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These Interior Design Trends are Captivating the Custom Market

Building a custom home allows homeowners to transform their imagination into reality. With control over layout, design, materials and idiosyncratic elements, the possibilities are endless. With your wildest dreams at your fingertips, narrowing down what you want can be challenging. Inspiration can come from many different places, from childhood memories to our favorite vacation destinations. Another tremendous source of inspiration is looking to the current trends that are enchanting others in the custom home market. As we settle into the new year and make our way into the prime season for building, custom builders Gordon James share some of their favorite interior design trends to inspire your own custom home. 


Image of dining room with vibrant house plants for Gordon James February blog These Interior Design Trends are Captivating the Custom Market  A modern bathroom with a thriving house plant in a Gordon James home in Minnesota for Gordon James February blog

1. Take Cues From Nature

As indoor plants gain popularity along with a renewed appreciation for nature, the custom home market is finding new ways to incorporate these passions into design. For homeowners with a green thumb, carefully placed windows and built-in plant stands can help maximize beneficial light and seamlessly incorporate your passion for indoor gardening into the flow of your interior design. Even if you’re not skilled with horticulture, large picture windows create an unobstructed view of natural surroundings, making them a part of your interior. Additionally, reclaimed wood and other natural or repurposed materials are making a comeback in 2022, as many homeowners seek sustainability in their custom builds. 


2. Revive Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts-inspired homes have been gaining popularity over the last year, with more open floor plans and spaces designed to encourage interaction with people and nature. They also boast an appreciation of skilled artisans and craftsmen. As this trend gains speed, custom builders are seeing more requests for libraries, studies, walk-in pantries and vestibules with built-in shelving. Handmade and custom ceramic tiles are popular for backsplashes and bathrooms. Wainscotting, crown molding and other craftsman finishes showcase elegance and a celebration of skill. Look for inspiration in old world arts and crafts like pottery, weaving and candle making when seeking decorative elements. 


A living room in a luxury home designed by Gordon James  A living room with an entertainment center featured in a Gordon James custom home in Minnesota featured in Gordon James February 2022 blog.

3. Put an Emphasis on Joy

As the last few years have given us more use of our homes, Gordon James finds that homeowners are seeking more opportunities for joy in their spaces. Gaming rooms have become a must-have for many custom homeowners, while pet-specific rooms with wash stations are also on the rise as people seek to include the furry new additions to their families in their design. A dedicated room for grooming, pampering and training gives pets a safe space and keeps you from sullying the bath with a wet pooch. More homeowners are also seeking quirky spaces like whimsical reading nooks, butler’s pantries, dreamy dressing rooms and even secret rooms masked by moving bookcases. One of the benefits of working with Gordon James is that whatever brings you joy can be manifested in your living space. 


Imagine Your Custom Home with Gordon James

One of the most rewarding aspects of custom home building is working with clients on the design of their dream home. Consulting with Gordon James from design through completion, you have the ability to manifest the house you dream of, folding in inspiration as it strikes. Gordon James works exclusively with leading suppliers, architects and craftsmen, providing the best materials and expert execution, right down to the finest details. With our premier partnerships and client collaborations, we’ve been able to create award-winning homes that bring a lifetime of delight to their dwellers. To learn more about starting your custom build with Gordon James, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.