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Gordon James
Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Your new house has been designed from scratch, built from the ground up. You’ve only just moved in, but you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I hire an interior designer?”. While sparks flew in your relationship with a custom contractor, employing a professional interior designer has sometimes seemed like an intimidating prospect. You might think to yourself, They’ll just do their own thing and the end result won’t match my style.

Not only can hiring an interior designer dispel these types of myths forever, but it’s also a wise investment to make, since they have the design expertise to bring your home decorating vision to life. And an interior design professional can save you time and reduce stress in the long run.

Here are some great reasons why you should hire an interior designer.

Interior Designers Can Create a Cohesive, Personalized Plan

Above all else, an interior designer has the knowledge and experience to ensure your space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and efficient. A designer is trained to conceptualize the entire interior living space within the architecture of your custom built home in ways that clients may be unable to do. An elegant interior deserves a design to match, where an interior designer can think outside the box to help you choose the right layout, furniture and decor that will work best for your space and your lifestyle. They can also help you choose the right colors, textures and materials to create the look and feel you want.

Additionally, interior designers can help you achieve a unique and personalized look for your space. They’ll consult with you and listen to your needs, and they’ll also get to know your design style. They can help you create a space that reflects your personal style, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. A designer can also help you incorporate special features such as lighting and sound systems that will make your space more comfortable and functional.

Interior Designers Can Save You Time

A designer is like the go-between among custom home builders, architects, suppliers and tradespeople, qualified to best communicate with each to obtain the right professionals and products through these contacts so you don’t have to. More time savings: Interior designers spend hours of work you’d spend yourself — if not days or weeks — by taking care of the sourcing, ordering and scheduling of materials and services.

Interior Designers Can Help You Avoid Impractical Mistakes

Interior designers are skilled in steering a design strategy in a direction that holds long-term value and aesthetics. They can help you, for instance, avoid buying items that won’t work in your space or items that will quickly go out of style. They’ll be able to help you make pragmatic decisions that won’t compromise on your design vision — errors a homeowner might make on their own, such as buying furniture that is too large or too small for your space, or choosing finishes that are not durable or suitable for the environment.

Interior Designers Bring the Design Process to Life

Going the interior design process alone can be stressful if you’re thinking of redesigning your living space from the inside out and ground up. Interior designers absorb this stress from you and make the design process more mutually enjoyable. They’ll take care of the details and coordination, and navigate any design challenges, so you can focus on the fun parts of the process — and that’s the way it should be.

Custom Built, Custom Designed

A custom built home deserves a customized interior design to truly realize the goal of a total living space tailored to your needs and style, personality and design tastes — all thanks to the skill and expertise of an interior designer to help that vision come true. Whatever their situation, our clients have one thing in common: they have a dream, and they need a builder who can make it come true.

At Gordon James, we are committed to delivering that dream. To learn more about putting your dream home plans in motion,  email us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-469-3117.