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Gordon James
How To Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

Do you wish you had larger windows, bigger rooms, or more opportunities in your home to let the sunlight in? There are simple tricks to maximize natural light in your home. Continue reading to learn about how you can transform your home from gloom and doom to bright and light!

Large windows in a modern luxury home bedroom maximizes natural light with large windows.  Hardwood floors maximize natural light in the main room of this luxury custom home.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Limited to one or two small windows per room? Have no fear, mirrors are here to maximize natural light! Not only can mirrors imitate the appearance of a window, but they also can reflect sunlight and create a brighter environment. Besides, if you have a beautiful view from your window, you can place the mirrors to reflect the aesthetically-pleasing perspective into your home. For instance, if your window overlooks a lovely flower garden, position a mirror so it consistently displays the vibrant floral colors into the room. 

Light fabrics in this master bedroom maximize natural light from the large windows on the wall.  

Bright Ceilings

Another simple solution to opening up the space in your home is to use brighter paints for the room ceilings. If you have mostly dark walls within your home, opt for lighter colors on the ceiling, as this can reflect light and make the room feel less tight and claustrophobic. 

Large windows and reflective ceilings maximize natural light in this bedroom.  This light-colored room with reflective surfaces is maximizing natural light.

Light Fabrics

Aside from colors, fabric materials can make all the difference in setting the mood of any room. For example, instead of using heavy fabrics, like velvet or dark wool, consider linen and cotton to give your home a more summery vibe. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have many windows and you still want to create a bright atmosphere.

This skylight can tilt to maximize natural light that it lets in.  A 3-story luxury custom home from Gordon James that maximizes natural light.


If your walls are covered in all rooms and you don’t have space to install extra windows, look up! The ceiling could be the optimal space to place a window, especially if you want to maximize natural light in your home. Although skylights can be expensive, if you have the funds and you can’t afford to add more windows to every room, consider installing a skylight in the most important room of your house. 

Large windows over a reading bench maximize natural light in this bedroom.

Keep It Clean

Although this may go without saying, maintaining a pristine home can aid in maximize natural light within your home. Regularly dust your light bulbs, fixtures, and windows. By keeping your space clean, natural light will be reflected off clean surfaces and your home will feel bright and well-kept. 


Even if you don’t have the opportunity to install extra windows in your home, there are several easy methods by which you can create a brighter and more open home interior. No matter if it’s a few mirrors here and there or simply upgrading your decor fabrics to lighter materials, there are countless ways to maximize natural lighting in your home. For more information,  Contact us today at 763-479-3117, or email us at info@gordon-james.com