Interior shot of a home gym space with equipment, weights, balls. Room is surrounded by windows and well lit.

Learn how to create a quiet home gym or court from the custom builders at Gordon James

Maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise and sports is a great way to improve your mood and longevity. Trudging to the gym, especially during Minnesota winters, on the other hand can be less than ideal. Not only that, but even the nicest gyms can have dangerously high noise levels. Over the last several years, in-house fitness has become a booming industry. Today, home gyms and athletic courts are a must-have for people renovating or building a new home. Providing convenience, custom design and huge value for homeowners, a home gym is a great idea. But like all great ideas, it’s important to execute it the right way. Because gyms and athletic courts create a lot of noise, that means building with sound in mind. 

At Gordon James, we build home fitness and recreation facilities that are attractive, effective and quiet for your family and neighbors. Here’s how we do it.

Interior shot of a home gym. Closed space, no windows. Various equipment including weights, medicine balls and a standing bicycle.

 1. Build Quiet From the Ground Up with Acoustic Flooring

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, dribbling a basketball or playing a game of pickleball, the impact vibrations on the floor create a significant amount of noise. This doesn’t just impact your ear drums, but can irritate your family members and neighbors. It’s important to minimize this impact noise by using sound absorbing materials in your flooring. When building a new home, install mass-loaded vinyl between the subfloor and gym or court flooring. This will sharply mitigate the amount of vibrations caused by impact, and make your home gym or athletic court much quieter. If you’re renovating a space, particularly in the basement, as a home gym, acoustic mats can be installed over the existing flooring to achieve the same results. 

Interior shot of a home gym space with equipment, weights, balls. Room is surrounded by windows and well lit.


2. Add Acoustic Panels to Your Walls and Ceilings

Echo and reverberation are also major culprits of unwanted noise in home gyms and athletic courts. Hanging acoustic paneling on your walls and ceilings will greatly reduce noise by absorbing sound waves that would otherwise bounce around. If you have high ceilings, acoustic ceiling clouds add a strong aesthetic touch while providing the noise-minimizing functionality you need to keep the peace. If your custom home gym or court design includes natural light, it’s a good idea to install soundproof or double pane windows and skylights to prevent noise from escaping.

Interior shot of a living room featuring a sofa, a comfy chair, a table and lamp. Sound-proofing materials hang from the wall behind.

3. Build Outdoor Courts with Sound in Mind

A game of tennis in the summer is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so outdoor athletic courts are an excellent addition to your custom home design. To keep outdoor courts quiet, positioning is key. Build your court so that it is 50 yards away from nearby homes and set up so that gameplay is directed away from neighbors. If your housing association or neighborhood allows, stone or brick fencing provides a sophisticated and beautiful sound buffer. Sound absorbing curtains can also be installed over chain link to reduce reverberation. Large landscaping features can also create a gorgeous sound barrier. 

A shot of a traditional gym space with various weights and machines.Build a Quiet Home Gym with Gordon James

Building a new home is a chance to create a space that doesn’t just meet your needs, but satisfies your wants. At Gordon James, we love having the opportunity to transform your custom home design ideas into a reality. We partner with expert craftsmen, carpenters and suppliers to execute your new construction or renovation with the award-winning luxury home experience we’re known for. If you’re dreaming of a state-of-the-art home gym or athletic court, or have another custom amenity in mind, partner with builders you can trust. To learn more about building your home with Gordon James, contact us at, or call us at 763-469-3117.

A bright, modern bathroom with large tub renovated by Gordon James

Essential Elements of Elevated Guest, Primary and Main Floor Bathrooms

We pride ourselves on being the best home builders in the business. At Gordon James, we have spent a lot of time honing our craft. When building a new home, or working on custom renovations, one of the first things you should think about is what you want your bathroom aesthetic to evoke. Read on as we discuss a few essentials to elevate your bathroom to the next level.

