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Gordon James
Creating a Rec Room That Grows Up with Your Children

In the luxury homes of the Lake Minnetonka area, rec rooms are the focal point for the younger members of the family. In addition to being the space where movies are watched and snacks are eaten, the rec room – often located in the basement – is a place that will form the setting of countless childhood memories. When working with a custom home builder to remodel your rec room, it’s important to keep in mind the myriad of activities that will take place here: from floor hockey to sleepovers.

Tackling this challenge is no easy task, especially considering that as children grow, their preferences change. Here are our tips for crafting a timeless rec room that matures as your children do.

Ample Space and Seating

No matter the activity or the number of people involved, plenty of space and comfortable seating are always welcomed in a rec room. Opt for large couches made of soft material that can accommodate several people – perfect for snuggling during a movie.

Ideally, the space should be at least 400 square feet to allow for games such as the Minnesota favorite: knee hockey! Having an open concept can allow for seating to be moved to one side if more floor space is needed.

A spacious home theatre in custom luxury home in Minnesota designed by Gordon James.  A basement home theater in a custom luxury home in a recently remodeled Gordon James house in Minnesota.

The Right Amenities

From elementary school to college, kids of all ages need lots of food and comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Because the rec room will serve as the hang-out for your children and their friends, having a kitchenette with a bar top is an excellent choice. When they’re young, you can keep the refrigerator stocked with their favorite soda, and when they’re older, frozen pizza will be handy. Being able to satisfy their cravings without leaving their den is a major plus.

Many rec rooms double as the perfect place for a sleepover, so keep this fact in mind when designing your space. Make sure there are several sleeping locations that allow for easy bathroom access and out of the range of light from bay windows. Storage for blankets and pillows proves helpful – your remodeling contractor will be able to suggest optimal placement for these amenities.

A rec room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features a ping pong table and mini bar. A rec room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features four beds to host multiple house guests.

A Dazzling Home Theater

Whether for G-rated video games or R-rated movies, a spectacular home theater set-up is at the top of every kid’s list. The technology and design of this space is key to creating a truly welcoming and stunning custom luxury home.

Work alongside your home builder to take elements such as lighting, surround sound, seating placement, and absorption materials into consideration. This home theater will serve as the centerpiece of the room, so invest in technical capabilities that will last for years and can accommodate a variety of devices.

In addition to the theater element, consider how the speaker arrangement will function for music playback. Be sure to test the system and inform your custom home builder if you’d like to make any adjustments.

Timeless Design Elements

Finally, the best manner in which to create an environment that ages as your children do: choose design themes that stand the test of time. Particularly in the lakefront luxury homes of Minnesota, the cabin and cottage aesthetics are particularly attractive. Elements such as wood beams, stone fireplaces, streamlined hardware, and durable floors provide the perfect backdrop for guests of all ages.

A beautiful, comfortable, inviting rec room that is designed intentionally and luxuriously will be the perfect spot for both young children and their parents.

Design Your Dream Rec Room with Gordon James

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