Gordon James

Gordon James
Functional, Fashionable Basement Designs

Not too long ago, basements were a closed-off part of the home, separated from the central living area and consisting of concrete floors, unfinished walls, and laundry machines. Today, basements are an integral part of the in-home experience because they offer a unique addition to the primary activity areas. There are a variety of ways to create functional and fashionable basement designs, and all can add significant value to your home as a whole.


Productivity and Inspiration

An increasingly popular use of the basement space is for physical and mental exercise. Basements represent an optimal opportunity to transform space into a fitness center or an in-home workspace. In this manner, you can maintain a comforting and relaxing atmosphere of the home on the first and second floors, while assigning the basement as a space with alternative yet admirable functions. You can create a “work hard” environment in the basement while maintaining a “play hard” atmosphere in the rest of the house. 



Entertainment and Activity

Another option for the basement is to transform it into an area of high activity and interaction between individuals. Homeowners are increasingly incorporating “party” elements into homes, meaning items such as pool tables, ping pong tables, large televisions, mini bars, and small musical stages. These elements can contrast significantly from the rest of the home yet not detract from comfort and warmth your home provides. An entertainment center can offer a sense of versatility, fun, and freedom of expression to a space, as well as act as an invitation to others to spend more time in their neighbor’s home. 


Extension of Upstairs Living

On the other hand, the basement can simply serve as an area that seamlessly flows from the upper level floors. As an example, basements can provide guest bedrooms, homey kitchens and lounging areas, and a walkout to a patio or a backyard with a pool. If you want to maintain the interior personality of your home, you can opt to establish a basement that feels like an extension of an upstairs bedroom, living room, or another traditional first or second floor area. This can make the house seem larger, more unified, and more comfortable. 



No matter how you decide to transform your basement, you will be able to successfully create a space that can serve as functional, fashionable, or both. The decision depends on what is important to you and your family, as well as which option would add the most value to your lifestyle. With an open basement, the sky is the limit. Understand the needs and wants of your family, and go make use of the space! For more information, contact us at info@gordonjdev.wpengine.com or call (763) 479-3117 today.