IDC Garage Doors

No exterior of a home would be complete without a durable and stylish garage door. We turn to IDC Automatic Doors for many of our home builds. They offer designs that match any home’s style – modern, elegant, rustic, you name it. They truly are “the garage door place”.

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to tackle your to-do list, starting with cleaning out the garage. With IDC doors, it doesn’t have to be such a chore. Having an easy-to-use automatic door is great when you want to get a breeze going through the space. No more manually lifting the door or using a dated, rusty keypad outside. Here are some of our favorite projects with IDC doors.

Which style is your favorite?

Classic Raised Panel Insulated

This is the classic garage that many of us grew up with. The squares go with every house and blend well with whatever style your house has been built in. This is s a very sturdy construction and keeps your garage warm in the winter.

A Gordon James home that features a traditional insulated IDC garage door. Coachman Series

The coachman series is reminiscent of old stable-style garage doors. This type of door is especially popular in Cottage or Victorian-inspired homes. Reclaimed wood and bold trim pair well with this style of door. A wonderful addition to any home.

A Gordon James custom home with IDC automatic garage doors. Canyon Ridge Ultra Grain Series

These garage doors create a rich background to your light accents or a wonderful accompaniment to darker wood exteriors. Windows on the upper portion of the doors allow brighter light for garages that double as workspaces or just for more natural light.

A Gordon James custom built home with Canyon Ridge Ultra Grain IDC automatic garage doors


No matter what style your home is, adding the extra detail of a finely made garage door to make your life easier will make all the difference. In addition to the styles above, IDC Automatic Doors have customizable options to allow you to have full control over every aspect of your home’s look. Contact Gordon James today to learn more about why we use IDC Automatic Doors or any questions you have about custom home building.