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Gordon James
Creating Breathtaking Spaces in Your Custom Luxury Home

Creating a custom luxury home is an exciting adventure that, at times, can also feel overwhelming. Building a custom home means you have a completely blank slate to work with – you can design all the elements and transform the space into anything you desire. Here are a couple of ideas from Gordon James for designing breathtaking spaces in your custom luxury home:

chkiki kitchen

Elevate with an Open-Floor Plan

The benefits of open-floor plans are nearly endless: the illusion of more space, convenience while entertaining or enjoying family life, and an abundance of natural light. To create a cohesive and captivating open-floor plan, maintain an aesthetic flow throughout different rooms with consistent flooring and complimentary color palettes. Add layers of texture and various hues for accents throughout the space to keep things visually vibrant.

2895 Casco Point 2895 Casco laundry room

Reconsider the Entryway

Your home’s entryway is your first chance to impress guests and introduce your home’s design. Whether you’re looking to create a grand space or something more subtle, you should utilize your available options to elevate the space into more than a mudroom. Consider a dramatic staircase, mosaic walls and floors, columns, and sweeping chandeliers to establish a lavish introduction to your home.

lakefront living room bathroom

Embrace Natural Light

Carefully examine the view from each window in your home and you’ll be able to create rooms with amazing landscapes for your family and visitors. Regardless of what lies outside the window, consider each as a picture frame for the outdoors. An eye-catching view makes the room feel larger, and the more natural light you add into your home the more inviting, natural, and airy your home will feel.


Express Your Style

The design of your dream home is personal, and it should serve the people living in the space – you and your family. How do you want to feel when you walk into your home – thrilled, relaxed, calm, safe, happy…or even all of these at once? The answer to this question should guide how you choose to design your home. Discover what design elements bring you joy and find ways to incorporate them into your dream home design.


Start Designing Your Dream Home with Gordon James

Our dream homes are architecturally exciting and structurally robust, with elegant interiors and refined exteriors. They are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect result – your dream home!

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