Get The Plumbing Service You Deserve With Ferguson

As experts in home plumbing solutions, Ferguson allowed Gordon James to flawlessly execute on the style preferences of the homeowners of the 2019 Orono Artisan home. Ferguson’s team provided our customers with perfectly-tailored, trendy designs that will last a lifetime. To learn more about the specialized plumbing services of Ferguson and how they helped the homeowners, continue reading. 

Artisan white tile bathroom

How were you involved in the creation of the Gordon James home? 

Ferguson worked with the homeowner and designer to make plumbing selections.


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

As an initial guideline, Gordon James provided us with the plumbing allowances and floor plan. The homeowners visited the showroom with the designer to view options to fit each space for the size, function, and design that suited their taste.


What made this project unique?

The faucets in many rooms followed the current trends of matte black and champagne bronze. The homeowners also selected a hammered, polished, nickel-powder bath sink with a beautiful wall mount faucet to exhibit a unique installation and metal sink.


What was the homeowner’s vision for the project and how did you achieve it?

The homeowners liked an overall classic design but also wanted trendy finishes and clean lines, creating a home that will be gorgeous and relevant twenty years from now. They also offered us Pinterest photos that we were able to work with to achieve their desired style for the front of the home and the finishes of the walls, floor, and countertops. 


Describe your process.

First, we review the floor plan with the client and discuss how they or their family will use each space. This enables us to get a feel for what types of materials, finishes, and shapes will be durable and functional, yet achieve their desired look. We then review the budget and continue to keep that in mind as we make selections room by room. 


What should a homeowner value when it comes to finding a plumbing company that’s right for their custom home build or renovation?

A homeowner should look for a showroom with a wide range of products on display, a consultant with knowledge and experience, and a company that will help guide them through the process in a seamless and enjoyable fashion. Building can be overwhelming at times due to the constant plethora of options; in these situations, it's nice to have a consultant that knows how to manage your time well and has your best interest in mind. 


What is a fixture of Ferguson’s services that is unmatched when it comes to plumbing design?

All of our team members have years of experience in plumbing sales -- we know the product, the lead times, and the pros and cons of each piece. Being in the industry for thirty years has allowed me to identify precisely what customers like and dislike about products. I’m able to use these insights in my discussions with the client to see if the product will work for their personal lifestyle. 


Which rooms or areas of the home did Ferguson contribute to during this build? What did that work entail?

We contributed to all of the rooms by installing plumbing systems. 


Describe Ferguson and its areas of specialization. Who might be interested in your services?

Any person that is doing any home remodeling or building - no matter the scale -  should contact us, as we offer a wide range of products and prices to fit every household. We have access to brands that offer homeowners one-of-a-kind items and cost-effective pieces that will last a lifetime.


What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why?

The additional steam unit for the lower level bath is my favorite. It’s such a wonderful way to relax and unwind during our nearly seven months of winter in Minnesota!


For more information about Ferguson, visit

Find Your Flooring Solutions With INTERSOURCE, Inc.

Flooring in a home is something you can’t avoid; we stand and walk on them every day. The choice of flooring inside your home is one of the most basic yet important decisions a homeowner needs to make. We partnered with INTERSOURCE, Inc. for flooring solutions inside our 2019 Artisan Home. Not only does INTERSOURCE, Inc. provide amazing products, but their delivery of flooring solutions is exceptional. Without the custom installation offerings from INTERSOURCE, Inc., our homeowners would not have the dream home they have today.

 Tell us about the history of your company: 

INTERSOURCE, Inc. is an independent, through-the-trade, full-service residential and commercial floor covering dealership established in 1996 to employ our knowledge of interior design and construction. We make it our business to provide superior products and services to the architect, interior designer, builder/remodeler, general contractor and their respective clients. Subsequently, the outcome is successful, high-quality installations.


How were you involved in the creation of the Gordon James Home? 

We worked with Gordon James to procure the carpeting, Luxury Vinyl Planks(lower level), and the rubber in the workout room for the home. We installed both on-schedule and on-budget. 


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

We provided a systematic approach to procuring the materials specified by the interior designer and scheduling floor products in the home. The result was a high-quality floor installation, which made an amazing impact on the overall look.


What made this project unique?

We offered the desired materials at the requested budget to create an exceptional outcome. It was also one of our first times working with Gordon James, and we didn’t work directly with the interior designer. Despite this, we successfully adapted to their selection and install parameters.


Describe your process: 

We are methodical and diligent about how we proceed with all our projects. When working directly with the builder, we ensure that we are thorough in understanding the plans. This includes knowing if there is in-floor heat, built-ins to work around, concerns about lighting and seam layout, special phasing requirements, moisture issues, special subfloor conditions exist, etc. Since this project was an Artisan Home, we negotiated special pricing and discounted the overall project so we could provide great value and extraordinary service every step of the way.


