A bright, modern bathroom with large tub renovated by Gordon James

Essential Elements of Elevated Guest, Primary and Main Floor Bathrooms

We pride ourselves on being the best home builders in the business. At Gordon James, we have spent a lot of time honing our craft. When building a new home, or working on custom renovations, one of the first things you should think about is what you want your bathroom aesthetic to evoke. Read on as we discuss a few essentials to elevate your bathroom to the next level.

Guest Bathroom

Make your guests feel right at home with a touch of class and comfort by installing smart toilets (heated seats, anyone?) and touchless fixtures. Motion sensing technology will make cleaning easier and give your bathroom a modern and luxurious feel. If you are considering remodeling your home, browse our portfolio to see how we can help, and look for additional inspiration. 

Main Floor Bathroom

Consider this bathroom the most utilitarian of the three. In addition to a focus on style, the main floor bathroom should be multi-purpose as well. This is a bathroom homeowners and guests will both use, so we need it to satisfy many needs. A linen closet is a crucial add for this type of bathroom, along with a linen basket to dispose of hand towels. To evoke a modern feel, consider adding a vanity mirror with built-in lighting and a shower with a glass enclosure. 

Primary Bathroom

Out of the three, this bathroom should be the most intimate. One of the top trends over the past few years is organic style. The primary bathroom should be inviting and warm, and organic style provides a unique blend of rustic and contemporary designs. Surfaces should be smooth, and in general, we suggest rounded shapes with a warm color palette. Materials should be natural, such as leather, wood, stone and concrete. Consider also adding heated floors to maximize coziness. Greenery would be an excellent complement to accentuate the warm, natural aesthetic; orchids, snake plants or plants that don’t need a lot of light to survive are ideal. Adjustable lighting features, such as dimmer lights for relaxation and brighter lights for cleaning, are a wonderful addition. 

You Dream. We Deliver.

With decades of experience, the custom home builders at Gordon James not only complete beautiful home renovations, but will provide thorough guidance throughout the process. Working with elite suppliers, architects and craftsmen, Gordon James partners with you from conception to completion to make sure your unique vision shines through. From small areas to full home renovation, we are a trusted resource for high-quality work that will transform your space. For more information contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.

This chalet inspired living room features a stone hearth and gas fireplace, leather and upholstered sofas centered around an artisan barn wood coffee table. The cabin inspired interior design is typical of Gordon James lakeside properties.

Steps to Optimize Your Custom Home’s Footprint and Functionality

Envisioning your custom home or your home renovation is the first step. You may be considering textures, colors, and styles. Maybe you’re envisioning entertaining in a home with a design that’s modern, artesian, or country. As you’re dreaming of your custom home and looking for inspiration, you may also be wondering about some construction and design technicalities. For example, how do you optimize your home’s footprint and make it as functional as possible? You’ll need the help of experienced builders and designers who are educated on the most up-to-date, energy-efficient practices. In this article, renowned custom home builder, Gordon James, shares insight. 



1. Smart Temperature Control 

This is first on the list because heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems account for a huge percentage of a home’s energy expenditure. Especially in a climate like Minnesota’s where summers are very hot and winters are exceptionally cold, you’ll need a heating and cooling system that is as efficient as possible. The best way to keep the temperature in your home steady through changing conditions is to use a smart thermostat. It adjusts the temperature of a room automatically. As the seasons change, it’s tempting to overcompensate for the temperature outside by overusing your thermostat. That’s why sometimes we’re too warm inside our homes in winter, and snuggled up in blankets and sweats during the heat of the summer. With automatic temperature control, your home can more seamlessly account for the air outside. Your smart thermostat can be set to keep each room a different temperature, and account for factors that create excess heat, such as additional people or cooking.



2. Updated Windows

In the same vein as smart thermostats, energy-efficient windows have become a big deal in reducing a home’s energy footprint. They can save huge amounts of energy over time by helping to keep cool or hot air inside. According to energy.gov, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use.” Updated windows have a newer, stronger seal that leaks less air around the frames. Energy-efficient windows come with a new material called low e-glass, which stands for “low emissivity glass”. This special material limits the amount of ultraviolet light that can pass through, allowing homes to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There are even more perks to these energy-efficient windows than helping our environment. Since low e-glass windows work by limiting the passage of harmful light, your carpet and upholstery will be safer from the sun and keep more of their color over time. For home renovations, contact custom home builders who are familiar with the best window options for your area. 



3. Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Energy-efficient appliances continue to become more prominent as the understanding of their positive impact grows. For example, 80 percent of the energy needed to wash a load of laundry is used just to heat the water. This gives an idea of how small details make a huge difference in energy usage. The Environmental Protection Agency helps inform consumers on the most energy-efficient appliances by assigning it an ENERGY STAR rating. ENERGY STAR updates and publishes its criteria every year, and few appliances achieve the highest rating. Updating your home so that it uses only the most efficient dishwashers, washers, dryers, heating pumps, and more can save ten percent of your yearly energy usage. 


Turn to the Experts at Gordon James

When building your custom home or doing home renovations, turn to the experts at Gordon James. Our experienced builders and designers are educated on the most up-to-date construction materials and design ideas that keep your home energy efficient. The next step in seeing your vision realized is reaching out. Whether you already know what you want your custom home to look like or you’re starting with a blank slate, we’re here to help. We can meet you wherever you are on your path to owning a beautiful custom home. Project structure, meeting deadlines, and detailed responsive follow-ups are the foundation of Gordon James’ personal and professional approach. Contact us to talk about your project. We love meeting new clients.

This rustic modern living room of a Gordon James luxury home in Minnetrista, Minnesota features bold artisan furniture.

3 Design Ideas for a Modern Home

When planning your custom home design or remodel, it can be difficult to balance lasting design elements with what is trending right now. Gordon James knows how to create timeless, modern designs that look as good tomorrow as they will in 20 years. Read on to review three elements to keep in mind to help give your custom home a modern element, while still establishing style that will stand the test of time.


Incorporate Outdoor Living Spaces

Expand the interior living space of the home by adding cozy outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces are now more functional than ever before with TVs, fireplaces, kitchens, pools, and saunas. Patios, decks, or screened in rooms add living space to the home without extending the square footage. Blended living spaces are particularly becoming a must-have in modern, luxury homes. A blended living space is created by separating two areas with a large window from floor to ceiling that, once removed, creates a seamless space. No door is needed to move from one living space to the other.



Include Natural Light

Natural light invites a warm and energetic energy into every room. No matter what specific style of luxury home you’re renovating or custom building, natural light can give your home an open air feel. Adding natural light to your most frequently used living spaces creates an aesthetically pleasing warm glow that can boost the mood. When designing the home office, consider adding natural light into this room as well to boost productivity. Natural lighting can be easily created by incorporating large and numerous windows.



Focus on Functionality

When you imagine building a luxury modern home, you may picture a home that has tall windows, sleek design, and beautiful views. Another important element to a modern home that will stand the test of time is functionality. Design your custom home with this one question in mind: will I spend time in this room? Modern homes are filled with spaces that are comfortable, inviting and functional. Gone are the days where homes were filled with rooms that only served the purpose of being “pretty” or “for show”. At Gordon James, it is our goal to build a home that serves your needs and keeps your family comfortable for many years to come. Design your home with that in mind by focusing on what truly matters in each and every room.


Add Modern Elements to Your Next Luxury Home with Gordon James

Gordon James is here to add modern elements to allow home renovation or custom home design to meet all of your needs. Our luxury homes are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect results – your dream home!

For more information contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-469-3117 today!


Beautiful dining room in a modern luxury home by Gordon James custom builders in Wayzata, MN

Reasons to Consider an Open Floor Plan

The benefits of open-floor plans are nearly endless: convenience while entertaining or enjoying family life, the illusion of more space, and an abundance of natural light. The flow and functionality of an open floor plan bring your family together in unexpected ways that matter most. Here are four reasons to consider an open floor plan as you design or renovate your dream home:


1. Love Family Life

Living with fewer barriers from room to room not only increases the flow of your home but also eases some of the stresses of daily life. Family life can be chaotic at times, especially with little ones running about. Building a home with fewer barriers in the communal spaces offers a great vantage point. Whether you are cooking in the kitchen or reading in your great room you always have a good view of your children.


2. Host Guests with Ease

For those who enjoy hosting, the open floor plan makes entertaining family and friends enjoyable and easy. It can be overwhelming to host a dinner party or Thanksgiving but with an open floor plan, you can be in three different spaces at once. From the kitchen, you have a view of the activity in the great room, and from the great room, you can keep an eye on dinner, all while conversing with your guests.


