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How To Create a Functional and Striking Home Office

With roughly 30 million Americans working from home at least once a week, home offices are on the rise. But working from home isn’t as simple as rolling out of bed: you need a space in your home dedicated to your work that’s breathable, comfortable, and made just for you. So how can you create the ultimate home office and become a wizard at working from home? Here is our guide for creating a home office that’s a haven.

Sliding door in home office in custom home built in Wayzata, MN   Home office in custom home built in Wayzata, MN


Location is everything. Don’t make the mistake of setting up desk space in your bedroom. You need to keep your responsibilities and relaxation times separate. Choose a part of the house that’s quiet or more private, ideally a room with a door. Transforming a guest bedroom into an office is a great opportunity. Perhaps you want your office adjoined to your bedroom so it’s more private, secluded, and accessible. Wherever you decide to put your office, make sure it’s a place you can remain focused.


Supplies and Technology

One of the benefits of designing a home office is the level of personalization that’s available. Whether you design a custom stand up desk or install two wall-mounted projection screens, you can tailor the office to fit your vision. After you install your technology, plug everything into a power strip behind your desk so the cords are hidden for a safer and cleaner and look. Invest in an elegant ergonomic-friendly chair so your eyes and body are protected while you work. Consider acquiring a colorful mini-fridge, coffee maker, or Keurig for beverages during the day so you don’t have to break your focus. These items create a space that’s functional and stylish.

Home office in custom home built in Orono, MN



Embrace natural light. Choosing a bright space with several windows is recommended to keep you alert and your space open. A window not only opens up your space but also gives your eyes and mind a break when you need it. However, if you have a windowless room there are many options for artificially lighting your workspace. Try lamps that have a soft glow and choose an interesting design to accent the space. You can also install custom LED lights that simulate the feeling of natural sunlight throughout the day.


Control the Clutter

Nothing kills productivity more than sorting through a pile of papers to find your work. Filing cabinets aren’t exactly stylish; instead try creative storage solutions like floating shelves, magazine racks, or tree bookshelves. If your office is in the “guest bedroom” you can use the closet to design a unique storage solution that saves space. Custom storage designs will make your office look polished, as well as uncluttered.

Guest room home office in custom home built in Wayzata, MN   Home office in custom home built in Wayzata, MN

Color and Decor

A great home office should be functional and beautiful. Choose overall neutral colors like white, grey, tan, and ivory. These neutrals don’t distract the eye and can be easily paired with your favorite accent color (think yellow, red, or blue) to add in some energy. For more inspiration and ideas take a look at Architecture Digest’s list of luxury home offices.

Surround yourself with images and ideas that motivate you. Whether it’s a picture of the Grand Canyon or Van Halen, hang up something that inspires you. Be intentional and have decorations that encourage you instead of distracting you. Plants make you happy, so why not include them in your home office decor for a midday mood boost?

Your desk is for active work, but you also need a place to read, think, or review work. Create the coziest thinking corner by adding in a comfy chair or sofa, an accent table, lamp, colorful accent pillows, and a throw.

  Home office in custom home built in Minnetonka, MN   Home office in custom home built in Minnetonka, MN

It’s All Yours

Make the space your own. Creating a home office is an opportunity to connect with yourself and your work. It should be a place for focus, not distraction, that enhances the work you do. Find your focus, and partner with the professionals at Gordon James to create a custom home office. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.