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The Benefits of Custom Building


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Owning a home is a hallmark of the American dream. When finding a place to call home, there are two routes to take: building or buying. While buying an existing home can be a faster process, there are many downsides. In addition to inheriting an old home’s problems, you’ll also likely have to put additional work in to make the home yours, working within the parameters of what’s possible. Custom building avoids these issues while providing a plethora of benefits. The celebrated custom home builders at Gordon James have spent decades creating custom homes for our clients. If you haven’t considered custom home building, we’ve got all the information you need. Here are some of the benefits those clients experience by working with Gordon James to craft their dream house. 


Custom Home Building Benefit 1: Make No Compromises on Style  

When working with Gordon James, you get to dictate the style, from the frame to the floors to the ceiling details. With each element seamlessly woven together by an experienced architect and manifested by skilled contractors and craftsmen, your home will be yours from the moment you move in. Every aspect of the home’s style, inside and out, is built to your specifications. Find the most gorgeous tiles on a trip to Italy? They can be incorporated into your custom home. Create a second floor coffee nook and east-facing balcony to start each morning or build a whimsical attic space with a winding staircase. Whatever elements you dream up can become a reality. 



Custom Home Building Benefit 2: Build the Functionality You Desire

When building a custom home, the entire space is crafted to you and your family’s needs, lifestyles, and interests. With every inch of the home designed for your use, odd corners and unusable spaces will become a thing of the past. People who do a lot of entertaining can have a home designed with entertainment in mind. If you are outdoorsy, your home can be outfitted with special mudrooms. With elements like rec rooms, built-in libraries, wine cellars, art studios and home gyms built into the design, you won’t have to worry about outfitting these areas after the fact or navigating tricky wiring or HVAC solutions.


Custom Home Building Benefit 3: Control the Lot and Location

Another amazing benefit of custom home building is the freedom to choose where you live. You won’t have to scour real estate sites searching for an existing home in the area or type of landscape you crave. Additionally, the way you’d like to use your land can inspire the design and construction of your custom home. Create a wooded courtyard, a wraparound veranda to maximize a great few, or ensure your home is positioned to get the light you desire. 


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Custom Home Building Benefit 4: Ensure the Quality of Building Materials 

When buying an existing home, you have no control over the quality of the materials used to build it. With Gordon James, you not only get to choose the foundational materials, but the additional aesthetic and acoustic materials as well. This enables you to build privacy into your bedrooms, or create a perfectly soundproofed home theatre and more. If you’re concerned about environmental impact, you can dictate the use of green and sustainable materials in your homes, choose energy-efficient windows, and incorporate solar or wind power elements. 


Custom Home Building Benefit 5: Install Secure Smart Integration 

Incorporate smart features into your home designed for your preferences and needs. Security systems, automated window treatments, smart walls and more can be integrated seamlessly by Gordon James, without having to go through a renovation process. You won’t need to worry about reprogramming an existing system, either, which could leave you vulnerable to security issues. Incorporating these details into the ground-up design of your home enables you to enjoy seamless integration. 


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Create Your Custom Home with Gordon James

Building a custom home gives you the keys to the ignition of your dreams. Controlling the design, details and customizations, each custom home is one of a kind. At Gordon James, we will consult with you throughout the process, from design to completion. We work with elite suppliers, architects and craftsmen, providing top quality materials and execution of your vision. To learn more about starting your custom build with Gordon James, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.