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Mudroom Must-haves

When it comes to the most important rooms in your house, mudrooms may be an unusual pick. But think about it: what other room serves as an ample storage area, an introduction to your home, a transition from dirty to clean spaces, a place to get ready for the day, and a representation of your personality — all at the same time? With all this responsibility it’s crucial to have a mudroom that works for you and your family. Continue reading to learn about mudroom must-haves and tips for a crucial room in your house.

A custom mudroom in a Gordon James luxury home that has a blue theme.    Mudroom storage cabinets can help decrease clutter in Gordon James custom homes.

Functionality & Open Storage Solutions

Mudrooms shine because of their ability to store a plethora of clothes, shoes, sports gear, school supplies, etc., without becoming a full-time closet. And if you’re living in Minnesota, chances are you could fill an entire garage with just your family’s winter stuff. Mudroom storage is part of the solution. Open-air cubbies and lockers can stow snow pants, backpacks, or winter hats and gloves. Similarly, utilizing sleek, sturdy wall hooks for each family member is a great way to increase storage space. You can also incorporate a long, comfortable storage bench that can hold lots of family gear. 


A picture of an organized mudroom with backpacks hanging from hooks and shoes underneath a wooden bench in a Gordon James custom home.    A mudroom with a checkered floor and cabinets in a Gordon James custom home.

Mudroom Aesthetics

Your mudroom should be designed to complement your family’s lifestyle. For example, consider using neutral-colored tile floors if you have small children or multiple pets. Tile is durable against knicks and scratches, it’s easy to clean, and neutral color helps conceal excess mud and dirt. The same can be said for choosing your wall paint. Tie the room together by adding a large area rug and overhead light fixture that grabs your guests’ attention. 

A mudroom with a cork board for organization in a Gordon James custom luxury home.    A mudroom wit ha counter, stools and a sink in a Gordon James custom home.

Personalize Your Space

There are countless ways to customize a mudroom to match your family’s unique values and personality. If you need closed-off storage space, consider installing modern lockers or storage cabinets against one of the walls. A stacked washer and dryer can further increase your mudroom’s efficiency. Benches around the mudroom can offer seating for guests to rest while adding a personal touch. You can even attach chalk or cork boards to the walls for your family reminders, grocery checklists, or encouraging messages. 

A mudroom style wall with shirts hanging in the entry way in a Gordon James custom home.    A mudroom with blue stone floors in a Gordon James custom home.  


The number of ways you can customize a mudroom is only limited by your imagination. So if you can think it, chances are someone can help you create it. Mudrooms are training grounds. Teach children to hang up their coats as soon as they come in. Designate a place for snowy boots and wet mittens to dry. Celebrate every time you find something on the first try and every time you get out the door on schedule. If your mudroom gets muddy, celebrate that, too — after all, that just means the rest of your house stays clean. Contact Gordon James today to find out how they can help create the mudroom your family always wanted.