What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them? 

Successfully meeting the tight installation timeline that the project demanded! 


What should a homeowner value when it comes to finding a flooring company that's right for their custom home build or renovation? 

For 23 years, we have valued service over sales. Extraordinary service is what it takes to ensure customers receive the best material for the job and the best layout for total satisfaction. We work with several premier builders, architects, and interior designers. We have built trusted relationships with all of them. We always invest the time to educate on appropriate material usage and ensure that the outcome is flawless. These are just some traits that any floor installation customer should value.


What makes INTERSOURCE, Inc. different than other flooring companies? 

Attention to detail is one of our key differentiators. We take the time to listen, tailor-fit the material and installation, and ensure follow-through is as satisfying as the process itself. We take great pains to ensure that our curation of materials is broad, yet unique. The lines we carry stand behind their product. We also seek to do business with people who emulate our core values of PIPER: Passion, Integrity, Positivity, Excellence, and Respect. Exceptional Flooring Solutions. Extraordinary Service. It's more than a tagline; it's our MO.


Describe INTERSOURCE, Inc. and its area of specialization. Who might be interested in your service? 

We are a through-the-trade supplier; we sell directly to industry professionals in the residential arena: architects, builders, remodelers and interior designers. Anyone looking to supply their client with nearly any residential or commercial flooring material is encouraged to work with us to help determine the perfect project solutions. Roughly 50 percent of our work is business-to-business commercial. From worship institutions, to education, to healthcare, to large corporations -- we furnished the materials and successfully installed projects for over 23 years. 

What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why?

It’s honestly difficult to choose just one. Out of the stair runner, upper and lower level carpet, the lower level luxury vinyl planking, and the exercise room rubber…. I think we love the material and custom installation of the stair runner the best!


For more information about INTERSOURCE, Inc., visit


Step Into Your Smart Home With ResTech Systems

By partnering with ResTech Systems, we were able to make our clients’ vision for their dream home a reality. Through integrated and seamless technology solutions, ResTech helped make the 2019 Artisan Home innovative, high-tech, and secure. The “smart technology” offerings provided by ResTech truly elevated the quality of living for our clients, and made their home modern and cutting edge.


Tell us about the history of your company.

ResTech Systems was founded in 2012 by Daniel Woody and his highly qualified team of system designers, sales consultants, and installation and service personnel. They have 20+ years of experience in the smart home technology industry.  


How were you involved in the creation of the Gordon James home?

ResTech Systems is the exclusive home technology systems provider for the 2019 Gordon James Artisan Home project. I met the home buyers a couple of years ago when they were still selecting a home builder. We started the process of prioritizing what technology was important to them and their family, and we were ultimately selected as the technology provider!


How did you work with Gordon James to achieve the goal?

We worked closely with the Gordon James project manager (Jeremy) and the other on-site trades to ensure there was excellent communication, timely installation, and synergy among the teams so that the final product exceeded the clients' expectations!


What made this project unique?

We moved away from the traditional TV programming services provided by the cable/satellite companies and “cut the cord”, so to speak. We are now using streaming services and a local HD TV antenna to provide programming at a fraction of cable company fees!  


What was the homeowner’s vision for the project and how did you achieve it?

The homeowners wanted a smart home with advanced technology systems that fit their budget. We identified areas inside and outside the home that would be used regularly, and created cost-effective solutions that were user-friendly and met the technology needs for each area. 


Describe your process: 

The ResTech Systems process starts with a technology consultation at our showroom in Plymouth at the Mingle Design Center. Once we establish what is important to you and your family, we move into the system design phase, which is a working document based on the technology consultation meeting. From there, we fine-tune the system design until we have addressed all the technology needs and the investment level. Once all is approved, we move into the production phase of the project. Soon after, we train you and your family on your new technology.       


What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Nothing stands out on this particular project. There are always little challenges along the way when you are building a luxury home--that’s where the experienced teams at Gordon James and ResTech Systems come together, determine the best approach, and take action to correct any issues without missing a beat! 

What is ‘smart’ technology? What are a few popular examples? 

Smart Technology is designed to make our personal and family lifestyles more enjoyable, convenient, secure, and eco-friendly. For example, you can have a built-in audio/video system inside and outside your home to enjoy your favorite music or sporting events. In addition, you can control the temperature of your home with smart thermostats and motorized window treatments. Lastly, you can monitor your home from work or arm your security system remotely as you travel. 


Describe ResTech and its areas of specialization. Who might be interested in your services?

