A woman works at the kitchen of her brand new Gordon James-built kitchen.

Home Design Resolutions for 2023

As the calendar turns another page and we enter 2023, we are prepping and planning for new goals and hopes this year. When you are making your 2023 resolutions, don’t forget about focusing on your home renovations and plans. Now is the perfect time to lay out your home design resolutions for 2023 and customize your home to a better fit.

In fact, now is a great time to consider home renovations in Minnesota. As we continue to recover from the effects of isolation from the pandemic, renovating your home can have a positive impact on your mental health. If you are considering home renovations in Minnesota this year, here are some excellent home design resolutions to start with.  

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Thoughtful lighting can improve a home's energy efficiency.

Taking on a clean home initiative in 2023 is a great start to upgrading your house. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is a home design resolution that can actually save you money in the long run, and it is something you can work at over the course of the year on your own or with some help.

Start by going through your home and checking the lightbulbs. Making the switch from incandescent to LED lights will save you money and can make your space look better and brighter, too. Smart outlets can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and can provide an extra layer of protection and safety against potential electrical fires. 

If you are considering improving your home’s energy efficiency this year, you can also get a window makeover. Windows are some of the more visible characteristics of a home and can make a difference in both the aesthetic appeal as well as the efficiency of your home. In fact, poor or old windows can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Focusing on simple energy efficiency upgrades throughout your home this year can make your space feel like new again.

Promote Wellness and Self-Care

A custom-built bathroom can be a great way to promote wellness and self-care.

While this may seem like an unusual home design resolution for 2023, studies show that focusing on our mental health after the pandemic is vital. Your home is an important place to start. This year, as you walk through your home, go room to room and identify areas where you feel most comfortable and where you feel most anxious or uncomfortable. Compare these spaces and consider how you can upgrade your home. 

Your house is a space of comfort and joy, and it should reflect that in each room. Cleaning out areas such as the basement and garage, and flipping them into more productive and comfortable spaces is a great place to start your home renovations. This can help slowly take stress off your mind; rather than upgrading your entire house at once, you can focus on specific rooms, one at a time. Partnering with a renovation company near you can help turn these individual areas into a better home for your mental health. 

Cleaning your space and adding items and decor that are trending for home renovations in 2023 can boost your mental health and wellbeing in your house. For some, this may be a minimalist approach to clear your head. Others may enjoy surrounding themselves with new renovations and decor that inspires them as well as brings joy and memories back. Take a moment at the top of this year to consider how your home is being used and what potential it has. It very well could have a positive impact on your wellbeing in 2023. 

Add New Personality

Unique panel and wallpaper designs can add personality to a space.

Your house reflects you. If you have an eccentric personality, what does the interior of your home look like? Try adding some new personality to your space this year. You likely are taking on some New Year’s resolutions in 2023, and you can bring those into your home, as well. Consider how you are changing your habits, your hobbies, your interests and your productivity. Just as we learn and grow as people, so too should our homes reflect that growth. 

Home trends of 2023 include more color, including accents in accessories and wallpaper. Even a simple coat of paint can be a great home design resolution this year. But you can go even further. Reupholstering your furniture, adding new curtains or renovating your rooms can give a fresh look and feel to your space. Some trends even consider incorporating the personality of things that are unusual, such as your pets. Let your home reflect your life, your personality and your colors. 

Ready To Renovate in 2023?

Make a statement with your home this year. Whether you are looking for a few small home design resolutions or want to completely overhaul and renovate your home this year, do something that you’ll love. Go with trends or throw them out the window. Your home is a place where you can be yourself, where you can feel comfortable and happy and peaceful. In 2023, it is time to incorporate home renovations that mean something to you. 

At Gordon James, we can help. We’re the most trusted partner for home renovations in Minnesota, partnering with dreamers to build and renovate custom homes that they live in and love. While we love staying on top of all the 2023 home trends and ideas, we love even more when we get to hear from you and include your own ideas into your next home renovation project.

If you are considering any type of home renovation this year, let’s start a conversation. We are looking forward to helping you meet your home design resolutions this year. 

Gordon James offers tips on how to add hidden privacy elements to your dream home.

