Artisan Home Tour 2018 Recap

Since the Artisan Home Tour, we’ve had a chance to meet with some of our vendors and sponsors to share more details about their role in the construction or design of the home. Spirits were high, as we left with the most return visits to our home in the tour! Much thanks to the 3,496 visitors that walked through our door during the tour…we really appreciate it! Hear from some of our wonderful vendors and learn more about the style of this home in this blog with photos by LandMark Photography’s Jon Huelskamp.

Artisan Home Tour Exterior

Basic Overview

This bright and open home has all the comfort of country living with an elegant, modern twist. The architecture pays homage to historic Orono homes in the area, while still having today’s sensibilities. Natural light provides ample complement to the design’s focus on calming white-space and dark accents. Complete with an in-ground pool out back, this home is ready for entertaining. 

Before we head inside, a note that the materials for the house’s frame were provided by Scherer Bros. Lumber. An esteemed partner of Gordon James and a sponsor of this home’s reveal party, they said: “Scherer Bros. Lumber is a proud supplier to Gordon James. We provided the framing package on this beautiful Artisan model. Hats off to the entire Gordon James team.” Our thanks to the folks at Scherer Bros.!

Artisan Home Tour Living Room

Living Room

We’ll turn first to the elegant interior of the living room, given that it’s the first room to greet you upon entry through the front door. Its ample seating (including a sofa and three chairs) provides a comfortable place to chat, read, or snuggle up at night – and on the topic of snuggling, the built-in fireplace is sure to keep things warm and cozy on cool fall evenings and cold winter nights. Studio M Interiors did a beautiful job on the interior design of the whole home. Stay tuned for our video with the designer, Annie. 

 Artisan Home Tour Kitchen


Heading into the kitchen, you’ll note that the spacious layout (with island seating) strikes the ideal balance between being a space for food preparation and comfortable snacking. Speaking of preparation, the countertops and shelving are also carefully appointed with tasteful décor, without sacrificing function. The accompanying dining area is close enough for easy transport of food and drinks, but distanced appropriately to allow for its own separate feel within the space.

Artisan Home Tour Kitchen Shelves

Help from our friends

As long as we’re in the kitchen, we’d like to highlight another proud partner and sponsor, Warners’ Stellian. Our contact, Alana Wynne, says:

“I have been working with Gordon James Construction for about as long as I’ve worked for Warners’ Stellian – about 6 or 7 years now. Warners’ Stellian provided all the appliances of their Artisan Home, and we were supported every step of the way by their team. Gordon James’ attention to detail and care for their clients makes them a great team to work with. We are so happy with how this home turned out!”

Thank you – we are too! We will be sharing Alana’s highlight video soon. So, look out for that for more details on Warners’ Stellian and their appliances in it. 

Making our way outdoors, this retractable screen porch by Minnesota Screens is sure to be a hit when the homeowners entertain. Sharon Chamberlain of Minnesota Screens said:

“We at Minnesota Screens have been partnering with Gordon James for over 5 years, helping create outdoor living spaces with Phantom retractable screens. Whether the need is screens for doors, windows, or patios and porches, Phantom’s retractable screens are there when you need them and not when you don’t. On this year’s Artisan Tour home, you will see Phantom screens on doors throughout the home. Whether double french doors, single entry, and even sliding doors, the screens hide inside their canisters and pull out when you want to let the fresh air in. We have been installing Phantom screens in the Twin City area since 1999 and appreciate the partnerships and support from many of the area’s top builders.”  Thanks, Sharon!

Artisan Home Tour Porch



Finally, we head out to the poolside lounge in the backyard, where entertaining is a breeze. The ample outdoor seating is perfect for parties. The swimming pool will keep guests cool for fun in the sun, and the hot tub is the perfect follow-up.

Artisan Home Tour Pool


This article has only scratched the surface of what this home has to offer! Check out our website to see the full portfolio on the 2018 Artisan Home Tour home. 

There are numerous considerations to take into account when constructing or renovating your home. Rest assured, however, that the experienced home builders at Gordon James will handle all facets of construction with skill and technical acumen. Contact us today – when it comes to your home, you dream, and we deliver.