Guest Bathroom

Make your guests feel right at home with a touch of class and comfort by installing smart toilets (heated seats, anyone?) and touchless fixtures. Motion sensing technology will make cleaning easier and give your bathroom a modern and luxurious feel. If you are considering remodeling your home, browse our portfolio to see how we can help, and look for additional inspiration. 

Main Floor Bathroom

Consider this bathroom the most utilitarian of the three. In addition to a focus on style, the main floor bathroom should be multi-purpose as well. This is a bathroom homeowners and guests will both use, so we need it to satisfy many needs. A linen closet is a crucial add for this type of bathroom, along with a linen basket to dispose of hand towels. To evoke a modern feel, consider adding a vanity mirror with built-in lighting and a shower with a glass enclosure. 

Primary Bathroom

Out of the three, this bathroom should be the most intimate. One of the top trends over the past few years is organic style. The primary bathroom should be inviting and warm, and organic style provides a unique blend of rustic and contemporary designs. Surfaces should be smooth, and in general, we suggest rounded shapes with a warm color palette. Materials should be natural, such as leather, wood, stone and concrete. Consider also adding heated floors to maximize coziness. Greenery would be an excellent complement to accentuate the warm, natural aesthetic; orchids, snake plants or plants that don’t need a lot of light to survive are ideal. Adjustable lighting features, such as dimmer lights for relaxation and brighter lights for cleaning, are a wonderful addition. 

You Dream. We Deliver.

With decades of experience, the custom home builders at Gordon James not only complete beautiful home renovations, but will provide thorough guidance throughout the process. Working with elite suppliers, architects and craftsmen, Gordon James partners with you from conception to completion to make sure your unique vision shines through. From small areas to full home renovation, we are a trusted resource for high-quality work that will transform your space. For more information contact us at, or call us at 763-469-3117.

Two people discussing CCTV project. Video security equipment and blueprint on a table

Smart home technology used to be the fodder of science fiction, but has now positioned itself as an essential consideration for the luxury housing market. Between 2017 and 2021, the number of smart homes grew by more than 80% to nearly 260 million worldwide. This growth rate is expected to continue over the next 4 years, making the total number of smart homes larger than the entire population of the United States. In addition to adding comfort and convenience to home life, smart home technology can promote productivity, improve mental health and reduce energy consumption. Members of the medical industry even view the smart home as the future’s primary hub for health, wellness and elder care. Incorporating smart home integration into your custom home build or your next renovation project is a keen investment for both lifestyle and resale value. 

The custom builders of Gordon James have already helped homeowners incorporate smart home integration into their new homes. Keep reading to learn about the three smart home features that will truly transform your life. 

1.Improve Your Lifestyle with Automated Window Shades 

While window treatments may seem inherently analogue, automation and integration have a profound impact on the home environment and a homeowner’s interaction with their space. Natural light is essential for our health. It improves our productivity, mood and vision and informs our circadian rhythm. Installing automated window shades and integrating them with your smart home system allows you to maximize the benefits of natural light with the touch of a button or user-intuitive programming. The ability to program shades to open and close at set times or based on the position of the sun allows homeowners and their families to wake easier with a steady introduction of natural light, without compromising overnight privacy. These settings can help you protect furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays and improve security while you’re away by making it seem like people are home. Automated window shades can also be integrated with a climate control system to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature while reducing energy consumption. 

2.Enhance Your Space with Smart Lighting 

The transformative qualities of smart lighting cannot be overstated. Like automated window shades, smart lighting systems can improve energy efficiency by working with natural light, using sensors to detect when a room is empty and operating with less energy-intensive bulbs and fixtures. Integrated smart lighting can also improve security with remote commands and presets. With a simple tap on your smartphone or programmed setting, you can make sure the path to your door is well-lit or activate your lights while you’re away. Sensors, settings and remote activation can also ensure that you never again have to fumble for a lightswitch in a dark room. Smart lighting also allows you to control the temperature, tone, intensity and color of lighting with ease and program optimal lighting scenes for various moods, occasions and activities. Sleek wall panels enable homeowners to control the light of any room in the house. With tremendous opportunity for aesthetic, comfort and safety enhancement, smart lighting is a highly recommended feature for the modern home.

