Gordon James

Gordon James
Building Material and Millwork Solutions with Shaw / Stewart

Founded in 1886, Shaw / Stewart is the Twin Cities’ oldest lumber company and source for premium architectural millwork. More than 100 dedicated employees make up the Shaw / Stewart team, including woodworkers, draftsmen, estimators, designers, window experts, equipment operators, drivers, sales and administration staff. With their history of quality craftsmanship and service, Shaw / Stewart is a trusted partner of Gordon James. Shaw / Stewart’s team provided these customers with premium building materials and several custom millwork elements to beautifully execute their home. To learn more about the building material and millwork solutions of Shaw / Stewart, continue reading.



Tell us about the history of your company.

Shaw/Stewart has been focused on supplying building material & millwork solutions to construction professionals for over 135 Years.house


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

By providing the highest quality building materials and millwork products and solutions.


What made this project unique?Gordon James’s high quality craftsmanship from design to all the crown moulding and beam details throughout the home.


What was the homeowner’s vision for the project and how did you achieve it?

Their vision was to have the highest quality custom home possible. We supported that vision by supplying the highest quality building materials and millwork products and solutions.


kitchenDescribe your process:

We worked with Gordon James throughout the process. We start with the pre-construction meeting and proposal process. Following the proposal acceptance, we follow through the management of the project to ensure on-time deliveries with the highest quality lumber material and interior millwork.


What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

We came up with some special, custom solutions for this homeowner. The stair system had custom newels that were made specifically for this homeowner, as well as crown beam details and rustic white oak nickel gap paneling.


What should a homeowner value when it comes to finding a lumber supply company that’s right for their custom home build or renovation?

High quality building material and millwork solutions are needed for any project to be successful.


What is one of Shaw / Stewart’s services that is unmatched?

We provide the highest quality building material, and we deliver them on-time to every job site.

living roomWhich rooms or areas of the home did Shaw / Stewart contribute to during this build? What did that work entail?

We provided the lumber material, windows, exterior doors, and interior millwork for the entire home.


Describe Shaw / Stewart and its areas of specialization. Who might be interested in your services?

We specialize in providing superior building materials and millwork solutions to construction professionals. We have a specialized custom millwork shop. Our services are of particular interest to luxury builders and remodelers.


What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why?

The interior millwork. There are several millwork profiles we customized in our Millwork shop for Gordon James and this particular project.