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Hidden Privacy Elements for Open Floor Plans

Elegant and airy, open floor plans have transcended trend to become a mainstay of custom built homes. They provide a sense of community that is especially popular for avid entertainers. Some custom home owners may want the option of added privacy or a sense of separation at times that may seem counterintuitive to the open space. Luckily, the best of both worlds is possible.

Consider incorporating these subtle elements into your custom home design to make your open floor plan more versatile.

Add a Sunken Room

The sunken room is making a comeback in modern living spaces. They add visual texture while enhancing privacy in open floor plans. Building a sunken living room allows families to share the space without causing distractions during the busiest hours of the day. Sunken living rooms add ease to entertaining, as they allow guests to enjoy after-dinner conversation without being distracted by caterers scurrying to clear the table.

Incorporate a Retractable Wall

The beauty of a custom build is the ability to create a home that adapts to your needs. Your custom home builder can design retractable walls or hidden screens that virtually disappear when not in use and maintain the style of your space when you want privacy in the kitchen or need a break from the children. Automated walls and screens can provide additional ease, activated with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

Leverage Technology

Smart home audio and lighting technology is a blessing for those who love open concept spaces but sometimes want extra privacy. Focused lighting fixtures can create delineated spaces with minimal spill, and can be set to provide the exact ambiance you desire. Likewise, directional speakers enable you to focus sound so that you listen to your music while your partner takes a call in perfect quiet.

Get the Best of Both Worlds in Your Custom Built Home

The experts at Gordon James can bring your open floor plan to life without compromising on privacy.

At Gordon James, we believe that your home should meet all your needs. For decades, we’ve incorporated creative and innovative solutions into our award-winning homes to reflect the people who reside in them. We can bring your open floor plan vision to life without compromising your need for privacy.

To learn more about building a custom luxury home, or renovating your existing space to fit your needs, contact us today.