3Monitor Your Home’s Safety with Smart Security Systems

Smart home technology has transformed home security. In addition to offering privacy-enhancing decoys with automated window shades and smart lighting solutions, smart home security systems provide monitoring to protect the residents and property from a variety of threats and hazards. Having a home security system makes homes 3 times less likely to be burglarized, and smart security systems offer the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring from nationwide command stations, automated door locks, smartphone alerts, HD video capabilities and remote access to monitor interior and exterior cameras. Smart security systems can also protect your home from non-human threats like water leaks, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide and low temperature. Home is where peace of mind should flourish and smart security systems offer it in spades.

Two people discussing CCTV project. Video security equipment and blueprint on a table

4. Partner With a Trusted Smart Home Provider

While integrating your home with smart technology may seem like a large undertaking, it can be quite simple with the right company. Plymouth-based Residential Technology Systems brings enthusiasm and expertise to smart home integration. They begin with a consultation to identify the systems, fixtures and accessories to align with your vision. Their dedicated crew takes care to ensure every component of your smart home enhancement is installed with precision, from the structured wiring and central control hub to pristine, leading-edge finishes. Residential Technology Systems provides education to their clients to help them maximize the joy and ease of life in a smart home. 

Build Your Smart Home with Gordon James

The custom builders of Gordon James believe that home should be a haven for relaxation, joy, security and comfort. Our team works with you to craft the plans that make your dream home a reality. We delight in bringing modern technologies into the residential space to make home life even more of a dream. We partner with premier smart home contractors like Residential Technology Systems to seamlessly incorporate these exciting technologies into your design. To learn more about building your smart home with Gordon James, contact us at, or call us at 763-469-3117.

This cabin themed kitchen features exposed wooden beams, hanging brass light fixtures above a central kitchen island. Black matte wooden frame and straw barstool seats surround the white marble kitchen island. The eggshell white subway backsplash paired with the white cupboards create a distinctly modern cabin vibe typical of Gordon James luxury homes in Minnetrista, Minnesota.

Style Trends for Finishing Touches on Your Custom Home

Building a custom home is an exciting process that enables you to make your dream house a reality. You get to work with designers, architects, craftsmen and more to make sure your space looks and feels luxurious and uniquely your own. With the right finishing touches, you can bring even more style and luxury to your new home. In this blog, the custom builders at Gordon James explore some of the latest style trends to complete your dream home. 


1. Embrace Minimalism 

Minimalism has been on the rise, and is a hallmark of today’s luxury design. Streamlining your home decor for an uncluttered and clean look adds sophistication to a home and highlights the architectural features you’ve included in your custom build. And minimalism doesn’t have to feel cold and sterile: by selecting your favorite pieces to showcase, you draw attention to your own personal flair while maintaining a clean aesthetic. In creating functional pieces of furniture, you’re able to further declutter your space. Consider smart furniture pieces like sleek speaker tables to reduce cords and clunky extras. 



2. Bring Nature Inside

During the last year, many people have embraced home gardening. Now, indoor plants have become a beloved and enduring style trend. Not only do plants bring color and style to your home, they improve air quality, mood, and productivity. Take advantage of natural light in your custom kitchen with herb gardens and small citrus trees. Add tranquility to living spaces with palms and ferns. In addition to plants, many people are bringing nature indoors with natural materials like reclaimed wood and bamboo, and large glass doors to marry indoor and outdoor spaces. 



3. Add Round Finishes

Another style trend that’s taking off is round finishes. Circles symbolize softness and harmony: with circular couches and tables, or round mirrors and framed art, curves add a sense of welcome to your space as well as provide an interesting visual juxtaposition against the sharper edges of your construction. 



