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Style Trends for Finishing Touches on Your Custom Home

Building a custom home is an exciting process that enables you to make your dream house a reality. You get to work with designers, architects, craftsmen and more to make sure your space looks and feels luxurious and uniquely your own. With the right finishing touches, you can bring even more style and luxury to your new home. In this blog, the custom builders at Gordon James explore some of the latest style trends to complete your dream home. 

kitchen sink bedroom

1. Embrace Minimalism 

Minimalism has been on the rise, and is a hallmark of today’s luxury design. Streamlining your home decor for an uncluttered and clean look adds sophistication to a home and highlights the architectural features you’ve included in your custom build. And minimalism doesn’t have to feel cold and sterile: by selecting your favorite pieces to showcase, you draw attention to your own personal flair while maintaining a clean aesthetic. In creating functional pieces of furniture, you’re able to further declutter your space. Consider smart furniture pieces like sleek speaker tables to reduce cords and clunky extras. 


dining room living room with fireplace

2. Bring Nature Inside

During the last year, many people have embraced home gardening. Now, indoor plants have become a beloved and enduring style trend. Not only do plants bring color and style to your home, they improve air quality, mood, and productivity. Take advantage of natural light in your custom kitchen with herb gardens and small citrus trees. Add tranquility to living spaces with palms and ferns. In addition to plants, many people are bringing nature indoors with natural materials like reclaimed wood and bamboo, and large glass doors to marry indoor and outdoor spaces. 


bedroom with windows living room with fireplace

3. Add Round Finishes

Another style trend that’s taking off is round finishes. Circles symbolize softness and harmony: with circular couches and tables, or round mirrors and framed art, curves add a sense of welcome to your space as well as provide an interesting visual juxtaposition against the sharper edges of your construction. 


bathroom bathroom

4. Opt for Bold Bathrooms

Don’t overlook style when it comes to finishing the more private areas of your home. Bringing bold wallpaper into small lavatories will stun guests. Soaking tubs, serene colors, and darker colors are trending for master baths, offering serenity and luxury to your morning and evening routines. Look for natural bamboo bath mats and LED backlit vanities for an eco-friendly and sophisticated finish. 


stairway near entrance living room with windows

5. Be Industrious

Adding industrial elements to your interior design brings urban elegance to your custom home. Achieve a glamorous look with salvaged metals and distressed leather in your living spaces. Metal accessories and exposed piping are especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Copper lighting fixtures, polished concrete or wood flooring, and stone accents come together to create an elegant and sophisticated space. 


Bring Your Dream Home to Life with Gordon James

The custom home builders at Gordon James create luxury homes that suit your style. Our artisan homes are designed by architects with direct consultation with our clients to ensure that their unique personality and taste shines through. Working with Gordon James, you’ll be able to incorporate finishes into the design of your home so that your decor will fit seamlessly into your new dream house. With our team, your imagination will be untethered while we work together to bring your luxury home to life. For more information contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.