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Gordon James
The Open Flow of a Single-Story Rambler

Although a single-story rambler, also known as “ranch homes,” were superseded in popularity by more grandiose homes after the 1990s, this style is increasing in demand today. A single-story rambler offers homeowners a number of advantages compared to larger houses. Despite their one-story feature, ramblers offer accessibility and seamlessness that bigger homes cannot. In addition, the structure of the rambler creates a unique aesthetic that brings beauty to even a small and humble abode. Lastly, the single floor plan of ramblers is perfect for future upgrades, remodels, and additions.

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Smooth Navigation

Though not immediately obvious, a one-floor home can provide several important benefits. These ranch homes offer ease of navigation and accessibility. This can be especially helpful for those with impaired mobility or people with small children or pets. Additionally, ramblers are optimal for outdoor patios, pools, and large backyards. The transition from interior to exterior is seamless with a one-floor house and results in a more unified home.


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Spacious and Bright

The rambler layout incentivizes large windows in its open spaces. As a result, single-story ramblers often facilitate substantial natural light, giving the home an airy and organic atmosphere. Similarly, rambler ceilings are usually high and vaulted, creating a sense of space and openness. Therefore, although single-story ramblers have a reputation for being smaller and more compact than multi-floor homes, in reality, they offer lots of access to sunlight and space, establishing an energetic and freeing home environment.

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Flexible Design

Ramblers offer yet another benefit despite their size. The foundation of a typical rambler is simple yet stable; the one-floor plan offers significant room for growth. Remodeling, restructuring, and renovating are all relatively easy procedures for a rambler homeowner. The setup of a rambler allows for effortless additions and upgrades.

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Increase Complexity with Simplicity

Ramblers are relatively straightforward with similar structures across the board. However, there is significant room for improvements and increased design details. These homes allow for easy accessibility to various home features and create a desirable flow inside and out. In addition, space and light are key features of ramblers because of their unique structures. Finally, ramblers allow for extensive homeowner creativity. With a simple foundation, these homes are extremely malleable regarding size, structure, and atmosphere. If you would like to learn more about ramblers, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call (763) 479-3117.