James works with Bravas to seamlessly build smart, integrated technology into our luxury custom homes. Bravas believes that how you live matters even more than where you live. By providing built-in bespoke home technology solutions, Bravas optimizes the health, enjoyment, and lifestyles of homeowners and their families. From lighting, window, and climate solutions to sound damping interiors and professionally-designed audio systems, Bravas integrates sophisticated technology for the home with streamlined automation and singular control. Keep reading to learn about how Bravas brought our customer’s custom home to life with smart technology.


bedroom with windowsTell us about the history of your company.

Started in 1986, our company originated with security and vacuum systems. It has since grown into the largest home technology integrator in MN.


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

After meeting with the client, we worked closely with the GJ team to ensure we provided an intuitive and easy-to-use system.


What made this project unique?

These homeowners had never had much technology in their previous homes so to accomplish our goals, Bravas needed to install a very simple, yet well-performing system.


What was the homeowner’s vision for the project and how did you achieve it?

They wanted strong WIFI to see their barns (with horses & donkeys) as well as listen to music throughout their property.


living roomDescribe your process:

We start by hosting a discovery meeting. We determine the scope of work, design a system that is both intuitive and beautiful in the space. Under the guidance of a program manager, our team helps bring this system to life.


What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Since this in out in the country, we had a challenge of getting internet from the provider. Bravas worked closely with our relationships to ensure this was accomplished prior to our deadline of the AHT.


What should a homeowner value when it comes to finding a home automation company that’s right for their custom home build or renovation?

A good home automation company will listen to their needs/goals for their project, fall within budget, and follow up with exceptional customer service once moved in.


What is one of Bravas’ services that is unmatched when it comes to home automation design?

24/7/365 support network! At Bravas, we believe that the end of the project is only the beginning of your home technology experience. After completion and training, our client care team takes over to ensure your system performs its very best. We offer remote assistance, with preemptive upkeep, and 24/7 support for all our clients.


home with fenceWhich rooms or areas of the home did Bravas contribute to during this build? What did that work entail?

Work integrated the entire home which included home security, audio systems, televisions, surveillance – all controlled through the ELAN Home Automation app.


Describe Bravas and its areas of specialization. Who might be interested in your services?

We are one of the leading national technology providers who can sell and support everything from lighting, shades, AV, networking, security systems and power management. We work with those homeowners in a luxury bracket as well as those renovating a current home.


What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why?

Installing a system for the security and monitoring of their animals which are near and dear to their hearts.