4. Opt for Bold Bathrooms

Don’t overlook style when it comes to finishing the more private areas of your home. Bringing bold wallpaper into small lavatories will stun guests. Soaking tubs, serene colors, and darker colors are trending for master baths, offering serenity and luxury to your morning and evening routines. Look for natural bamboo bath mats and LED backlit vanities for an eco-friendly and sophisticated finish. 



5. Be Industrious

Adding industrial elements to your interior design brings urban elegance to your custom home. Achieve a glamorous look with salvaged metals and distressed leather in your living spaces. Metal accessories and exposed piping are especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Copper lighting fixtures, polished concrete or wood flooring, and stone accents come together to create an elegant and sophisticated space. 


Bring Your Dream Home to Life with Gordon James

The custom home builders at Gordon James create luxury homes that suit your style. Our artisan homes are designed by architects with direct consultation with our clients to ensure that their unique personality and taste shines through. Working with Gordon James, you’ll be able to incorporate finishes into the design of your home so that your decor will fit seamlessly into your new dream house. With our team, your imagination will be untethered while we work together to bring your luxury home to life. For more information contact us at, or call us at 763-469-3117.

This chalet inspired living room features a stone hearth and gas fireplace, leather and upholstered sofas centered around an artisan barn wood coffee table. The cabin inspired interior design is typical of Gordon James lakeside properties.

Steps to Optimize Your Custom Home’s Footprint and Functionality

Envisioning your custom home or your home renovation is the first step. You may be considering textures, colors, and styles. Maybe you’re envisioning entertaining in a home with a design that’s modern, artesian, or country. As you’re dreaming of your custom home and looking for inspiration, you may also be wondering about some construction and design technicalities. For example, how do you optimize your home’s footprint and make it as functional as possible? You’ll need the help of experienced builders and designers who are educated on the most up-to-date, energy-efficient practices. In this article, renowned custom home builder, Gordon James, shares insight. 



1. Smart Temperature Control 

This is first on the list because heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems account for a huge percentage of a home’s energy expenditure. Especially in a climate like Minnesota’s where summers are very hot and winters are exceptionally cold, you’ll need a heating and cooling system that is as efficient as possible. The best way to keep the temperature in your home steady through changing conditions is to use a smart thermostat. It adjusts the temperature of a room automatically. As the seasons change, it’s tempting to overcompensate for the temperature outside by overusing your thermostat. That’s why sometimes we’re too warm inside our homes in winter, and snuggled up in blankets and sweats during the heat of the summer. With automatic temperature control, your home can more seamlessly account for the air outside. Your smart thermostat can be set to keep each room a different temperature, and account for factors that create excess heat, such as additional people or cooking.



2. Updated Windows

In the same vein as smart thermostats, energy-efficient windows have become a big deal in reducing a home’s energy footprint. They can save huge amounts of energy over time by helping to keep cool or hot air inside. According to, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use.” Updated windows have a newer, stronger seal that leaks less air around the frames. Energy-efficient windows come with a new material called low e-glass, which stands for “low emissivity glass”. This special material limits the amount of ultraviolet light that can pass through, allowing homes to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There are even more perks to these energy-efficient windows than helping our environment. Since low e-glass windows work by limiting the passage of harmful light, your carpet and upholstery will be safer from the sun and keep more of their color over time. For home renovations, contact custom home builders who are familiar with the best window options for your area. 



3. Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Energy-efficient appliances continue to become more prominent as the understanding of their positive impact grows. For example, 80 percent of the energy needed to wash a load of laundry is used just to heat the water. This gives an idea of how small details make a huge difference in energy usage. The Environmental Protection Agency helps inform consumers on the most energy-efficient appliances by assigning it an ENERGY STAR rating. ENERGY STAR updates and publishes its criteria every year, and few appliances achieve the highest rating. Updating your home so that it uses only the most efficient dishwashers, washers, dryers, heating pumps, and more can save ten percent of your yearly energy usage. 