Hidden Privacy Elements for Open Floor Plans

Elegant and airy, open floor plans have transcended trend to become a mainstay of custom built homes. They provide a sense of community that is especially popular for avid entertainers. Some custom home owners may want the option of added privacy or a sense of separation at times that may seem counterintuitive to the open space. Luckily, the best of both worlds is possible.

Consider incorporating these subtle elements into your custom home design to make your open floor plan more versatile. 

Add a Sunken Room

The sunken room is making a comeback in modern living spaces. They add visual texture while enhancing privacy in open floor plans. Building a sunken living room allows families to share the space without causing distractions during the busiest hours of the day. Sunken living rooms add ease to entertaining, as they allow guests to enjoy after-dinner conversation without being distracted by caterers scurrying to clear the table. 

Incorporate a Retractable Wall

The beauty of a custom build is the ability to create a home that adapts to your needs. Your custom home builder can design retractable walls or hidden screens that virtually disappear when not in use and maintain the style of your space when you want privacy in the kitchen or need a break from the children. Automated walls and screens can provide additional ease, activated with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. 

Leverage Technology

Smart home audio and lighting technology is a blessing for those who love open concept spaces but sometimes want extra privacy. Focused lighting fixtures can create delineated spaces with minimal spill, and can be set to provide the exact ambiance you desire. Likewise, directional speakers enable you to focus sound so that you listen to your music while your partner takes a call in perfect quiet.

Get the Best of Both Worlds in Your Custom Built Home

The experts at Gordon James can bring your open floor plan to life without compromising on privacy.

At Gordon James, we believe that your home should meet all your needs. For decades, we’ve incorporated creative and innovative solutions into our award-winning homes to reflect the people who reside in them. We can bring your open floor plan vision to life without compromising your need for privacy. 

To learn more about building a custom luxury home, or renovating your existing space to fit your needs, contact us today.

A custom-built Gordon James marble bar is the centerpiece of a rustic kitchen.

Design Inspiration for Elevating the Home Bar

There are few touches that can make a home livelier and hosting more exciting than a home bar. The home bar becomes a centerpiece – one that can elevate even the most hum-drum of days. A home bar provides an entertaining space that naturally draws guests away from the kitchen, keeping them out of the way as food is being prepared. 

The best part is that the design is entirely up to you and your tastes. It can be a humble bar top to cover small fridges for beer, wine or bubbles. Or maybe you fancy yourself a wizard behind the bar who can mix cocktails by memory and whip up something stunning at a moment's notice. You can add an ice well and places to store your syrups, vermouths (bonus tip - these should always be refrigerated anyway) and juices so you are ready the next time your friends come by.

Inspired by the Your Existing Design

An in-wall bar featuring cabinets, cupboards, a sink and mini fridge add storage and practicality to a Gordon James living room A bar and built-in wine cellar add opulence to a custom-built Gordon James home

There are so many different places to pull inspiration from when designing your home bar. One of the best: your current aesthetic!

There is nothing wrong with using your existing decor as your inspiration. Renovating your home bar to reflect your current design choices can help create a seamlessly integrated, enjoyable space. Integrate prominent colors, materials and design motifs from the surrounding rooms into the layout of your home bar to create a vibe of flowing hospitality throughout your home. Your custom homebuilder can help fine-tune your approach to ensure your home bar creates a stylish addition while blending wonderfully into your existing design.

Make Your Home Bar a Reality

A Gordon James built mini bar featuring a mini fridge, sink and faucet is a nice touch to a luxury four-season porch. 

Whatever your dream for your custom home, Gordon James can bring it to life. It starts with your vision: our style is your style. The very first step in seeing your dream realized is reaching out to a custom homebuilding professional. Whether you already know the style you’re looking for or you’re starting with a blank slate, we’re here to help. We can meet you wherever you are on your path to owning a beautiful custom home. Project structure, meeting deadlines and detailed follow-ups are the foundation of Gordon James’ personal and professional approach. Contact us to talk about your project. We’d love to meet you!

A modern kitchen with a marble slab backsplash.

10 Backsplash Stylings for Kitchens and Bathrooms

A subtle yet effective way to add some personality to your home is by renovating your kitchen and bathroom backsplash. These accent pieces in your space can make your home stand out and give it a unique look and feel. Whether you want a classic, safe backsplash style or bold, cutting-edge additions, here are 10 stunning backsplash styles for kitchens and bathrooms

1. Marble Tiles

Kitchen decor sits on a counter in front of white marble tile backsplash.

