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Home Design Resolutions for 2023

As the calendar turns another page and we enter 2023, we are prepping and planning for new goals and hopes this year. When you are making your 2023 resolutions, don’t forget about focusing on your home renovations and plans. Now is the perfect time to lay out your home design resolutions for 2023 and customize your home to a better fit.

In fact, now is a great time to consider home renovations in Minnesota. As we continue to recover from the effects of isolation from the pandemic, renovating your home can have a positive impact on your mental health. If you are considering home renovations in Minnesota this year, here are some excellent home design resolutions to start with.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Thoughtful lighting can improve a home's energy efficiency.

Taking on a clean home initiative in 2023 is a great start to upgrading your house. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is a home design resolution that can actually save you money in the long run, and it is something you can work at over the course of the year on your own or with some help.

Start by going through your home and checking the lightbulbs. Making the switch from incandescent to LED lights will save you money and can make your space look better and brighter, too. Smart outlets can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and can provide an extra layer of protection and safety against potential electrical fires.

If you are considering improving your home’s energy efficiency this year, you can also get a window makeover. Windows are some of the more visible characteristics of a home and can make a difference in both the aesthetic appeal as well as the efficiency of your home. In fact, poor or old windows can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Focusing on simple energy efficiency upgrades throughout your home this year can make your space feel like new again.

Promote Wellness and Self-Care

A custom-built bathroom can be a great way to promote wellness and self-care.

While this may seem like an unusual home design resolution for 2023, studies show that focusing on our mental health after the pandemic is vital. Your home is an important place to start. This year, as you walk through your home, go room to room and identify areas where you feel most comfortable and where you feel most anxious or uncomfortable. Compare these spaces and consider how you can upgrade your home.

Your house is a space of comfort and joy, and it should reflect that in each room. Cleaning out areas such as the basement and garage, and flipping them into more productive and comfortable spaces is a great place to start your home renovations. This can help slowly take stress off your mind; rather than upgrading your entire house at once, you can focus on specific rooms, one at a time. Partnering with a renovation company near you can help turn these individual areas into a better home for your mental health.

Cleaning your space and adding items and decor that are trending for home renovations in 2023 can boost your mental health and wellbeing in your house. For some, this may be a minimalist approach to clear your head. Others may enjoy surrounding themselves with new renovations and decor that inspires them as well as brings joy and memories back. Take a moment at the top of this year to consider how your home is being used and what potential it has. It very well could have a positive impact on your wellbeing in 2023.

Add New Personality


Unique panel and wallpaper designs can add personality to a space.

Your house reflects you. If you have an eccentric personality, what does the interior of your home look like? Try adding some new personality to your space this year. You likely are taking on some New Year’s resolutions in 2023, and you can bring those into your home, as well. Consider how you are changing your habits, your hobbies, your interests and your productivity. Just as we learn and grow as people, so too should our homes reflect that growth.

Home trends of 2023 include more color, including accents in accessories and wallpaper. Even a simple coat of paint can be a great home design resolution this year. But you can go even further. Reupholstering your furniture, adding new curtains or renovating your rooms can give a fresh look and feel to your space. Some trends even consider incorporating the personality of things that are unusual, such as your pets. Let your home reflect your life, your personality and your colors.

Ready To Renovate in 2023?

Make a statement with your home this year. Whether you are looking for a few small home design resolutions or want to completely overhaul and renovate your home this year, do something that you’ll love. Go with trends or throw them out the window. Your home is a place where you can be yourself, where you can feel comfortable and happy and peaceful. In 2023, it is time to incorporate home renovations that mean something to you.

At Gordon James, we can help. We’re the most trusted partner for home renovations in Minnesota, partnering with dreamers to build and renovate custom homes that they live in and love. While we love staying on top of all the 2023 home trends and ideas, we love even more when we get to hear from you and include your own ideas into your next home renovation project.

If you are considering any type of home renovation this year, let’s start a conversation. We are looking forward to helping you meet your home design resolutions this year.