3. Create the Illusion of More Space

While having an open floor plan is convenient while hosting guests, daily living is paramount. Walls and doors divide your home into parts and often make a home feel boxed in, whereas open floor plans give your home the illusion of more space. Opening up the common spaces creates a relaxed and roomy atmosphere in your home. The majority of your time is spent in the kitchen and great room anyways, so it’s important to make them open so you and your guests always feel comfortable.


4. Bring in Natural Beauty

With more open space and fewer barriers, light flows seamlessly from room to room. The shared light from the windows and light fixtures bathes the entire house in a soft glow. Open spaces allow for more windows that bring in natural light throughout the day. Natural light increases productivity, helps you sleep better, and improves your mood. As you design or renovate your custom home, consider creating open spaces with an abundance of windows.


Renovate or Design an Open-Floor Plan with Gordon James

Our dream homes are architecturally exciting and structurally robust, with elegant interiors and refined exteriors. They are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce perfect results – your dream home!

Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to start designing and planning an open floor plan for your dream home. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.

Exterior of a luxury mansion designed by Gordon James

How to Find Inspiration for Your Dream Home

All of us have a dream home. We all desire and dream of dwelling in a home that is more than just comfortable - it’s also well designed and beautiful. Our dream home allows us to do anything we want - from rest to recreation. But where do you start? While the process of designing a home is demanding and challenging, it’s the first step in turning your dream into a reality. Read some inspiration from Gordon James to start dreaming up your home:


1. A Grand Kitchen

You don’t have to be on Top-Chef to have a fabulous kitchen. Your kitchen can showcase the latest in finishes, design ideas, and amenities featuring marble countertops, detailed custom cabinets, double islands, and spacious floor plans. Pro-grade appliances, thoughtful layouts, gorgeous lighting, architectural elements, and other luxurious elements all elevate your kitchen. From the things that make a kitchen beautiful to the things that make it function beautifully, the attention to detail is what creates a gorgeous kitchen design. Be inspired to make your dream kitchen a reality with these beautiful kitchen designs.

   Laundry room in custom home in Minnetonka, MN by Gordon James

2. Stylish Laundry Room

While designing your dream house, it’s important not to forget the small details like your laundry room. Don’t be afraid to take style risks with colorful artwork, wallpaper, or furniture, and while designing the layout and place in your home, consider your family’s needs and lifestyle. Here are some tips from Gordon James so you can design a peaceful, stylish, and relaxing laundry room in your dream home.


3. An Outdoor Oasis

Let’s move away from the indoors to the great outdoors for a minute. Make your deck a destination this summer by defining different activity zones within the space. Consider multiple levels to carve out different spaces for amenities including; a stainless steel grill, pizza oven, and lounge seating. For long, relaxing soaks at the end of a hot summer day, a hot tub or spa on the deck is a must-have luxury. Your outdoor room will feel more like an oasis if it has a sense of privacy, use lattice, pergolas, and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and screen views of neighboring houses.


4. A Walk-In Closet or Dressing Room

Every dream home needs an elegant walk-in closet or dressing room that provides a relaxing and private escape for preparing for the day. An elegant custom closet begins with a thoughtful design and organization strategy. The design should serve your needs, maximize storage space, express your style, and showcase your wardrobe. Here’s the Gordon James guide to designing a walk-in closet or dressing room so you can experience joy whenever you open it.


5. Luxurious Bathroom

A great luxurious bathroom is a cheery and relaxing place start to your day and a soothing and serene place to end it. A single slipper chair, a spacious ottoman encourages you to treat the room like a luxurious day spa. Here, you can sit back and relax after the mundane routines of brushing your teeth or combing your hair. From large, show-stopping bathtubs, walk-in showers with seating, and sleek vanity units, your bathroom should be curated to your wants. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at these beautiful bathrooms perfect for lounging.


6. A Custom Bar

From sleek to modern to traditional, a home bar is a perfect place for any gathering. If you really want to rival the coolest clubs, pubs, or lounges in your area add a pool table, darts, or arcade near your home bar. Now, the drinks are on the house! For a spacious home bar, design your basement with entertaining in mind, or if you have space, consider transforming a garage into a unique space. Find inspiration for your home bar in the most beautifully designed bars in each state.