Marble tile backsplash is a classic, traditional option for kitchens and bathrooms. Keep your bathroom and kitchen uniform and matching with this style. Or try incorporating unique patterns or colors into your marble tile backsplash. Either way, this style of backsplash looks great anywhere in the house. 

2. Single Slab Marble

A kitchen with a single, large marble slab backsplash. 

A more contemporary take on marble backsplash for kitchens and bathrooms is a single marble slab. This style offers more of a minimalist look and gives a smooth, clean appearance to your space. The patterns and stylings within the marble slab will make your walls look dynamic while still maintaining a single smooth appearance throughout. 

3. Wood Paneling

Wood paneling backsplash gives your space a more cozy feel. In the kitchen, try pairing wood paneling backsplash with matching cupboards or dark brown elements to create a rustic feel. Incorporate wood paneling in your bathroom and give the space a comfortable, relaxing vibe. 

4. Bold Hues

A dark blue backsplash in a kitchen with white cupboards.

In modern homes, bold hues and colors can make a space seem large and powerful. By juxtaposing a backsplash with a bold hue with light cupboards and countertops, your kitchen and bathroom will look strong, yet comfortable and luxurious. Show your home’s personality with this combination and impress your guests. 

5. Cool Hues

Alternatively, cool hues will create a peaceful essence. Match the aesthetic of your home with calming pastels paired with lighter cupboards. This ambience will add a bit of flavor to your home and to every dish you serve. In the bathroom, guests will feel comfortable and calm. With tranquil, cool hues, your space will offer a quiet welcome to anyone who enters. 

6. Textured Tiles

Uneven, textured tile backsplash lines the wall behind a kitchen sink.

Bring in a bit of a twist to a classic style with textured tile backsplash. This style can make your kitchen and bathroom visually appealing and give the space some personality. If you are searching for a backsplash style that is safe while still being unique, textured or uneven tiles are the way to go. You can incorporate this style with any pattern, color or material, creating a customized backsplash for your home. 

7. Geometric Styles

Hexagonal backsplash lines a kitchen wall.

For a fresh backsplash style for kitchen and bathrooms, try a geometric pattern. Tiles in unique shapes such as triangles, hexagons or trapezoids make your walls stand out. This backsplash style looks great in just about any color and material. A classic white marble is yet again a safe bet for a modern home that is looking for a bit of boldness or personality. Incorporate this backsplash into your bathroom for an interesting feature in a space people may underestimate. 

8. Multi-Colored Backsplash

Square backsplash in different colors.

This lively and contemporary style of backsplash is sure to make your home look amazing. By matching the aesthetics throughout your kitchen, bathroom and rest of your home, multicolored tiles make for an excellently unique backsplash. Your guests will love looking at them, and they will tie in nicely with towels, dishes or other features of your home. 

9. Large Tiles

If you are looking for bold and minimal without adding a single marble slab to your home, try large tiles. This elegant backsplash style is a welcome middle ground between single slab marble and small marble tiles. You can get creative with these large tiles and incorporate the various sizes into different sections of your kitchen and bathroom, or you can keep them clean and minimal. Whatever your style, large tiles can be implemented in colors and sizes that fit your preferences.

10. Stone

Stone backsplash in a modern kitchen.

For a bold, contemporary feel, try adding stone backsplash. Many dark stone styles can be paired with matching dark cupboards for a rustic feel to your home. In the bathroom, stone backsplash can create a unique and cozy presence. This trendy backsplash style will make your home stand out and create a unique talking point among your guests. 

Make Your Home Stand Out

If you are considering renovating your home, imagine how a unique or trendy backsplash style can elevate the look and feel of your space. Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are a simple yet effective addition to making your home stand out and giving your space a touch of uniqueness and style. 

At Gordon James, we use years of experience to offer fresh design perspectives that can bring your home to the next level. Renovate your home and rejuvenate your love for your space. Contact us and get started on making your home stand out. 

Pool table in a custom rec room from Gordon James

Creating a Rec Room That Grows Up with Your Children

In the luxury homes of the Lake Minnetonka area, rec rooms are the focal point for the younger members of the family. In addition to being the space where movies are watched and snacks are eaten, the rec room - often located in the basement - is a place that will form the setting of countless childhood memories. When working with a custom home builder to remodel your rec room, it’s important to keep in mind the myriad of activities that will take place here: from floor hockey to sleepovers.