ResTech Systems is a complete smart home technology contractor. We specialize in all areas of entertainment, environmental control, and security solutions. ResTech fits best with clients who are seeking a complete home technology package with service support, rather than customers who want a variety of low-cost DIY products.


Which rooms or areas of the home did ResTech contribute their services to during this build? What did that work entail?

ResTech provided technology systems in many areas of this home. This included basic connectivity for TVs, complete home music systems, indoor and outdoor WiFi for smart devices, security systems, camera systems, and much more. 


Apart from entertainment, how else can smart technology be utilized in a modern home?

Smart technology comes in a variety of forms. For example, smart light switches and dimmers allow you to control the lighting inside and outside your home from your smart devices. Smart lighting also gives your home a lived-in look when you are on vacation by controlling your outdoor lighting at set times for the perfect curb appeal! 

Smart window shading solutions allow you to put the home in “eco mode” when you are leaving for the weekend, which lowers the window shades. This blocks harmful rays from the sun, reduces energy costs, and prevents unwelcome visitors from peeking into your home. 


What is your favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home and why? 

We can’t just choose one--our favorite contribution to the Gordon James Artisan home includes the entirety of the technology solutions installed. Our work will truly enhance the clients’ lifestyle and family enjoyment for many years to come!

For more information about ResTech, visit

Artisan Home Tour Exterior Pool

Artisan Home Tour 2018 Recap

Since the Artisan Home Tour, we've had a chance to meet with some of our vendors and sponsors to share more details about their role in the construction or design of the home. Spirits were high, as we left with the most return visits to our home in the tour! Much thanks to the 3,496 visitors that walked through our door during the tour...we really appreciate it! Hear from some of our wonderful vendors and learn more about the style of this home in this blog with photos by LandMark Photography's Jon Huelskamp.

Artisan Home Tour Exterior Pool

Artisan Home Tour Exterior

First, a basic overview. This bright and open home, featuring an updated, coastal feel, has all the comfort of country living with an elegant, modern twist. Perfectly suited to its Orono setting, the inspired architecture pays homage to historic homes in the area, yet every detail has been carefully planned to meet today’s sensibilities. Natural light provides ample complement to the design’s focus on calming white-space and dark accents. Complete with an in-ground pool out back, this home is ready for entertaining. Quite an array of features, to be sure- but as you’ll see, all of these areas have been exquisitely designed, decorated, and appointed, with the goal of comfort and luxury.

Before we head inside, a note that the materials for the house’s frame were provided by Scherer Bros. Lumber. An esteemed partner of Gordon James and a sponsor of this home’s reveal party, they’ve reached out to say the following: "Scherer Bros. Lumber is a proud supplier to Gordon James. We provided the framing package on this beautiful Artisan model. Hats off to the entire Gordon James team." Our thanks to the folks at Scherer Bros.!

Artisan Home Tour Living Room

We’ll turn first to the elegant interior of the living room, given that it’s the first room to greet you upon entry through the front door. Its ample seating (including a sofa and three chairs) provides a comfortable place to chat, read, or snuggle up at night - and on the topic of snuggling, the built-in fireplace is sure to keep things warm and cozy on cool fall evenings and cold winter nights. Studio M Interiors did a beautiful job on the interior design of the whole home. Stay tuned for our video with designer, Annie. 

 Artisan Home Tour Kitchen

Heading into the kitchen, you’ll note that the spacious layout (with island seating) strikes the ideal balance between being a space for food preparation and comfortable snacking. Speaking of preparation, the countertops and shelving are also carefully appointed with tasteful décor, without sacrificing function. The accompanying dining area is close enough for easy transport of food and drinks, but distanced appropriately to allow for its own separate feel within the space.

Artisan Home Tour Kitchen Shelves

As long as we’re in the kitchen, we’d like to highlight another proud partner and sponsor, Warners’ Stellian. Our contact, Alana Wynne, says: "I have been working with Gordon James Construction for about as long as I've worked for Warners’ Stellian - about 6 or 7 years now. Warners’ Stellian provided all the appliances of their Artisan Home, and we were supported every step of the way by their team. Gordon James' attention to detail and care for their clients makes them a great team to work with. We are so happy with how this home turned out!" Thank you - we are too! We will be sharing Alana's highlight video soon so look out for that for more details on Warners' Stellian and their appliances. 

