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How to Create a Cottage Feel with High Style

Sometimes thought of as a second home or a vacation retreat, a cottage-style home is quaint, cozy, and most importantly, charming. When you imagine a cottage-style custom home design you may imagine wooden beams, fireplaces, gable roofs, and bay windows. If the thought of a luxurious cottage-style home is what you envision for your next home, we have listed high-style elements to consider incorporating in the custom home design.


living room with high ceilings high ceiling living room

1. How High Can Your Ceilings Go?

Quaint, or cozy design elements that make your artisan home have the cottage-style feel do not mean that the spaces have to be small or closed off. One way to create more space in a high-style cottage home is to raise the ceilings. Raised ceilings add space, dimension, and even provide the opportunity to introduce other natural design elements, such as wooden beams.


room with couch and TV door in room with high ceilings

2. Focus on Dimension

Throughout the artisan home, focus on incorporating dimensional design elements. Cottage-style custom home designs should incorporate many natural and warm elements to create the cozy feel, yet the main goal here is to beautifully feature those luxury home elements. To add dimension into the home’s design, try including rich, dark wood paired with light neutral walls. Dimension could also be incorporated with texture, such as a stucco wall with a custom-designed tiled fireplace or carpeted stairs next to wooden floors in the entryway.


kitchen bathroom

3. Rustic – But Not Too Rustic

The cottage-style custom home design does not have to resemble a cabin. Throughout the artisan home, focus on the shapes of the windows, the style of doors, and even the trim. Small details like this allow the design to create a warm, yet contemporary home for your family to enjoy for years to come. Create your cottage-style artisan home with these elements in mind to create a timeless luxury home that will be an inviting, warm and cozy space for your family to enjoy for years to come.


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