Gordon James

Gordon James

Luxury Custom Home Builder

Design your dream home and live in luxury. Minnesota is the perfect place to settle down and build a custom home that you will enjoy for years to come.

With a luxury custom home builder at your side, your dreams can come true.

A Home You Deserve

Build a house that lasts for generations and pass comfort and luxury on to your family. 

A luxury custom home builder in Minnesota understands the importance of a house that you feel comfortable in. Your design makes all the difference and will last through generations. 

When you have a vision for what your home should be, our team will get to work bringing it to life. Or, let us start from scratch and design something magnificent with you in mind. Each room in the house should reflect you and your values. We prioritize the end goal through continued collaboration, a constant dedication to excellence and a premier finish to every home we pass through.

We incorporate natural beauty, elegant design elements and a personal touch to each of our projects. Each custom home in Minnetonka, Wayzata, Orono or Medina is a reflection of the quality of life and values of the families. 

View our custom home portfolio and begin dreaming of your next design.

Minnesota’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Designing a custom home in Minnesota takes planning, a vision and a team who gets it. As the area’s trusted luxury custom home builder, we make a commitment to delivering your design. 

We find inspiration in the world around us. Our experience has opened up endless possibilities and gives us a bounty of ideas and inspiration to draw from as we build your dreams. 

Since 2005, we have helped Minnesotans design and build beautiful custom homes with a craftsmanship focus and dedicated attention to detail. 

Our luxury custom home building experience spans unique challenges and exciting innovative designs to elevate the look and feel of rooms throughout your home, including:

Find ideas for your home sweet home and start dreaming of a brighter, luxurious future.

Turn Your Dreams Into Luxury

Your custom home in Minnesota is right around the corner. 

We are a top awarded custom home builder operating throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area, helping homeowners design and build something they are proud of.

Live in the house of your dreams and join a community of luxury with a custom-built home from Gordon James.

Client Testimonials





“We had the pleasure to work with John Quinlivan, Will Haack and Jeremy Thompson of Gordon James Construction on the build of our new construction project in Wayzata, MN and the fact of the matter is we would do it all over again the same exact way with the same exact team. We were blown away by Gordon James and our expectations were surpassed.

This was our first new home build and it may well be our last because we love the end product so much. The project went very smoothly. We enjoyed working with Gordon James throughout the project from finding a lot, to designing the house, to picking materials, and through construction. Gordon James was fun to work with, they are immensely talented, they are extremely thorough, they are practical, they are honest and at the end of the day they were on our team and advocated for us.

We couldn’t have asked for a better team to go through this project with. They were always willing to listen and after listening they would give their feedback based on their experience or if they didn’t know something they would thoroughly and honestly research the area and then give feedback.

They are truly great home builders. Very responsive and very patient. The best part about the project is they finished the house a month ahead of schedule and the price was exactly what they told us it would be.

One quote that I will recall from the process is our project manager Jeremy would tell us if something was not correct to us or we were not satisfied then it simply wasn’t correct regardless and they would have it fixed so we were satisfied. That is the bottom line with Gordon James. The job is not done until the client is satisfied. What a concept!!

Finally the temperament of all of the people at Gordon James is wonderful. They have been there and done that and their experience really shows when things get difficult. New house construction can be stressful especially given the money and time invested. When issues arose during our project Gordon James always came to the table with quality solutions and they did so in a very even way. They are true professionals.

Without hesitation, we would recommend using Gordon James on any size project and for sure we would use them again if we had a need.”


“We chose Gordon James because we trusted them to listen to our needs and ideas and deliver us our dream house. Everyone was great to work with and very professional. We enjoyed how you listened to our dreams and ideas, no matter how crazy they seemed, and really worked to make them a reality. We also truly appreciate the flexibility you gave us to make our dollar stretch!”


“Our experience with Gordon James Construction was fantastic. Being first-time home builders, we did not know what to expect. The team at Gordon James made the process not only pleasant and enjoyable, but also stress free and rewarding.


They listened to our needs and wants while designing and building a new home for our family of six. The team at Gordon James took great care to make sure all of our concerns and questions were thoroughly addressed along the way. We are thrilled with the result and would highly recommend Gordon James to anyone looking to build or remodel a home.”



“The folks at Gordon James Construction made a pie-in-the-sky remodeling dream a reality for our family, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. From the very beginning of the process, Gordon James’ people were engaged in our project, thoughtful about our wishes, creative about our plans (and our budget!), and spectacularly responsive to all of our needs.

They respected our time by always being on time or early, and they respected our expectations by helping us to understand the often-complex process of buying and remodeling a home.

Gordon James also works with excellent vendors. The subcontractors they used were held to very high standards and always delivered on their portion of the project. Our project manager, Jeremy, was an incredible asset. He pointed out places where we could save money and not compromise on quality, always responded to our questions (ridiculous or otherwise), and was exceptionally thorough.

The finished product is better than we ever could have hoped for, and the success of our home remodel rests squarely on the folks at Gordon James. They were on time, respectful of our budget, and delivered a consistently excellent product. On the two small things that needed additional work after the final walk-through, they were prompt, unquestioning, customer-service driven, and never for a second made us doubt the choice we had made.

With the biggest investment of our lives, we trusted the work to Gordon James, and we enthusiastically recommend them…


They listened to our needs and wants while designing and building a new home for our family of six. The team at Gordon James took great care to make sure all of our concerns and questions were thoroughly addressed along the way. We are thrilled with the result and would highly recommend Gordon James to anyone looking to build or remodel a home.”



“My wife and I were to move back to Minneapolis after living out of state for some years. Gordon James had been hired by our daughter and son-in-law to build them a new home in Independence, and we were often at the construction site to follow the process. We were impressed with their work and professionalism. Shortly after they had completed our daughter and son-in-law’s house, we hired them to build us a home in Medina. They did the work on time, at budget, and with a quality of work that we have been very satisfied with. If I build again, then I know whom we would hire.”



“The low-pressure approach by the entire [Gordon James Construction] team made what could have been an overwhelming experience pleasurable. We were extremely pleased by Joe and the construction team’s leadership, commitment, and attention to detail. Circumstances arose that made it necessary for us to move into our new home earlier than the original date and Joe was able to work with his team to meet our new date at no additional cost! Gordon James truly puts the customer first!”



“From our very first phone conversation, we knew we had found our builder. There was a sense of trust and fairness that continued throughout the building process. John and Joe were a terrific team who worked together to keep our project on schedule and on budget. We love our home and would build again with Gordon James” without reservation.



“The process of building a house is very time consuming and requires making many detailed decisions. We were very pleased with our experience working through this process with Gordon James. The firm is stable and well-run in an industry that has seen its ‘ups and downs.’ Our project manager was extremely capable in managing the details of our project and the subcontractors who worked on our home. We do not hesitate in recommending Gordon James to our friends and family.”

Welcome Home

Ready for a home you will never want to leave? 

A luxury custom home builder near you will help you settle in and feel at peace in the world around you. Integrating comfort and style from the ground up will be a welcomed change of pace to the cookie-cutter feel of the fast-paced world we’re living in.

Our team prioritizes you and your family, dedicated to bringing an elevated level of comfort to every room in your new house. 

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