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How to Create an Exceptional Home Theatre Experience

One of the many benefits of building a custom home is the ability to incorporate features and details that add joy, comfort and ease to home life. For families, sports fans and cinephiles alike, the home theatre has become a must-have component of the design plan. The days of crowded family rooms are long behind us, as movie nights and super bowl parties can be enjoyed in plush comfort with high-end audio and visual technology. 

When designing and installing a home theatre, it’s important to plan with the full experience in mind. Here are our tips for crafting an exceptional cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. 

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience.1. Set the Scene

Long before the technology comes into play, a great home theatre demands the perfect space. Even if you choose to keep your theatre more intimate, plan for at least 300 square feet of space to accommodate equipment, optimize the view and make room for amenities such as a bar or decor. Choose furniture that is designed for theatre-style views, with comfortable materials, built-in cup holders and reclining mechanisms. Seats should be placed so that each viewer has an unobstructed view of the screen, and plenty of room to stretch out. Stadium style seating is ideal, with seats placed at least 30” from walls and 20” between each other.

Use sound enhancing materials like acoustical drapes, panels and diffusers to reduce echo and block out unwelcome sound. Automated window shades and lighting will enable you to achieve optimal lighting for a variety of viewing preferences at the touch of a button.

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience. A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience.

 2. Prepare for Action

Installing a home theatre means selecting the right technology. There are numerous options for screens, projectors and speakers. Screens are available in a variety of styles and materials. Light-rejecting screens will allow you to enjoy your theatre in both darkness and daylight. Manual screens can be fixed or retractable. Choose a retractable screen if you plan to use your theatre for multiple purposes, though make sure to choose a tab-tension screen to prevent wrinkling or curling. Electric screens offer convenience, style and simple touch controls. 

Bigger is not always better when it comes to selecting your screen. The size of your screen depends on the size of your space. While some complex math is involved to meet ideal spatial ratios, luxury home builders are well versed in sizing and placing screens to provide a clear picture and ideal sight lines for you and your guests.

Pair your screen with a projector that is optimized for its size and material. Place wall or ceiling-mounted speakers throughout the space to eliminate loud or quiet zones. Free-standing speakers can also be used to add style to the space.  

3. Skip the Lobby

When going to the movies or attending a gathering for a big game, no experience is complete without refreshments. You, your family and friends shouldn’t need to dart off to the kitchen to refresh their beverages or treats. Include a bar with sleek, built-in refrigeration, cabinets for snacks and underlit counter space where guests can grab extra popcorn without missing anything or disturbing others. Amenities like a vintage-style popcorn machine or keg taps from your favorite brewery add additional aesthetic appeal. Outfit your custom home theatre with the look, feel and function you desire. 

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features a pool table and bar for the ultimate home theatre experience. A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features a fireplace and mini bar for the ultimate home theatre experience.

Craft an Oscar-Worthy Space with Gordon James

Gordon James has enjoyed years of building custom homes that fulfill the dreams of our clients. Our award-winning new luxury homes and renovations are built to make home life idyllic for homeowners and guests alike. We partner with leading providers near you to install the technologies, materials and furnishings to create an exquisite home theatre experience. To learn more about building a new home with the features and amenities you desire, or renovating your existing space, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117. We look forward to helping you bring movie magic into your home.