Turn to the Experts at Gordon James

When building your custom home or doing home renovations, turn to the experts at Gordon James. Our experienced builders and designers are educated on the most up-to-date construction materials and design ideas that keep your home energy efficient. The next step in seeing your vision realized is reaching out. Whether you already know what you want your custom home to look like or you’re starting with a blank slate, we’re here to help. We can meet you wherever you are on your path to owning a beautiful custom home. Project structure, meeting deadlines, and detailed responsive follow-ups are the foundation of Gordon James’ personal and professional approach. Contact us to talk about your project. We love meeting new clients.

This rustic modern living room of a Gordon James luxury home in Minnetrista, Minnesota features bold artisan furniture.

3 Design Ideas for a Modern Home

When planning your custom home design or remodel, it can be difficult to balance lasting design elements with what is trending right now. Gordon James knows how to create timeless, modern designs that look as good tomorrow as they will in 20 years. Read on to review three elements to keep in mind to help give your custom home a modern element, while still establishing style that will stand the test of time.


Incorporate Outdoor Living Spaces

Expand the interior living space of the home by adding cozy outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces are now more functional than ever before with TVs, fireplaces, kitchens, pools, and saunas. Patios, decks, or screened in rooms add living space to the home without extending the square footage. Blended living spaces are particularly becoming a must-have in modern, luxury homes. A blended living space is created by separating two areas with a large window from floor to ceiling that, once removed, creates a seamless space. No door is needed to move from one living space to the other.



Include Natural Light

Natural light invites a warm and energetic energy into every room. No matter what specific style of luxury home you’re renovating or custom building, natural light can give your home an open air feel. Adding natural light to your most frequently used living spaces creates an aesthetically pleasing warm glow that can boost the mood. When designing the home office, consider adding natural light into this room as well to boost productivity. Natural lighting can be easily created by incorporating large and numerous windows.



Focus on Functionality

When you imagine building a luxury modern home, you may picture a home that has tall windows, sleek design, and beautiful views. Another important element to a modern home that will stand the test of time is functionality. Design your custom home with this one question in mind: will I spend time in this room? Modern homes are filled with spaces that are comfortable, inviting and functional. Gone are the days where homes were filled with rooms that only served the purpose of being “pretty” or “for show”. At Gordon James, it is our goal to build a home that serves your needs and keeps your family comfortable for many years to come. Design your home with that in mind by focusing on what truly matters in each and every room.


Add Modern Elements to Your Next Luxury Home with Gordon James

Gordon James is here to add modern elements to allow home renovation or custom home design to meet all of your needs. Our luxury homes are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect results – your dream home!

For more information contact us at or call us at 763-469-3117 today!


Exquisite Minnetonka custom home built by Minnetonka Custom Home Builder Gordon James.

What You Need to Know About Building a Lakefront Home

What do you see when you picture yourself in your lakefront home? Maybe you envision waking up to serene lake views, enjoying the morning sun while gentle waves lap at the edge of your property. You may have imagined the water reflecting the stars at night as family and friends gather around an outdoor fireplace. Do you have in mind various lake activities like fishing, boating, swimming, and wake surfing? Whatever your vision for your lakefront home, there are a couple of things to note before you get started. Gordon James provides some helpful information that will give you a glimpse into what this process entails. 