Tackling this challenge is no easy task, especially considering that as children grow, their preferences change. Here are our tips for crafting a timeless rec room that matures as your children do.

Ample Space and Seating

No matter the activity or the number of people involved, plenty of space and comfortable seating are always welcomed in a rec room. Opt for large couches made of soft material that can accommodate several people - perfect for snuggling during a movie.

Ideally, the space should be at least 400 square feet to allow for games such as the Minnesota favorite: knee hockey! Having an open concept can allow for seating to be moved to one side if more floor space is needed.

A spacious home theatre in custom luxury home in Minnesota designed by Gordon James.  A basement home theater in a custom luxury home in a recently remodeled Gordon James house in Minnesota.

The Right Amenities

From elementary school to college, kids of all ages need lots of food and comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Because the rec room will serve as the hang-out for your children and their friends, having a kitchenette with a bar top is an excellent choice. When they’re young, you can keep the refrigerator stocked with their favorite soda, and when they’re older, frozen pizza will be handy. Being able to satisfy their cravings without leaving their den is a major plus.

Many rec rooms double as the perfect place for a sleepover, so keep this fact in mind when designing your space. Make sure there are several sleeping locations that allow for easy bathroom access and out of the range of light from bay windows. Storage for blankets and pillows proves helpful - your remodeling contractor will be able to suggest optimal placement for these amenities.

A rec room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features a ping pong table and mini bar. A rec room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features four beds to host multiple house guests.

A Dazzling Home Theater

Whether for G-rated video games or R-rated movies, a spectacular home theater set-up is at the top of every kid’s list. The technology and design of this space is key to creating a truly welcoming and stunning custom luxury home.

Work alongside your home builder to take elements such as lighting, surround sound, seating placement, and absorption materials into consideration. This home theater will serve as the centerpiece of the room, so invest in technical capabilities that will last for years and can accommodate a variety of devices.

In addition to the theater element, consider how the speaker arrangement will function for music playback. Be sure to test the system and inform your custom home builder if you’d like to make any adjustments.

Timeless Design Elements

Finally, the best manner in which to create an environment that ages as your children do: choose design themes that stand the test of time. Particularly in the lakefront luxury homes of Minnesota, the cabin and cottage aesthetics are particularly attractive. Elements such as wood beams, stone fireplaces, streamlined hardware, and durable floors provide the perfect backdrop for guests of all ages.

A beautiful, comfortable, inviting rec room that is designed intentionally and luxuriously will be the perfect spot for both young children and their parents.

Design Your Dream Rec Room with Gordon James

Gordon James has been crafting custom luxury homes for decades. Our award-winning remodeling contractors strive to make life more relaxing and awe-inspiring for homeowners and guests alike. We partner with leading providers near you to install the technologies, materials and furnishings to create an exquisite experience in every space. To learn more about building a custom luxury home, or renovating your existing space to fit your family’s needs, contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-469-3117. We look forward to making your dream home a reality.

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience.

How to Create an Exceptional Home Theatre Experience

One of the many benefits of building a custom home is the ability to incorporate features and details that add joy, comfort and ease to home life. For families, sports fans and cinephiles alike, the home theatre has become a must-have component of the design plan. The days of crowded family rooms are long behind us, as movie nights and super bowl parties can be enjoyed in plush comfort with high-end audio and visual technology. 

When designing and installing a home theatre, it’s important to plan with the full experience in mind. Here are our tips for crafting an exceptional cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. 

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience.1. Set the Scene

Long before the technology comes into play, a great home theatre demands the perfect space. Even if you choose to keep your theatre more intimate, plan for at least 300 square feet of space to accommodate equipment, optimize the view and make room for amenities such as a bar or decor. Choose furniture that is designed for theatre-style views, with comfortable materials, built-in cup holders and reclining mechanisms. Seats should be placed so that each viewer has an unobstructed view of the screen, and plenty of room to stretch out. Stadium style seating is ideal, with seats placed at least 30” from walls and 20” between each other.

Use sound enhancing materials like acoustical drapes, panels and diffusers to reduce echo and block out unwelcome sound. Automated window shades and lighting will enable you to achieve optimal lighting for a variety of viewing preferences at the touch of a button.

