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4 Design Ideas for a Rustic Luxury Home

Rustic (ˈrəstik), meaning to be made in a plain and simple fashion. Luxury (ˈləkSH(ə)rē,ˈləɡZH(ə)rē), meaning to be made for extravagance.

And, as the saying goes, opposites attract. Where your luxurious home offers comfort and elegance, adding natural tones and design elements brings a sense of calm that can only come from nature itself. Tastefully unique and artfully simplistic, incorporating rustic luxury design will bring comfort, relaxation and a fashionable functionality to every home. Read more for design ideas and inspiration from the professionals at Gordon James to begin adding a touch of rustic luxury to your own custom home renovation.

kitchen kitchen

Wood-Work It

Rustic design is all about taking designs, materials and concepts from nature, highlighting them in their truest forms. Using different forms of wood throughout your home lays a neutral yet elegant foundation for your home renovation. Ceiling to floor, including an abundance of woodwork throughout the space carries a naturally intricate design from room to room. Plus, with the durability and adaptability of some woods, these design elements really do get better with time.


living room bar

Mixing Materials

With that being said, Mother Nature has quite the variety in her jewelry box, meaning that you have tons of materials and canvases to choose from. One of the most fun aspects of incorporating rustic design elements into your luxury home renovation is the immense amount of possibility. The simplistic vibe gives allowance to mix and match your favorite neutral materials and textures into one custom home design. Try switching things up with a wood-layed backsplash over a granite countertop in the kitchen for an unexpected yet stylish twist.


living room chairs

The Call of the Wild

Feeling a bit animalistic? For those of you looking for something a bit bolder, including design and decor elements related to different animals walking around in nature is sure to liven things up. While I say this with caution, as it should definitely be used with discretion, including a variety of faux animal furs, skins, etc. is a great way to add a subtle accent to your custom home design.


living room dining room

As Big As the Sky

One of the major appeals to incorporating rustic design elements into your luxury home renovation is the openness it brings to any room. By mimicking the grandeur of natures open air through strategic architecture and design, you begin to remove the barrier of outdoor versus in. Include high vaulted ceilings and large open rooms to your custom home design to create both the freedom of nature and the comfort of luxe.


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