Lakehome in Orono, mn by Gordon James 

Lakefront Homes are Extraordinary

It can be hard to choose the right lot based just on its appearance. For example, it’s not always obvious that the property is on a wetland or inadequate soil. This can be a challenge when building your lake home. Also, the regulations that govern the building of lakefront home aren’t typical regulations. The lake is a valuable part of the area’s natural environment and is home to many different types of wildlife. The local government establishes regulations that represent the interests of the lake itself. There are dozens of laws for lakefront properties, including laws that dictate how high you can build your custom home and whether or not you can add on additions like sunrooms. The “allowable hard cover” dictates how much of your property you’re permitted to use for building. That includes your home, the driveway, and any decks or outdoor spaces. It can be tricky. You’ll need builders who have experience with building lakefront custom homes. You need a builder like Gordon James.


It’s All About the Views 

When taking all of these details into account, it’s important to maintain the original intent of the home. It can be challenging to pay attention to the details of various zoning laws while still creating your dream home. Part of what makes a lakefront custom home so exceptional are the views. Homeowners want to see the tranquil lake from as many rooms as possible. Ideally, the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area are strategically planned to take advantage of the waterfront. Septic placement, erosion history, flood plains and high water marks all need to be taken into account during the custom home design process. The key to balancing all of these elements is having an experienced team. 


You Need Experienced Lakefront Home Builders

You’ll want a team with a strong background in building lakefront custom homes. Building on the waterfront calls for unique expertise. Experienced home builders will know how to balance all of these intricate components with efficiency. In addition to getting the process right, great builders bring the intangibles to the table as well. They’ll possess an openness to understand your vision, a willingness to make design modifications, and the wisdom to get it done right. 


The First Step is Contacting Gordon James 

The journey might seem complex, but Gordon James makes it easy. The very first step in seeing your dream realized is reaching out. Whether you already know what you want your lakefront home to look like or you’re starting with a blank slate, we’re here to help. We can meet you wherever you are on your path to owning a beautiful custom lakefront home. Project structure, meeting deadlines, and detailed responsive follow-ups are the foundation of Gordon James’ personal and professional approach. Contact us to talk about your project. We love meeting new clients. 

Luxury home by Gordon James on Lake Minnetonka at dusk.

Secrets to Designing Your Custom Dream Home

The custom home of your dreams can be a reality. You can start with a blank slate and build a luxury home uniquely designed for you. Here’s some advice to help narrow seemingly limitless options and shape your vision. 


The Plan: Every Family is Different.   

Considering the specific needs of your family is a great place to start when making the plans for your custom home. As you take the first steps in choosing the floor plan and aesthetics, consider how the design can best accommodate the stages of life your family will experience in the coming years. Talk about what’s important to your household and think about the schedules, habits and plans of each family member. It’s tempting to start with textures, colors and samples. Aim to begin by making a plan that considers how your luxury home will serve you and your family. Experienced luxury home builders can help you through this process.


The Style: Embrace Nature. 

Whether your style is more modern, rustic, artisan, or country, everyone sees beauty in nature. Think about how you can use natural sunlight in each room. Wood and stone patterns can work together to create a sense of calm and connection. Utilizing natural materials can give your custom home an open air feel.


The Process: Work with the Right Team. 

The value of choosing the best luxury home builders cannot be overstated. Take an extensive look at the builder’s previous work and ask questions. Communication is key. The right team will listen and understand how to make your custom home fit your needs. Do your part to be open about your ideas and taste so your custom home design captures the nuances of your personal style and taste. Part of the job of custom home builders is understanding you. An experienced team knows not only how to build beautiful luxury homes, but how to share your vision. 


Design Your Custom Dream Home with Gordon James 

Our dream homes are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect results – your dream home!

For more information, contact us at or call us at 763-479-3117 today.

Couple examining examples of Gordon James luxury home projects online.

How to Choose the Best Team to Build Your Dream Home

Building a home isn’t all about paint, windows and doors, it is about creating a space you and your loved ones can enjoy, safely and comfortably. When it comes to bringing that home you’ve been dreaming of to reality, it is extremely important that you carefully choose the best design team for the job. As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your building team, so, we’ve outlined some ways you can make sure you hire the best team for you!