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience. A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features the ultimate home theatre experience.

 2. Prepare for Action

Installing a home theatre means selecting the right technology. There are numerous options for screens, projectors and speakers. Screens are available in a variety of styles and materials. Light-rejecting screens will allow you to enjoy your theatre in both darkness and daylight. Manual screens can be fixed or retractable. Choose a retractable screen if you plan to use your theatre for multiple purposes, though make sure to choose a tab-tension screen to prevent wrinkling or curling. Electric screens offer convenience, style and simple touch controls. 

Bigger is not always better when it comes to selecting your screen. The size of your screen depends on the size of your space. While some complex math is involved to meet ideal spatial ratios, luxury home builders are well versed in sizing and placing screens to provide a clear picture and ideal sight lines for you and your guests.

Pair your screen with a projector that is optimized for its size and material. Place wall or ceiling-mounted speakers throughout the space to eliminate loud or quiet zones. Free-standing speakers can also be used to add style to the space.  

3. Skip the Lobby

When going to the movies or attending a gathering for a big game, no experience is complete without refreshments. You, your family and friends shouldn’t need to dart off to the kitchen to refresh their beverages or treats. Include a bar with sleek, built-in refrigeration, cabinets for snacks and underlit counter space where guests can grab extra popcorn without missing anything or disturbing others. Amenities like a vintage-style popcorn machine or keg taps from your favorite brewery add additional aesthetic appeal. Outfit your custom home theatre with the look, feel and function you desire. 

A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features a pool table and bar for the ultimate home theatre experience. A living room in a Gordon James custom luxury home features a fireplace and mini bar for the ultimate home theatre experience.

Craft an Oscar-Worthy Space with Gordon James

Gordon James has enjoyed years of building custom homes that fulfill the dreams of our clients. Our award-winning new luxury homes and renovations are built to make home life idyllic for homeowners and guests alike. We partner with leading providers near you to install the technologies, materials and furnishings to create an exquisite home theatre experience. To learn more about building a new home with the features and amenities you desire, or renovating your existing space, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117. We look forward to helping you bring movie magic into your home.

Interior shot of a home gym space with equipment, weights, balls. Room is surrounded by windows and well lit.

Learn how to create a quiet home gym or court from the custom builders at Gordon James

Maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise and sports is a great way to improve your mood and longevity. Trudging to the gym, especially during Minnesota winters, on the other hand can be less than ideal. Not only that, but even the nicest gyms can have dangerously high noise levels. Over the last several years, in-house fitness has become a booming industry. Today, home gyms and athletic courts are a must-have for people renovating or building a new home. Providing convenience, custom design and huge value for homeowners, a home gym is a great idea. But like all great ideas, it’s important to execute it the right way. Because gyms and athletic courts create a lot of noise, that means building with sound in mind. 

At Gordon James, we build home fitness and recreation facilities that are attractive, effective and quiet for your family and neighbors. Here’s how we do it.

Interior shot of a home gym. Closed space, no windows. Various equipment including weights, medicine balls and a standing bicycle.

 1. Build Quiet From the Ground Up with Acoustic Flooring

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, dribbling a basketball or playing a game of pickleball, the impact vibrations on the floor create a significant amount of noise. This doesn’t just impact your ear drums, but can irritate your family members and neighbors. It’s important to minimize this impact noise by using sound absorbing materials in your flooring. When building a new home, install mass-loaded vinyl between the subfloor and gym or court flooring. This will sharply mitigate the amount of vibrations caused by impact, and make your home gym or athletic court much quieter. If you’re renovating a space, particularly in the basement, as a home gym, acoustic mats can be installed over the existing flooring to achieve the same results. 

Interior shot of a home gym space with equipment, weights, balls. Room is surrounded by windows and well lit.


2. Add Acoustic Panels to Your Walls and Ceilings

Echo and reverberation are also major culprits of unwanted noise in home gyms and athletic courts. Hanging acoustic paneling on your walls and ceilings will greatly reduce noise by absorbing sound waves that would otherwise bounce around. If you have high ceilings, acoustic ceiling clouds add a strong aesthetic touch while providing the noise-minimizing functionality you need to keep the peace. If your custom home gym or court design includes natural light, it’s a good idea to install soundproof or double pane windows and skylights to prevent noise from escaping.

