Gordon James

Gordon James
Design Inspiration for Elevating the Home Bar

There are few touches that can make a home livelier and hosting more exciting than a home bar. The home bar becomes a centerpiece – one that can elevate even the most hum-drum of days. A home bar provides an entertaining space that naturally draws guests away from the kitchen, keeping them out of the way as food is being prepared. 

The best part is that the design is entirely up to you and your tastes. It can be a humble bar top to cover small fridges for beer, wine or bubbles. Or maybe you fancy yourself a wizard behind the bar who can mix cocktails by memory and whip up something stunning at a moment’s notice. You can add an ice well and places to store your syrups, vermouths (bonus tip – these should always be refrigerated anyway) and juices so you are ready the next time your friends come by.

Inspired by the Your Existing Design

An in-wall bar featuring cabinets, cupboards, a sink and mini fridge add storage and practicality to a Gordon James living room interior dining room image

There are so many different places to pull inspiration from when designing your home bar. One of the best: your current aesthetic!

There is nothing wrong with using your existing decor as your inspiration. Renovating your home bar to reflect your current design choices can help create a seamlessly integrated, enjoyable space. Integrate prominent colors, materials and design motifs from the surrounding rooms into the layout of your home bar to create a vibe of flowing hospitality throughout your home. Your custom homebuilder can help fine-tune your approach to ensure your home bar creates a stylish addition while blending wonderfully into your existing design.

Make Your Home Bar a Reality

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Whatever your dream for your custom home, Gordon James can bring it to life. It starts with your vision: our style is your style. The very first step in seeing your dream realized is reaching out to a custom homebuilding professional. Whether you already know the style you’re looking for or you’re starting with a blank slate, we’re here to help. We can meet you wherever you are on your path to owning a beautiful custom home. Project structure, meeting deadlines and detailed follow-ups are the foundation of Gordon James’ personal and professional approach. Contact us to talk about your project. We’d love to meet you!