Hit the Ground Running

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a dream home, so it’s a good idea to get started early. It’s okay to start small, simply looking through websites and galleries of a variety of custom home designs. Then, well, start reaching out and having conversations! You are looking for someone to trust to create your home, meaning you don’t want to leave with any confusion as to who all you could be working with.

Tip: Because building a home is partially dependent on the current weather conditions in the area, some specialties may be booking up, so it’s good to make quick, but informed decisions.


What to Ask and What to Answer

From the first conversation you have with a contractor, you want to be as transparent as possible about what you are looking for, so they can build their design process from there. By providing your chosen team with the full details of your project scope (timeline, budget, potential conflicts, etc.) you are equipping them to lay the right foundation for your custom home design. That being said, you need to trust this professional with a very large part of your life, so asking them questions will not only lay out the limitations/possibilities before you, but will also begin the process of building trust between you and your design team. From every professional you consult, you should ask for their licensing, experience, and rates, and if they’re properly prepared, they should have this information readily available, no negotiation needed.


Design Your Dream Home with Gordon James

From our award-winning team of professionals, to exciting and truly extraordinary custom home designs, Gordon James is here to make your dream home a beautiful reality! By connecting with each of our clients, and understanding the vision they see for their home, we can create a dream home for the homeowner.

Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to start designing and planning your dream home. For more information, contact us at or call us at 763-479-3117 today.

Spacious kitchen designed from Gordon James

4 Design Ideas for a Rustic Luxury Home

Rustic (ˈrəstik), meaning to be made in a plain and simple fashion. Luxury (ˈləkSH(ə)rē,ˈləɡZH(ə)rē), meaning to be made for extravagance.

And, as the saying goes, opposites attract. Where your luxurious home offers comfort and elegance, adding natural tones and design elements brings a sense of calm that can only come from nature itself. Tastefully unique and artfully simplistic, incorporating rustic luxury design will bring comfort, relaxation and a fashionable functionality to every home. Read more for design ideas and inspiration from the professionals at Gordon James to begin adding a touch of rustic luxury to your own custom home renovation.


Wood-Work It

Rustic design is all about taking designs, materials and concepts from nature, highlighting them in their truest forms. Using different forms of wood throughout your home lays a neutral yet elegant foundation for your home renovation. Ceiling to floor, including an abundance of woodwork throughout the space carries a naturally intricate design from room to room. Plus, with the durability and adaptability of some woods, these design elements really do get better with time.



Mixing Materials

With that being said, Mother Nature has quite the variety in her jewelry box, meaning that you have tons of materials and canvases to choose from. One of the most fun aspects of incorporating rustic design elements into your luxury home renovation is the immense amount of possibility. The simplistic vibe gives allowance to mix and match your favorite neutral materials and textures into one custom home design. Try switching things up with a wood-layed backsplash over a granite countertop in the kitchen for an unexpected yet stylish twist.



The Call of the Wild

Feeling a bit animalistic? For those of you looking for something a bit bolder, including design and decor elements related to different animals walking around in nature is sure to liven things up. While I say this with caution, as it should definitely be used with discretion, including a variety of faux animal furs, skins, etc. is a great way to add a subtle accent to your custom home design.



As Big As the Sky

One of the major appeals to incorporating rustic design elements into your luxury home renovation is the openness it brings to any room. By mimicking the grandeur of natures open air through strategic architecture and design, you begin to remove the barrier of outdoor versus in. Include high vaulted ceilings and large open rooms to your custom home design to create both the freedom of nature and the comfort of luxe.


Start Designing Your Dream Home with Gordon James

Our dream homes are architecturally exciting and structurally robust, with elegant interiors and refined exteriors. They are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle needs. The Gordon James team orchestrates the intricate process through which a confluence of people, events, talents, and dreams will produce the perfect results – your dream home!

Partner with the professionals at Gordon James in Minnesota to start designing and planning your dream home. For more information, contact us at or call us at 763-479-3117 today.