7. Functional and Striking Home Office

A great home office should be functional and beautiful. Choose overall neutral colors like white, grey, tan, and ivory. These neutrals don’t distract the eye and can be easily paired with your favorite accent color (think yellow, red, or blue) to add in some energy. For more inspiration and ideas take a look at Architecture Digest’s list of luxury home offices. Creating a home office is an opportunity to connect with yourself and your work. It should be a place for focus, not distraction, that enhances the work you do.


Start Designing Your Dream Home with Gordon James

Our dream homes are architecturally exciting and structurally robust, with elegant interiors and refined exteriors. They are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce perfect results – your dream home!

Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to start designing and planning your dream home. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.

Designing a Functional and Stylish Dining Room

Whether you tend toward hosting intimate dinner-parties or going all-out for the holidays, a well-designed dining room is needed to help best entertain your guests while also serving as a daily communal space for your family. We at Gordon James have compiled a list of ideas to help you design a functional and stylish dining room that’s ready to fit the way your gather and entertain:

  Open-floor plan kitchen in custom home by Gordon James in Twin Cities, MN

Consider the Location and Aesthetic 

Your dining room is more than just a place to enjoy a meal: it serves an a representation of how your family serves others. For this reason, it is important to consider the location and aesthetic of your dining room when designing to account for space, functionality, and aesthetic as an extension of your home:

  1. Traditional Formal Dining Room: The traditional dining room typically has limited access, with only one entrance into an alcoved area off of the kitchen or living room. The closed access of the room creates a formal, yet cozy, feel to the room. This dining room location is wonderful for large families, groups of friends, or hosting for the holidays.
  2. Four-Season Dining Room: Consider building your dining room in a four-season room, with floor-to-ceiling windows. The extra-lighting of the room helps to make it more inviting and less stuffy than a traditional dining room. Because of this, the design is perfect for families with small children or who enjoy ‘vacation home’ dining with a view.
  3. Pass-Through Dining Room: A pass-through dining room with two entryways on either wall. Perfect for hosting luncheons, dinners, or cocktail parties, this set-up allows guests to easily pass from room to room, typically offering a great flow in transitioning guests from a living room happy hour, and allowing you as hosts to sneak away to the kitchen without disruption.
  4. Great Room Dining: Even if you have a separate area allotted for your dining room, a large great room can be an impressive and accessible multipurpose space dining space. Having a second dining table in your living room allows for convenient and casual dining. If you have small children you want to keep an eye on or want your dinner parties to allow people to mix their seating options, this location is ideal.


Create a Tone with Colors

Your dining room paint color sets the atmosphere for family gatherings and parties, so consider what tone you wish to strike. If you host evening parties and you’re going for drama, try a deep and dark shade, like Frédéric Malle’s black dining room in New York. If you hold family dinners frequently and you’re going for serene, try a pastel or neutral shade, such as these rooms. Adding choice color to your dining room makes every meal memorable.


Set the Ambiance with Lights

An eye-catching light fixture always elevates a room. The best dining room lighting plans are carefully designed with your meal patterns and aesthetic in mind. If you have a long, large table, install a chandelier above to balance the room proportionally; if you have a shorter table, try an arc floor lamp. Coordinate with your construction team to ensure that your lighting fixture is installed with a dimmer function; then, with a simple press of a lever or turning of a knob, you can adjust the light. This way, your chandelier or lamp can achieve that warm, dim glow that mimics candlelight and sets the perfect mood.


Entertain in Style

With these design tips, your dining room will make every meal a memorable one. Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to create your custom dining room in your dream home, and design every room to best serve your family, style, and function. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.


Custom's kid bedroom in Orono, MN by Gordon James

Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Home

A beautiful, magazine-worthy, child-friendly home design is within your grasp with Gordon James. If your family home requires functionality without sacrificing style, here are a few tips for designing each common area to create a home that is both sophisticated and family-friendly.

Kitchen Island in custom home in Maple Plain, Minnesota    Gordon James custom home builders in Maple Plain, Minnesota

The Great Room 

Positioning your Great Room adjacent to your kitchen not only gives a communal feel to the gathering spaces in your home, but also offers a great vantage point. Consider this type of open floor plan; this way, if you’re making dinner, you can keep an eye on your children playing or doing homework. This flow and functionality brings your family together in unexpected ways that matter most.