Interior shot of a living room featuring a sofa, a comfy chair, a table and lamp. Sound-proofing materials hang from the wall behind.

3. Build Outdoor Courts with Sound in Mind

A game of tennis in the summer is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so outdoor athletic courts are an excellent addition to your custom home design. To keep outdoor courts quiet, positioning is key. Build your court so that it is 50 yards away from nearby homes and set up so that gameplay is directed away from neighbors. If your housing association or neighborhood allows, stone or brick fencing provides a sophisticated and beautiful sound buffer. Sound absorbing curtains can also be installed over chain link to reduce reverberation. Large landscaping features can also create a gorgeous sound barrier. 

A shot of a traditional gym space with various weights and machines.Build a Quiet Home Gym with Gordon James

Building a new home is a chance to create a space that doesn’t just meet your needs, but satisfies your wants. At Gordon James, we love having the opportunity to transform your custom home design ideas into a reality. We partner with expert craftsmen, carpenters and suppliers to execute your new construction or renovation with the award-winning luxury home experience we’re known for. If you’re dreaming of a state-of-the-art home gym or athletic court, or have another custom amenity in mind, partner with builders you can trust. To learn more about building your home with Gordon James, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.

A living room with an entertainment center featured in a Gordon James custom home in Minnesota featured in Gordon James February 2022 blog.

These Interior Design Trends are Captivating the Custom Market

Building a custom home allows homeowners to transform their imagination into reality. With control over layout, design, materials and idiosyncratic elements, the possibilities are endless. With your wildest dreams at your fingertips, narrowing down what you want can be challenging. Inspiration can come from many different places, from childhood memories to our favorite vacation destinations. Another tremendous source of inspiration is looking to the current trends that are enchanting others in the custom home market. As we settle into the new year and make our way into the prime season for building, custom builders Gordon James share some of their favorite interior design trends to inspire your own custom home. 


Image of dining room with vibrant house plants for Gordon James February blog These Interior Design Trends are Captivating the Custom Market  A modern bathroom with a thriving house plant in a Gordon James home in Minnesota for Gordon James February blog

1. Take Cues From Nature

As indoor plants gain popularity along with a renewed appreciation for nature, the custom home market is finding new ways to incorporate these passions into design. For homeowners with a green thumb, carefully placed windows and built-in plant stands can help maximize beneficial light and seamlessly incorporate your passion for indoor gardening into the flow of your interior design. Even if you’re not skilled with horticulture, large picture windows create an unobstructed view of natural surroundings, making them a part of your interior. Additionally, reclaimed wood and other natural or repurposed materials are making a comeback in 2022, as many homeowners seek sustainability in their custom builds. 


2. Revive Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts-inspired homes have been gaining popularity over the last year, with more open floor plans and spaces designed to encourage interaction with people and nature. They also boast an appreciation of skilled artisans and craftsmen. As this trend gains speed, custom builders are seeing more requests for libraries, studies, walk-in pantries and vestibules with built-in shelving. Handmade and custom ceramic tiles are popular for backsplashes and bathrooms. Wainscotting, crown molding and other craftsman finishes showcase elegance and a celebration of skill. Look for inspiration in old world arts and crafts like pottery, weaving and candle making when seeking decorative elements. 


A living room in a luxury home designed by Gordon James  A living room with an entertainment center featured in a Gordon James custom home in Minnesota featured in Gordon James February 2022 blog.

3. Put an Emphasis on Joy

As the last few years have given us more use of our homes, Gordon James finds that homeowners are seeking more opportunities for joy in their spaces. Gaming rooms have become a must-have for many custom homeowners, while pet-specific rooms with wash stations are also on the rise as people seek to include the furry new additions to their families in their design. A dedicated room for grooming, pampering and training gives pets a safe space and keeps you from sullying the bath with a wet pooch. More homeowners are also seeking quirky spaces like whimsical reading nooks, butler’s pantries, dreamy dressing rooms and even secret rooms masked by moving bookcases. One of the benefits of working with Gordon James is that whatever brings you joy can be manifested in your living space. 


