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Gordon James
How to Create the Perfect Home Gym in your Dream Home

It’s easy to stick to your daily workouts if your gym is just down the hall. In the colder winter months in Minnesota, staying in your warm home is the perfect excuse for missing a workout. When you have a custom view and privacy, working out doesn’t seem as daunting. Transforming or creating the perfect home gym completes your dream home and transforms your lifestyle. Here are some tips from Gordon James that will inspire you to create the perfect home gym in your dream home, and work out in style.




Try converting your basement into a space for the whole family: parents can get their workout in while their children play in open view. A basement gym is also commonly preferred due to sound being one of the top considerations before designing; treadmills, bikes, and weights may produce vibrations in other areas of the house. Basements are also typically usually cooler than the rest of the house, an added bonus after a solid workout.

Steam room in custom home in Orono, MN   Sauna in custom home in Wayzata, MN


Perhaps the best option is a home gym in the backyard. If you have a spacious backyard, consider installing an accessory dwelling space that can give you extra room for your equipment and added privacy. Why not have all the amenities of a high-quality facility? Install a shower and sauna for the full luxury home gym experience. You’ll be especially happy you installed a sauna during the cold Minnesota winters.


Extra Space

If you don’t want to create a new space or addition, transform part of your master bedroom, guest bedroom, laundry room, or unused nook in your home into a home gym. Having a designated workout space makes all the difference when it comes to motivation. Try hanging up a curtain room divider to chisel out space for your sweat session and keep your workout gear organized by hanging up custom shelves or a small storage unit.

  Gym in custom home in Twin Cities, MN   Gym in custom home in Twin Cities, MN

Flooring Options

High impact activity requires a durable, high-impact, resilient floor to keep your joints and subfloor safe. A proper flooring solution is critical for your home gym: sheet vinyl, tile, or hardwood flooring with a polyurethane finish are great for a low-maintenance option. Another great option is carpet or rubber tiles, which are resilient, sound-absorbing, and easily replaced. These floors make for great interior basketball, lacrosse, floor hockey, or multi-purpose sport courts.


Motivational Tools

Today, TVs and stereo systems are almost a prerequisite for a home gym. To keep your workout space clutter-free and sleek, mount audio-visual equipment on a swiveling ceiling bracket or recess it into a niche on the wall. Make sure your TV is at a height that’s at a comfortable view while you’re on a piece of equipment.

  Home gym in custom home in Twin Cities, MN   Home gym in custom home in Twin Cities, MN

Work Out with Gordon James

The most crucial aspect of designing your home gym is that it’s an integral part of how you use your home. The aesthetics are important, and if you improve the finishes it’ll encourage you to use the gym and transform your workout from a chore to a healthy habit.

Designing your home gym is an opportunity to create an escape. Find your motivation, and partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to create the perfect home gym in your dream house or backyard. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.