Multi-functional, multi-generational gathering spaces don’t tidy themselves, however; unless you have a separate playroom, you’ll need some creative solutions to keep this space looking presentable while housing the kid’s toys. Find furniture that’s stylish and storage-friendly, like an ottoman or sofa with hidden storage. Set aside a few bookshelves or cupboards for all books and toys. Invest in furniture that is sleek and easy to clean, and style it with cushions and throws to show that the kids aren’t the only ones running the house.

Kitchen in custom home in Orono, Minnesota    Custom home built in Orono, Minnesota

The Kitchen

You will never regret investing in a kitchen island. A walk-around island adds flow and functionality to your kitchen space, allowing your kids to both buoy up to the counter or circulate the space as meals are being prepped or dishes are being washed. A double-entry galley is an alternative option that helps control the flow of foot-traffic in the kitchen while adding a unique showpiece to your kitchen’s design.

When selecting a countertop, consider investing in composite stone, such as Caesarstone, Smartstone or Essastone, as they are a mix of quartz and resin, and extremely durable. A new matt-finish laminate, AbsoluteMatte by Laminex, has a stylish, sleek look and a scratch-resistant, smudge proof finish. If you prefer a sleek, marble finish, which easily hides spills, you’ll need to practice proper maintenance.

A mid-mount wall oven is a safe option to protect your children from hot surfaces and provides convenience by saving your back when checking on dinner. And consider installing push-to-open drawers and cupboards in your cabinets to keep any curious young children out of select areas.

Bathroom in custom home built in Wayzata, MN   Shower in custom home in Wayzata, MN   Custom bathroom built in Minnetonka, MN

The Bathroom

A smart bathroom layout is crucial for safety and convenience; designing a “wet zone” can contain all the water-based activities and prevent your feet getting wet. To achieve this, consider installing a separate shower and bath, as opposed to a combination of the two. Factor in a landing area to dry off after exiting either, to help encourage the water to remain confined to one area.

For flooring, large-format tiles do away with excessive dirt-attracting grout, and are easy to maintain. There are designs, both modern and classic, to choose from, so you won’t feel like you are sacrificing style

 Kid's bedroom built in custom home in Minneapolis, MN   Guest bedroom in custom home in Orono, MN   Custom mudroom in Minneapolis, MN

A Home Designed For Your Family

Designing a kid-friendly house is all about planning your choices based on function, and staying specific to your aesthetic when it comes to form. Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to create your custom dream home, and design every room to best serve your family. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.

Laundry room in custom home in Minnetonka, MN by Gordon James

Laundry Room Dos and Don’ts

While designing your dream house, it’s important not to forget the small details; your laundry room is the perfect example. Doing laundry is a daily routine, so you may as well wash and dry your clothes in a stylish space. Here are some dos and don’ts from Gordon James so you can create a peaceful, stylish, and relaxing oasis in your home.



Laundry room in custom home in Orono, MN   Laundry room in custom home in Wayzata, MN

  • DO think about how you’ll use the space each day. For example, you may want a laundry room that functions as a mudroom as well or has a doggy shower for your furry friend. There are many custom options available for your family needs or wants.


  • DON’T place your laundry room too close to bedrooms, the noise will keep you awake. Placing your laundry room on the main floor adjacent to the kitchen, mudroom, or garage is excellent for convenience.

   Laundry room in custom home in Orono, MN   Laundry room in custom home in Orono, MN

  • DO decide if you want a top or front loader. Top loaders are more common, but front loaders are more efficient, easier to clean and offer flexibility in placement. Especially if you’re trying to maximize your space, you should install a front loader.


  • DON’T think you have to have a traditional “laundry room” dedicated only to laundry. The laundry room is not just a space for cleaning, but also for purification and peace, so your design is important. If you enjoy minimalistic interior design, maybe you’d prefer to hide your dryer in a closet or cabinet for a streamlined look. If you want a space to relax while waiting for your laundry, maybe you’d like to create a reading nook or install a wall-mounted TV.



Laundry room in custom home in Wayzata, MN   Laundry room in custom home in Wayzata, MN

  • DO decorate with intention. Laundry rooms deserve design love too, no matter how big or small. You need a space that’s stylish and functional. Shelves, hooks, hangers can all be practical and decorative pieces. Organize your detergent, hampers, and cleaning supplies in labeled, fancy, baskets or boxes so everything is at your fingertips.