Making our way outdoors, this retractable screen porch by Minnesota Screens is sure to be a hit when the homeowners entertain. Sharon Chamberlain of Minnesota Screens said, "We at Minnesota Screens have been partnering with Gordon James for over 5 years, helping create outdoor living spaces with Phantom retractable screens. Whether the need is screens for doors, windows, or patios and porches, Phantom’s retractable screens are there when you need them and not when you don’t. On this year’s Artisan Tour home, you will see Phantom screens on doors throughout the home. Whether double french doors, single entry, and even sliding doors, the screens hide inside their canisters and pull out when you want to let the fresh air in. We have been installing Phantom screens in the Twin City area since 1999 and appreciate the partnerships and support from many of the area’s top builders." Thanks, Sharon!

Artisan Home Tour Porch

Artisan Home Tour Porch Fireplace

Finally, we head out to the poolside lounge in the backyard, where entertaining is a breeze. The ample outdoor seating (featuring several sun-loungers) is perfect for parties, the swimming pool will keep guests cool for fun in the sun, and the hot tub is the perfect follow-up once the sun goes down.

Artisan Home Tour Pool

This article has only scratched the surface of what this home has to offer! Check out our website to see the full portfolio on the 2018 Artisan Home Tour home. 

With so many facets and features, it should be clear that there are numerous considerations to take into account when constructing or renovating your home, in terms of price, functionality, and design. Rest assured, however, that the experienced home builders at Gordon James will handle all facets of construction with skill and technical acumen. Contact us today - when it comes to your home, you dream, and we deliver.

Orono Artisan by Gordon James

Orono Artisan Features We Love

There's lots to love in the Orono Artisan home. Here are some of the features that take this dream home to the next level:

Coastal Feel: A casual, ocean-like feel that is modern, chic, and elegant

Reclaimed Barn Wood: Repurposing has recently become a popular pastime. Reclaiming wood and building materials gives an antique and weathered feel that also maintains a sturdy balance and pleasing aesthetic. Using this type of wood can provide a homely feel as well as an instantly aged or historic appearance while maintaining an overall modern design and purpose.

Bluestone: Adding to the natural and traditional look of the home, bluestone is essential for providing character.

Glass Mosaic: Often used as creative eye-catching interior design, as is the case here, there are also multiple, non-aesthetic uses for glass mosaic. For example, mosaic can be a sturdy. clean surface. Glass mosaic also complements other designs, both visually and in a structured environment. It can provide a comfortable and cozy look that makes visitors feel warm and the house inviting. The pattern is generally very smooth and non-obtrusive. Also, there’s a wonderful juxtaposition between the pieces of the glass mosaic and reclaimed barn wood.

Cambria Quartz Surfaces: This quartz-surfacing product has a marble-like quality, but has some different uses. For example, it has a very strong durability so that the material can last longer, as it is one of the hardest and most common minerals on earth.  It is a pure material with a natural look that not only provides that durability, but also provides a hip look while being maintenance free and nonporous.

See more of this home here.

Please contact Gordon James today to begin the process of making your dream home come true, with exceptional quality and service.


Country Comfort by Gordon James

2016 Artisan Home Tour - Gordon James Home is #1 in Revisits!

The 2016 Artisan Home Tour

The 2016 Artisan Home Tour is complete and Gordon James is proud to have been the 3rd most visited home out of 29 homes on the Tour and was the #1 most revisited home!

Almost 2,300 people toured our home during the three-weekend event and we loved what we heard from our visitors.  Here’s just a sample of the feedback:

“We loved how the wall to the sunroom totally opened up to the home. Amazing!”

“Best home yet. Such a warm and cozy feeling inside and out.”

“Builder was great, ask him about the glass backsplash in the kitchen!”

“Absolutely LOVE the openness of the main floor.  So great for entertaining!”

“Love that huge pantry!”

Thanks to the entire Gordon James team and our excellent subcontractors for the outstanding craftsmanship represented in this home.  And thanks to Grace Hill Design for the beautiful finishing touches and staging.

We were delighted to host a private Open House during the Artisan Tour.   Guests toured the home and gathered to enjoy wine and hors-d’oeuvres while being serenaded by guitar music.

Be on the look out this Fall for the sneak preview of our 2017 Tour Home.   Plans are already underway!Thanks to our generous sponsors, Cambria and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for their generosity and help in making this event a success!

Subcontractors who worked on the home had the opportunity to join us for an Appreciation Luncheon. Each trade works on the home at different points in the construction process, often never seeing the completed home. We enjoyed the reactions as they viewed the gorgeous culmination of their collective efforts.

Be on the look out this Fall for the sneak preview of our 2017 Tour Home.   Plans are already underway!

Kare 11 Custom Artisan Home Tour Gordon James

2016 Gordon James Artisan Tour Home

Watch us on Kare 11 with Lee Valsvik!

And stop by and see us on the Artisan Home Tour :  June 10-12, 17-19, 24-26.  Noon to 6pm each day.