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Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Home

A beautiful, magazine-worthy, child-friendly home design is within your grasp with Gordon James. If your family home requires functionality without sacrificing style, here are a few tips for designing each common area to create a home that is both sophisticated and family-friendly.

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The Great Room 

Positioning your Great Room adjacent to your kitchen not only gives a communal feel to the gathering spaces in your home, but also offers a great vantage point. Consider this type of open floor plan; this way, if you’re making dinner, you can keep an eye on your children playing or doing homework. This flow and functionality brings your family together in unexpected ways that matter most.

Multi-functional, multi-generational gathering spaces don’t tidy themselves, however; unless you have a separate playroom, you’ll need some creative solutions to keep this space looking presentable while housing the kid’s toys. Find furniture that’s stylish and storage-friendly, like an ottoman or sofa with hidden storage. Set aside a few bookshelves or cupboards for all books and toys. Invest in furniture that is sleek and easy to clean, and style it with cushions and throws to show that the kids aren’t the only ones running the house.

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The Kitchen

You will never regret investing in a kitchen island. A walk-around island adds flow and functionality to your kitchen space, allowing your kids to both buoy up to the counter or circulate the space as meals are being prepped or dishes are being washed. A double-entry galley is an alternative option that helps control the flow of foot-traffic in the kitchen while adding a unique showpiece to your kitchen’s design.

When selecting a countertop, consider investing in composite stone, such as Caesarstone, Smartstone or Essastone, as they are a mix of quartz and resin, and extremely durable. A new matt-finish laminate, AbsoluteMatte by Laminex, has a stylish, sleek look and a scratch-resistant, smudge proof finish. If you prefer a sleek, marble finish, which easily hides spills, you’ll need to practice proper maintenance.

A mid-mount wall oven is a safe option to protect your children from hot surfaces and provides convenience by saving your back when checking on dinner. And consider installing push-to-open drawers and cupboards in your cabinets to keep any curious young children out of select areas.

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The Bathroom

A smart bathroom layout is crucial for safety and convenience; designing a “wet zone” can contain all the water-based activities and prevent your feet getting wet. To achieve this, consider installing a separate shower and bath, as opposed to a combination of the two. Factor in a landing area to dry off after exiting either, to help encourage the water to remain confined to one area.

For flooring, large-format tiles do away with excessive dirt-attracting grout, and are easy to maintain. There are designs, both modern and classic, to choose from, so you won’t feel like you are sacrificing style

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A Home Designed For Your Family

Designing a kid-friendly house is all about planning your choices based on function, and staying specific to your aesthetic when it comes to form. Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to create your custom dream home, and design every room to best serve your family. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.