  • DON’T forget about lighting. Your laundry room may have a large, bright window, but you’ll want to add more lighting options. Too often laundry rooms have dim lighting, or worse, fluorescent lighting. Whether it’s a stylish pendant light, unique overhead lights, a retro mounted light, wall sconces, or chandelier, your lights can be functional and beautiful. Install a dimmer so you can adjust the lighting whenever you’re in the room to make it comfortable.

Laundry room in custom home in Orono, MN   Laundry room in custom home in Wayzata, MN

  • DO choose a durable type of flooring that makes a statement. Laundry rooms need flooring similar to a bathroom to protect from moisture, but that doesn’t mean the floor can’t be fashionable. Custom tiling or patterns offer a functional and stylish option, it’s a great way to liven up your laundry room and make a design statement.


  • DON’T be afraid to be creative. Your laundry room can be an elegant space bursting with personality. Consider adding colorful wallpaper, favorite artwork, painting your laundry room door a bright color, or adding a stylish chair for folding.

Laundry room in custom home in Minnetonka, MN   Laundry room in custom home in Minnetonka, MN   Laundry room in custom home in Minnetonka, MN

A Peaceful Oasis

Even though the laundry room is a small part of your dream home, it’s still important. So why not make it a peaceful escape? Partner with the professionals at Gordon James to create your custom dream home, and have every room in your house fit your personal aesthetic. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.

Closet in room built in a custom home in Minnetonka, MN by Gordon James

Custom Closet Design and Organization Tips

A luxurious and tidy closet space is within your reach, full of personality without all the clutter. With a custom design and a personalized organization strategy, you can fall in love with your closet all over again. Here’s the Gordon James guide to designing and organizing a chic closet so you can experience joy whenever you open it.

Closet design in custom home in Minnetonka, MN



An efficient and elegant custom closet begins with a thoughtful design. The design should serve your needs, maximize storage space, express your style, and showcase your wardrobe. Ponder the following questions during the design process:

  • What are your style needs?
  • How do you plan to use your closet?
  • What statement pieces do you want?
  • What storage solutions have you previously tried?
  • How much time do you spend dressing and doing your makeup?

These questions will help you determine if you want a walk-in, California, or hidden closet. If you want additional space for displaying your wardrobe and dressing, consider transforming an extra guest bedroom into a spacious and stylish closet. After you’ve worked out your initial design, you can move onto the personalization.




If you create places for each of your pieces, it makes it easier to clean your closet and creates a more sophisticated look. Separate out your accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, handbags to maintain an order to your closet. Try shelf dividers to keep your folded shirts from turning into a messy pile. Organize smaller pieces like jewelry on a jewelry tree to keep them from getting lost or damaged. Install a pegboard on the wall to display your handbags.

Custom closet in custom home in Minnetonka, MN   Custom closet by Gordon James custom home builders in Twin Cities, MN


Find a shoe rack, rail, or floating shelves that are adjustable to lift your shoes off the floor. This way the shallow space under your hanging clothes is used and your shoes are on display. Instead of placing your shoes side by side, place them heel to toe so more shoes are visible. If you don’t have the floor space, install racks on the back of your door. Love your stiletto collection? Consider hanging your stilettos outside of your closet to save closet space and showcase your style.

Closet in room built in a custom home in Minnetonka, MN



The easiest way to streamline your closet is to throw out your wire and plastic hangers and invest in ones that match. Velvet hangers help ensure your clothes don’t slip off the hangers and protect your clothes from rips. Having monotone hangers ties your closet together and makes your clothes more visible. This not only ties your closet together but also highlights your wardrobe. Organize your clothing left to right, light to dark, for a visual appealing trick. If you have certain pieces you wear together hang them close together so you aren’t searching around your closet for pieces every morning.

Closet in room built in a custom home in Minnetonka, MN



Your closet isn’t just a storage space. After your wardrobe is organized, consider the statement design elements you want to include. Upgrade your lighting with a stylish chandelier or lamp. Accent the room with ornate mirrors, inspiring pictures, individually painted walls, or fancy patterned wallpaper. Create a space in the center of the closet for fur stools, a loveseat, a vanity mirror, or an antique bench for extra comfort and elegance.



Designing your closet is an opportunity to express your style and personality. Find joy and peace in your closet, and partner with the professionals at Gordon James to create your ideal closet. For more information, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-479-3117 today.