Gordon James

Gordon James
A Welcoming First Impression: Designing Your Home’s Entryway

When you open the door to a home, your initial impression forms within seconds. Every single element in the entryway plays a role in determining your thoughts on the house itself. It is essential to be deliberate and methodical when selecting the physical aspects of your  entryway, since it sets the tone for the home, demonstrates your values, and speaks volumes about your life priorities. In order to design your entryway in an effective manner, focus on the elements below. 


Floor and Light

The most basic consideration for the entryway is the floor and lighting aesthetics. Welcoming rugs and runners are effective features you can add. Runners in particular can draw friends and family inside, which makes the house seem longer. These carpeted decorations offer a sense of comfort and beauty to the entrance. In addition, lighting is essential to establish the  mood. Eye-catching light fixtures are often a go-to for homeowners wishing to communicate a value for quality and glamour to their visitors. No matter the style, rugs and light fixtures are key to creating a sense of elegance, warmth and homeyness. 


Wall Decor

When designing your entryway, don’t strive to merely fill empty wall space. Instead, details should be intentional and complement the mood of the home. Features such as abstract art and large mirrors can attract attention to walls, make the space seem brighter and larger, and allow visitors to absorb the room’s aesthetic. Wall decor can define the owner’s style and prime visitors for the home’s unique personality. Choose pieces of work that you admire, inspire you, and contribute to the purpose of your home as a whole.



Although entryway furniture should generally be minimal and compact, it still has an important role in your home. For example, multifunctional furniture such as stylish tables that serve as art, while also holding household items, can be extremely helpful pieces in this area. This aesthetic/functional duality is both attractive and convenient. In addition, furniture such as a small, comfortable bench can be inviting and create a sense of comfort for guests. 



When creating the ambiance of your entryway, it is critical to understand the importance of each element you place in the space. From the floor rug to the lamp on the table, each piece plays a role in creating the personality of the home. When you select a certain aesthetic component, make sure you consider how it will be perceived in tandem with the remaining physical aspects. If you create a balance between every piece chosen you will succeed in creating the atmosphere you wish to produce, while also feeling right at home as soon as you walk in the door. For more advice on effective entryways, contact us at info@gordonjdev.wpengine.com or call (763) 479-3117 today.