Get The Plumbing Service You Deserve With Ferguson

As experts in home plumbing solutions, Ferguson allowed Gordon James to flawlessly execute on the style preferences of the homeowners of the 2019 Orono Artisan home. Ferguson’s team provided our customers with perfectly-tailored, trendy designs that will last a lifetime. To learn more about the specialized plumbing services of Ferguson and how they helped the homeowners, continue reading. 

Artisan white tile bathroom

How were you involved in the creation of the Gordon James home? 

Ferguson worked with the homeowner and designer to make plumbing selections.


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

As an initial guideline, Gordon James provided us with the plumbing allowances and floor plan. The homeowners visited the showroom with the designer to view options to fit each space for the size, function, and design that suited their taste.


What made this project unique?

The faucets in many rooms followed the current trends of matte black and champagne bronze. The homeowners also selected a hammered, polished, nickel-powder bath sink with a beautiful wall mount faucet to exhibit a unique installation and metal sink.


What was the homeowner’s vision for the project and how did you achieve it?

The homeowners liked an overall classic design but also wanted trendy finishes and clean lines, creating a home that will be gorgeous and relevant twenty years from now. They also offered us Pinterest photos that we were able to work with to achieve their desired style for the front of the home and the finishes of the walls, floor, and countertops. 


Describe your process.

First, we review the floor plan with the client and discuss how they or their family will use each space. This enables us to get a feel for what types of materials, finishes, and shapes will be durable and functional, yet achieve their desired look. We then review the budget and continue to keep that in mind as we make selections room by room. 


What should a homeowner value when it comes to finding a plumbing company that’s right for their custom home build or renovation?

A homeowner should look for a showroom with a wide range of products on display, a consultant with knowledge and experience, and a company that will help guide them through the process in a seamless and enjoyable fashion. Building can be overwhelming at times due to the constant plethora of options; in these situations, it’s nice to have a consultant that knows how to manage your time well and has your best interest in mind. 


What is a fixture of Ferguson’s services that is unmatched when it comes to plumbing design?

All of our team members have years of experience in plumbing sales — we know the product, the lead times, and the pros and cons of each piece. Being in the industry for thirty years has allowed me to identify precisely what customers like and dislike about products. I’m able to use these insights in my discussions with the client to see if the product will work for their personal lifestyle. 


Which rooms or areas of the home did Ferguson contribute to during this build? What did that work entail?

We contributed to all of the rooms by installing plumbing systems. 


Describe Ferguson and its areas of specialization. Who might be interested in your services?

Any person that is doing any home remodeling or building – no matter the scale –  should contact us, as we offer a wide range of products and prices to fit every household. We have access to brands that offer homeowners one-of-a-kind items and cost-effective pieces that will last a lifetime.


What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why?

The additional steam unit for the lower level bath is my favorite. It’s such a wonderful way to relax and unwind during our nearly seven months of winter in Minnesota!


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