What To Value When Diving Into Pool Construction

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and build a home swimming pool on your property. Having a pool as part of one’s home is a dream come true for many. However, there are things to consider in order to avoid a nightmarish construction process, or being stuck with a non-functional hole in the ground. To help, we at Gordon James suggest that you keep the following tips in mind before jumping off the deep end:

Know What You’re Looking For

Begin with a vision you have for your pool’s size, aesthetic, and budget equips you with the necessary information to help guide you along your journey. First, decide what will be the main function of your pool: is it for a cooling afternoon dip? Swimming laps to begin your day? Or enjoying time with your family and friends on the weekends? Understanding your pool’s chief functionality will help direct your designs moving forward in your partnership with your contractor.

Understand The Mechanics

While perhaps not the most enjoyable part of pool ownership, it is essential to understand how your unique and personal pool will work. You could create the most beautiful pool ever designed, but if it isn’t functional — or has recurring preventable filtration and maintenance issues — you’ll never want to look at it. Knowing how to keep your pool clean, sanitary, and functioning is the foundation of pool ownership. This goes for knowing your contractor, too: don’t decide on who is going to be facilitating a major plumbing and landscaping undertaking investment on your property before meeting them and understanding how they operate.

Make It Safe

The difference between a functioning and a functional pool area is the consideration of one fundamental element: the people are going to be using it. Equipping your pool with the proper steps and ladders, safety equipment and slip- and erosion-resistant landscaping take into consideration the preparation needed for a safe and comfortable setting.

Prioritize Quality

One of the easiest mistakes to make on a construction project is to confuse a cheap quote for good value. Most mechanical, safety and aesthetic mistakes or headaches that arise in pool ownership can be traced to cutting costs and cutting corners. Recognize the investment that you are making in your home, and be proud of going the extra mile to ensure that what you’re paying for is sustainable and of great quality.

Make It Yours

Don’t forget that this new amenity replacing a large part of your yard is part of your home, and not a separate extension of it. Incorporating the design of your home into your pool area elevates the level of luxury and satisfaction that the pool is meant to provide. Consider tying in your home’s color scheme with a stone footpath, or tiling your pool’s interior to make your morning swim uniquely yours. These aesthetic touches pay infinite dividends in the value of your investment to your home.

Let Us Be Of Service

You dream. We deliver.  Our experienced team is ready to assist in making your poolside concept a reality. Contact us with any questions you may have: don’t be shy, the water’s fine!