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Gordon James
3 Renovation Ideas to Update Your Home’s Aesthetic

After 2020, do you feel like breathing some fresh life into your home for 2021? Then you may want to consider some luxury home renovations featuring some current design trends. Here are three luxury home renovation ideas that will give your home a more updated look in the new year:


1.   Let the Light In

While windows often seem like a permanent fixture in a home, there are many reasons you might decide to replace them. To create a new look or feel many people change the style of their windows to update the design of their home. If your home feels dated, consider updating the frames throughout the house or widening a window to let in more natural light.

 Another way to modernize a home is to renovate or install statement light fixtures. An intricate lighting fixture not only breathes life into any room but also sets the tone for a room. You can install modern, industrial pieces, sleek metal pieces, or even retro-designed fixtures. The lighting in your home sets the tone for your space, so don’t overlook the power of windows or light fixtures in a home renovation.

bar kitchen

2.   Reimagine Your Kitchen

Whether you realize it or not, family life revolves around the kitchen, making it a place where both beauty and function are more important than anywhere else. A dream kitchen renovation combines high-quality appliances, custom designs, and gorgeous materials to break up the room with warm and cold elements. A luxury kitchen is more than just functional, it’s a beautiful escape that meets all practical needs, suits your aesthetic taste, and welcomes family and friends.

Whatever the size of the kitchen, the overall elegance is a mix of various design elements: inviting lighting, sleek cabinetry, stone features, wood accents, stylish tile, and glistening appliances. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it needs to be stylish and functional; a place you can host company and hold intimate, family dinners.

bathroom bathroom mirror

3.   Create an At-Home Spa

The time spent in the bathroom is precious. So, if there’s a room that deserves renovations that seek more attention, it’s the bathroom. A bathroom should not only function well, but it should also be designed for optimal comfort and relaxation.

Invest in a state-of-the-art sound system to enjoy your favorite tunes in the morning or evening. Paired with new tiling, cabinets, and other luxury upgrades your bathroom will feel like an at-home spa.

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