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Gordon James
2019 Fall Home Design Trends

Whether you are going for a full remodel or just looking for something different this fall, it’s important to know this year’s home design trends. Fall is an exciting time to switch from airy summer tones to cozy winter vibes. Here are some trends this fall to make your house feel warm and look fantastic. 

A living room utilizing the home design trends for the fall in a Gordon James custom home.   A bed showing the home design trends of using natural accents and pops of jew-toned color in a Gordon James home.

Velvets, Plaids, and Leather, Oh My!

Texture is everything when it comes to designing and decorating your home. Heavier-looking fabrics add a touch of warmth and coziness to your home, which is perfect for the transition of summer into fall. The simple addition of a velvet, plaid, or leather pillow can be just the right amount of chic fall decor.

Home design trends being used in a bathroom in a custom luxury home.  Home design trends being used in the kitchen of a custom luxury home.

Back in Black

While black hasn’t necessarily gone anywhere, for the past couple years a brighter and shinier tone has dominated. This minimalist, Hygge-inspired trend has run its course, and more homeowners and designers are making statements with dark colors. 

This trend is especially prevalent in bathrooms and kitchens. Choosing a darker color for the bathroom promotes a luxurious tone. Matte black or dark finishes on fixtures and appliances are what gives a space a new feel without having to renovate the whole room. 

Back splash taking advice from home design trends for 2019 in a luxury custom home.

Backlash on Backsplash

Backsplash tile has been a wallflower for so long, you barely notice it’s there. Why waste an opportunity with boring tile? Designers are going with bold, patterned backsplash to give the stove area character. Drawing the eye to where food is prepared brings home the warm, family-style feeling of the kitchen, and with dark accents, patterned tile makes a statement. This has been one of the hot home design trends of fall 2019. 

A golden table surrounded by jewel-tone couches with natural decorations on top showcases home design trends of 2019.   A bathroom with a natural theme following home design trends for 2019.  A full living room with accent cushions and a dark chandelier showcasing home design trends for 2019.

Jewel Tones and Doing the Most

Although autumn is full of orange and yellow, the trend in 2019 moves towards bold colors. Jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, and amethyst have seen a comeback, especially on white or black backgrounds. Accent pieces and bold artwork can bring an otherwise droll room to life. 

Another trend that is on the rise is maximalism. The “more is more” philosophy is the pendulum swinging back from minimalism. Colorful wallpapers and mixing fabrics and patterns are now accepted and encouraged. Be bold! Hang more wild paintings on your walls, you will be in style this fall. 

A bouquet of natural plants following home design trends for 2019.   A basket of colorful gourds, accenting home design trends for 2019 with a natural touch.  Natural elements adorning a ladder following home design trends for 2019.

Home Design Trends that Act Natural

Incorporating nature into the home has been gaining momentum. This can look like opening up a kitchen to your yard, having a window wall, or focusing on plants as accents. Regardless, natural elements like wood beams, plant-based materials, and areas inspired by nature are on the rise. Accent the room with houseplants to add a wild feel to the room while also giving it a comforting familiarity. Succulents are a thing of the past. Now, full-fledged foliage, fig plants, and olive stems replace their small brethren to help set the tone in your home. 

  A luxury custom home with a patio, showcasing home design trends for 2019.

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Home

Last but not least, decorate your home with pumpkins, gourds, and squash! These are perfect elements of nature that are the easiest way to bring in the fall spirit.  The best part about it is that they transition perfectly into November and will never go out of style in the fall season.

Styles come and go, but choosing something you enjoy that matches what you are looking for is important. Gordon James can help you sit down and pick what styles you are interested in, and what ones you can live without. Contact us today at 763-479-3117, or email us at info@gordon-james.com