Imagine Your Custom Home with Gordon James

One of the most rewarding aspects of custom home building is working with clients on the design of their dream home. Consulting with Gordon James from design through completion, you have the ability to manifest the house you dream of, folding in inspiration as it strikes. Gordon James works exclusively with leading suppliers, architects and craftsmen, providing the best materials and expert execution, right down to the finest details. With our premier partnerships and client collaborations, we’ve been able to create award-winning homes that bring a lifetime of delight to their dwellers. To learn more about starting your custom build with Gordon James, contact us at info@gordon-james.com, or call us at 763-469-3117.

An image of a living room of a lakeside property designed by luxury home custom builder Gordon James for a blog titled

Seasonal Decorating Ideas Between Holidays

Humans have found joy in post-harvest seasonal decorating since ancient times. In the modern day, decorating our homes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays has become a popular way to keep our spirits up when the weather gets chillier and the days grow darker. Home decorating is a great way to connect with our kids, show pride in our homes, and build community with our friends, family, and neighbors. So why wait for holidays to do it? Keep reading to find seasonal decorating inspiration for between the holidays from the luxury home builders at Gordon James. 


1. Celebrate Fall with Natural Decor

As we get deeper into fall, we start spending less time outside. After a summer of outdoor adventuring, this can be a jolt to the system. By bringing natural elements into your home decor, you can stay connected to the outdoors. Incorporate dried flowers and branches, gourds, and decorative grasses into your existing home decor. Celebrate autumnal color and texture with woven baskets and seasonal curtains, blankets, and pillows made from natural fibers. 


2. Embrace the Danish Value of Hygge 

Warm up your home this winter with Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) inspired decor. Hygge is the Scandinavian value of comfort, coziness, togetherness, and simple pleasures. Pack away clutter, and choose simple, thoughtful design elements that promote connection for between and after winter holidays. Using plush, fur-inspired and wool blankets, soft pillows and candles will make your home a wintery wonderland where your family can play games, sip cocoa, and connect.


3. Celebrate Unusual Holidays

A great way to mix up your decor between and beyond the big holidays is to celebrate holidays we don’t tend to commemorate. Add American flags and yellow ribbons for Veteran’s Day. Use silver and gold to celebrate the New Year. Honor Martin Luther King Jr. by decorating your home with white roses. 

Build Your Dream Home With Gordon James

We decorate our homes to connect with our living spaces. When you build a custom home, that connection starts from the ground up. Gordon James custom home builders collaborate with you to create one-of-a-kind homes you’ll love to decorate throughout the seasons. Our luxury homes are designed by architects to mirror each client’s personality, taste, and lifestyle. The Gordon James team coordinates the entire process, working with trusted suppliers, designers, and craftsmen to make your dream home a reality. 

For more information contact us at info@gordon-james.com or call us at 763-469-3117 today!

This Gordon James home features a chalet inspired living room. The stone fireplace and luxury furniture set create cozy cabin vibes perfect for fall.

How to Create a Cottage Feel with High Style

Sometimes thought of as a second home or a vacation retreat, a cottage-style home is quaint, cozy, and most importantly, charming. When you imagine a cottage-style custom home design you may imagine wooden beams, fireplaces, gable roofs, and bay windows. If the thought of a luxurious cottage-style home is what you envision for your next home, we have listed high-style elements to consider incorporating in the custom home design.



1. How High Can Your Ceilings Go?

Quaint, or cozy design elements that make your artisan home have the cottage-style feel do not mean that the spaces have to be small or closed off. One way to create more space in a high-style cottage home is to raise the ceilings. Raised ceilings add space, dimension, and even provide the opportunity to introduce other natural design elements, such as wooden beams.



2. Focus on Dimension

Throughout the artisan home, focus on incorporating dimensional design elements. Cottage-style custom home designs should incorporate many natural and warm elements to create the cozy feel, yet the main goal here is to beautifully feature those luxury home elements. To add dimension into the home’s design, try including rich, dark wood paired with light neutral walls. Dimension could also be incorporated with texture, such as a stucco wall with a custom-designed tiled fireplace or carpeted stairs next to wooden floors in the entryway.



3. Rustic - But Not Too Rustic

The cottage-style custom home design does not have to resemble a cabin. Throughout the artisan home, focus on the shapes of the windows, the style of doors, and even the trim. Small details like this allow the design to create a warm, yet contemporary home for your family to enjoy for years to come. Create your cottage-style artisan home with these elements in mind to create a timeless luxury home that will be an inviting, warm and cozy space for your family to enjoy for years to come.


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