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3 Smart Home Features That Will Transform Your Life

Smart home technology used to be the fodder of science fiction, but has now positioned itself as an essential consideration for the luxury housing market. Between 2017 and 2021, the number of smart homes grew by more than 80% to nearly 260 million worldwide. This growth rate is expected to continue over the next 4 years, making the total number of smart homes larger than the entire population of the United States. In addition to adding comfort and convenience to home life, smart home technology can promote productivity, improve mental health and reduce energy consumption. Members of the medical industry even view the smart home as the future’s primary hub for health, wellness and elder care. Incorporating smart home integration into your custom home build or your next renovation project is a keen investment for both lifestyle and resale value. 

The custom builders of Gordon James have already helped homeowners incorporate smart home integration into their new homes. Keep reading to learn about the three smart home features that will truly transform your life. 

1.Improve Your Lifestyle with Automated Window Shades 

While window treatments may seem inherently analogue, automation and integration have a profound impact on the home environment and a homeowner’s interaction with their space. Natural light is essential for our health. It improves our productivity, mood and vision and informs our circadian rhythm. Installing automated window shades and integrating them with your smart home system allows you to maximize the benefits of natural light with the touch of a button or user-intuitive programming. The ability to program shades to open and close at set times or based on the position of the sun allows homeowners and their families to wake easier with a steady introduction of natural light, without compromising overnight privacy. These settings can help you protect furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays and improve security while you’re away by making it seem like people are home. Automated window shades can also be integrated with a climate control system to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature while reducing energy consumption. 

2.Enhance Your Space with Smart Lighting 

The transformative qualities of smart lighting cannot be overstated. Like automated window shades, smart lighting systems can improve energy efficiency by working with natural light, using sensors to detect when a room is empty and operating with less energy-intensive bulbs and fixtures. Integrated smart lighting can also improve security with remote commands and presets. With a simple tap on your smartphone or programmed setting, you can make sure the path to your door is well-lit or activate your lights while you’re away. Sensors, settings and remote activation can also ensure that you never again have to fumble for a lightswitch in a dark room. Smart lighting also allows you to control the temperature, tone, intensity and color of lighting with ease and program optimal lighting scenes for various moods, occasions and activities. Sleek wall panels enable homeowners to control the light of any room in the house. With tremendous opportunity for aesthetic, comfort and safety enhancement, smart lighting is a highly recommended feature for the modern home.

3Monitor Your Home’s Safety with Smart Security Systems

Smart home technology has transformed home security. In addition to offering privacy-enhancing decoys with automated window shades and smart lighting solutions, smart home security systems provide monitoring to protect the residents and property from a variety of threats and hazards. Having a home security system makes homes 3 times less likely to be burglarized, and smart security systems offer the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring from nationwide command stations, automated door locks, smartphone alerts, HD video capabilities and remote access to monitor interior and exterior cameras. Smart security systems can also protect your home from non-human threats like water leaks, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide and low temperature. Home is where peace of mind should flourish and smart security systems offer it in spades.

Two people discussing CCTV project. Video security equipment and blueprint on a table

4. Partner With a Trusted Smart Home Provider

While integrating your home with smart technology may seem like a large undertaking, it can be quite simple with the right company. Plymouth-based Residential Technology Systems brings enthusiasm and expertise to smart home integration. They begin with a consultation to identify the systems, fixtures and accessories to align with your vision. Their dedicated crew takes care to ensure every component of your smart home enhancement is installed with precision, from the structured wiring and central control hub to pristine, leading-edge finishes. Residential Technology Systems provides education to their clients to help them maximize the joy and ease of life in a smart home. 

Build Your Smart Home with Gordon James

The custom builders of Gordon James believe that home should be a haven for relaxation, joy, security and comfort. Our team works with you to craft the plans that make your dream home a reality. We delight in bringing modern technologies into the residential space to make home life even more of a dream. We partner with premier smart home contractors like Residential Technology Systems to seamlessly incorporate these exciting technologies into your design. To learn more about building your smart home with Gordon James, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.